Top 9 Best Things to Prepare a Safe Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Top 9 Best Things to Prepare a Safe Vietnam Motorbike Tour


Vietnam is among the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia. If you are from a foreign country, this mysterious place with countless unspoiled spots will satisfy your thirst for adventure. However, this Southeast Asian nation may be a tough travel experience if you yearn for motorbike tours.

That is why we prepared this list of the top 9 best things to prepare a safe Vietnam motorbike tour. Your travel experience should be smoother once you read through it.

Top 9 Best Things to Prepare a Safe Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Top 9 Best Things to Prepare a Safe Vietnam Motorbike Tour
Epic Ha Giang loop motorbike adventure

1. Get Travel Insurance

The very first thing that you should do to have fruitful Vietnam motorcycle tours is to get the right travel insurance. After all, no one knows what will happen on the road, so it’s better to just be safe than sorry by preparing travel insurance.

With a good travel insurance plan, you won’t have to worry about theft, loss of your personal belongings, or even accidents. Many additional options are available for your travel insurance, so we suggest spending a good amount of time researching before making your decision.

Good travel insurance can cover you from the moment you land at South Vietnam’s Tan Son Nhat airport until you finish your journey through all the major cities.

2. Prepare Your Itinerary

One of the most important factors for a successful Vietnam motorbike trip is having a clear, perfect itinerary. The number of places you can visit is overwhelming, and they scatter throughout North Vietnam, Central Vietnam, and South Vietnam.

Prepare Your Itinerary
Quick briefing about the routes, how to have safe motorbike tour in Vietnam

For example, many must-see tourist attractions are Phong Nha National Park, Cao Bang, and Ninh Binh in Northern Vietnam, Nha Trang in South Vietnam, and Buon Ma Thuot in Central Vietnam. They are well-known throughout South East Asia, and you can’t visit the major cities all in one go.

That is why you must always plan your digital nomad route beforehand and optimize your journey. You should also remember to include a plan for day trips to take in the hot spots like coral reefs around the major cities.

3. Road Conditions

Another part that you should not forget about is the road conditions of routes on your itinerary. Vietnam, despite being an awesome country, also has a reputation for chaotic roads. This issue is prevalent in even its biggest city, Ho Chi Minh.

For this reason, you need to determine your skill level and plan a perfect itinerary around it. A Hanoi itinerary, despite not offering too much new stuff, is perfectly safe due to its good road conditions. The same can’t be said about the road conditions in other rural areas with the hot spots, though.

If you do have lots of experience with riding through the country on motorbikes, we recommend challenging mountain biking. It is hard and not that safe, but it is very rewarding. You will get to enjoy all the beauty that the karst mountains have to offer.

Road Conditions
Off-road motorbike tour in Vietnam

4. Have A Good Core Packing List

Many people overlook the core packing list, but it plays a major role in you enjoying the experience, as you get to prepare many travel essentials.

For instance, a lot of people don’t know that bringing a scroll of toilet paper can be a lifesaver, as some public toilets don’t offer them. You will be trying out a bunch of new and amazing food choices, so you have a high risk of an upset stomach.

You may also not know that having a water hose and a reusable water bottle in your belongings is actually a smart choice. With it, you can access tap water easily, which can help in numerous ways.

This is especially helpful if you aren’t in major cities while traveling through Central Vietnam, as water sources may be scarce and placed in awkward positions.

Each person’s core packing list should be different depending on your needs. However, we believe that your core packing list should always at least have the things that we mentioned.

Have A Good Core Packing List
Travel light while you are on the motorbike trip

5. Accommodation Options

When preparing for the perfect itinerary, you should also spend some time on the accommodation options. At the end of the day, a good rest is essential to both your health and enjoyment.

The accommodation standards in Vietnam vary from backpacker budget basic options to nicer hotel options that offer things like hotel safes.

Of these, the two decent hotel options that we recommend are Airbnb accommodations and backpacker guest houses. Both of them cater to budget travelers without compromising too much on safety.

If you need to stay at a hostel, don’t place too much trust in the hostel lockers.

Accommodation Options
Home-stay with great view

6. Food

You haven’t traveled through Vietnam on motorbikes if you haven’t tried out its food scene. The Vietnamese food scene is well-regarded as one of the best amazing food choices Southeast Asia has to offer. It has all the styles of the Southeast Asia food scene yet still retains a lot of unique strengths.

From fresh food made directly on the streets to popular tourist restaurants, you can always find amazing food choices that fit your taste perfectly. Some of the best examples of Vietnamese food include Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup, Bun Cha, Banh Mi, Chinese barbecue pork, and fatty pork.

The special thing about these amazing food choices is that they all have affordable prices, and you can find them readily available in most major towns. Finding the best fresh food among these amazing food choices can be a good activity for day trips.

Vietnamese food in tour

We visited Cao Bang and tried out its famous Ant Egg Cake and savored Chewy Rice Flour Noodles in South Vietnam, which differed slightly across major towns. Nothing beats eating some flat rice noodle soup on a plastic chair in Buon Ma Thuot, though.

The Food Tour experience is also something you can check out. It’s not as free as a motorbike tour, but you get dedicated travel agents, travel insurance, unique travel content, and bus trips. Nonetheless, you should note that the average price for these plans is not budget-friendly.

7. Brush Up Your Knowledge Of Vietnamese Law

Many people mistakenly believe that they only need to hop on some cheap flights that Vietnam Airlines offer from somewhere like Hong Kong and start their digital nomad life the moment they land.

That is not the case, as our travel experience tells us that there are many things that you need to prepare, one of them is learning the law. Vietnam is a safe country, so we should keep it the way it is by not breaking any rules.

Most of Vietnam’s traffic laws are not that different from what you are used to in your daily life. However, we recommend reading more about the customs of tourist attractions that you plan on visiting.

Suppose you plan to go to Ninh Binh, Buon Ma Thuot, or Nha Trang; learn what to expect and what to avoid first. Despite being in the same country, there are many differences in customs among these places.

8. Be Mindful Of The Weather

Southeast Asia as a whole has some unpredictable weather, which is especially noticeable in Southern Vietnam. You can ride in clear weather in the morning through a Vietnamese town’s city center, and it will rain buckets in the afternoon at that same place.

Well, trust us! When we were in Saigon in August, 2021, the weather there really played us for a fool. One moment it was pouring, and the next the sun started to burn the road after we had put on the rain coat. Expect nothing out of South Vietnam’s weather and always be prepared for the worst.

9. Buy Some Protective Gear

Places like Ninh Binh and Buon Ma Thuot can be very beautiful, but the roads are not beginner-friendly. Their day trips may be nice, but their roads are a different matter altogether.

Let’s take Ninh Binh as an example. It has the best karst mountains in Southeast Asia or maybe even the world. However, when we were there, we had to navigate a lot of dangerous karst mountain trails. That is why you need some good body protective gear for the off chance.

Buy Some Protective Gear
Full Gears for riding in Vietnam


We have compiled this ultimate list of the top 9 best things to prepare a safe Vietnam motorbike tour. We hope that you can make use of it and enjoy a good international trip to one of Asia’s highlights.

There are also some basic travel tips to keep you relatively safe and healthy when exploring all the hot spots. We hope you like your new digital nomad life visiting Phong Nha’s beautiful caves, Binh Tien’s beautiful beach, etc.

It will be one of the best stories in life you have to tell once you get old. What are you waiting for? Set up a motorcycle tour, gear up, and hit the road!

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