The Best Motorbike Tours In Vietnam: Journeys Of Discovery

The Best Motorbike Tours In Vietnam


Vietnam ranked first among must-visit countries in 2023. This destination is famous for its beautiful landscapes, delicious food and hospitable locals that promise ten-out-of-ten motorcycle adventures. But what are the best motorbike tours in Vietnam? Check out our article for 6 must-try itineraries.

The Best Motorbike Tours In Vietnam: 6 Options To Brace Yourself

The Best Motorbike Tours In Vietnam: 6 Options To Brace Yourself
Bamboo rafting in Ha Giang loop motorbike adventure

Ha Giang Loops by motorbike

Ha Giang Loops by motorbike deserves the top spot among the best motorcycle routes in Vietnam for its wild nature and adventurous trails. Once a remote borderland, it has become an open and fast-growing destination. 

Some people, including us, associate Ha Giang Loop with a harsh life without modern amenities, electricity, or freshwater. This is true for remote regions but sees it as an opportunity to escape the noisy cities.

Our amazing adventure to Ha Giang in 2022 pushed our limits further. We traveled for 6 days on the rocky mountain roads to discover unique attractions. As we went further, the challenge became more and more difficult due to the deteriorating infrastructure. Dirt roads of Bac Sum, Tham Ma, or Ma Pi Leng with an abyss on the left side made our blood run cold.

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On the bright side, all the hard work paid off afterwards. We admired the wonderful views of the green mountains embracing the gentle Nho Que River or the Dong Van Karst Plateau. The scene at Quang Ba Heaven Gate left the deepest impression on us. 

We felt at the top of the world when the sun’s rays dispelled the cloud sea and gave away to the terraced rice fields and lush valleys dotted by small cottages.

Ha Giang Loops by motorbike
Local H’mong women in Ha Giang

Kon Tum – Hoi An Motorcycle Trip

This scenic route is not very popular with adventure travelers but deserves the hype. The distance of about 300 km takes you through the Central Highlands of Vietnam, which is considered a hidden gem for tourism development. You will ride past many rubber and coffee plantations, ethnic minority villages featuring stilt houses, and picturesque waterfalls.

Whenever you feel tired, stop by a coffee shop and enjoy a bold cup of coffee that delivers a powerful punch to your taste buds and stagnation. It is a great opportunity to visit historical sites such as Charlie Hill or the old battlefield of Dak To. You certainly need a good tour guide to reveal many interesting or touching facts about the Vietnam War.

The last stop of the motorcycle tour is also the most desirable – Hoi An, a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. The fusion of cultures in architectural styles and iconic ancient monuments is sure to win your heart.

Kon Tum - Hoi An Motorcycle Trip
Riders at My Son holy land, dirtbike tour in central Vietnam

Ha Noi – Sapa Motorbike Tour

If you look for Vietnam motorcycle routes to discover the ancient culture of the Red River Delta, which goes with 5,000 years of history, look no further than the Ha Noi – Sapa route. Leaving the bustling capital behind, you head towards the far northwest on the winding road to Northern Vietnam.

Stories about different cultures, such as Hoa Binh, Go, Mun, and Dong Son, will unfurl every step you take. The fresh air and peaceful scenery soothe your soul until the off-road challenge of O Quy Ho Pass awakens your adventurous spirit.

Part of the Hoang Lien Son range, the longest pass in Vietnam, has sharp turns to satisfy your thirst for thrills. The thick fog creates a fanciful world but also obstructs the view of the riders. Always be careful when you turn at the off-camber hairpin without knowing what’s ahead.

Once you complete the challenge, you are rewarded with a panoramic view on top of Fansipan at an altitude of more than 3,000m above sea level. If you arrive in winter, the breathtaking sight of the majestic mountains covered in snow lifts the fatigue off your feet.

Ha Noi - Sapa Motorbike Tour
Riders on the top of Sapa mountain pass

Ha Giang – Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour

Ha Giang – Ba Be route guided us through peaceful villages and incredible sceneries. But first, we had to raise our guard against The Happy Road, also known as Ma Pi Leng Pass. From a distance, the pass sprialed on a cliff like soft silk, but those sharp bends became a cruel reality for new riders.

The journey demanded both courage and skill, for the sharp bends tested the mettle of even the most seasoned riders among us. Each turn was a dance of finesse and precision, as we navigated through the narrow passages that winded ever upward. The mountain pass gradually revealed a breathtaking beauty that captivated all who dare to venture through its winding path. Majestic and formidable, the pass unfolded like a serpentine ribbon, weaving through the grandeur of nature’s creation.

It was strange that the Nho Que river hugging the foot of the mountain reflected an opposite vibe. The clear jade green water calmed our tension and took a weight off our minds. We later caught this wonderful feeling again in Ba Be National Park.

Ha Giang - Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour
Enjoyable boating on Ba Be lake

That time, we rented a wooden boat and an experienced old boatman to explore every nook and cranny of this vast area. We lost track of time while admiring the diverse ecosystem and listening to interesting legends about things in the lake. These stories moved our hearts and left meaningful lessons in humanity.

Ha Noi – Ninh Binh Motorcycle Tour

This option aims to satisfy the need for short travel and healing in more information. All you have is good road and traffic conditions along the Red River to focus all your attention on the natural landscape. Your motorbike rolls on for about 1-2 hours for 90km, and then you will spend the rest of your time immersing yourself in the fresh air and interesting local life.

Most of the attractions in Ninh Binh bear historical and spiritual values. It would help if you visited Hoa Lu, an Ancient Capital which preserves over 1,000 years of development of feudalism in Vietnam. Tam Chuc Pagoda also possesses similar charms from the Ly Dynasty. Plus, a peaceful and quiet vibe there helps cut all ties of the painful and stressful past.

Do not skip Trang An Complex – a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. Limestone peaks and swamps connected through underground streams and caves dating back hundreds of millions of years give birth to a stunning color painting.

Ha Noi - Ninh Binh Motorcycle Tour
Ripe rice season in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh and the festival to celebrate the ripe rice season.

Ho Chi Minh Trail- Mui Ne Motorbike Route

The adventurous routes in Northern provinces make up most of our Vietnam motorbike tours, but this does not mean Southern Vietnam did not deserve a try. The scenery transformation overwhelmed us from the moment we took our first step in Mui Ne. This area reminds us of an endless desert with giant dunes and extreme temperatures.

The sand was a brilliant white, contrasting beautifully with the azure waters that gently kissed the shore. As the waves rolled in and out, they created a soothing symphony, a tranquil melody that calmed our souls.

We applied a lot of sunscreens and rode fast on the paved roads as if we were cowboys from the famous movie – Mad Max: Fury Road. We then headed to the coastline and let the wind cool our burning skin. The sunset sun shines on the clear blue water like a dancing show of precious gems – all were a visual feast.

Our team agreed to a general rule for this 3-day adventure: Stop at any beach at the end of the day to soak in the sunset. Thanks to that, we could sense the pulse of every slice of life and find the peace inside. 

We sat for hours in silence to capture the beauty of nature in a remote fishing village. On another day, we jumped into the sea and returned to the salad days with the friendly locals in the romantic afternoon setting. All were like a slo-mo movie’s ending sense to put an end to our motorbike tour.

Ho Chi Minh Trail- Mui Ne Motorbike Route
Mui Ne, Vietnam Pier fishing at Mui Ne beach in the morning when the fishermen prepare for a trip out to sea full of fish caught in Mui Ne, Vietnam


We have listed down the best motorbike tours in Vietnam for your preference, and all are well worth your time. Planning a long vacation in this beautiful country and exploring every corner of it is a great idea. That is also our plan soon. Subscribe to our blogs to check out the upcoming exciting motorbike itineraries.

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