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Is dirt biking or dirt bike tours your passion? Are you planning to go somewhere to participate in a dirt biking competition? In that case, the first rule that you need to follow is to bring your own dirt bike tours.

This is an obvious statement for any dirt biker. You may have already packed all your bags and ready to go for the competition with the bike. However, if you have to cover a long distance with all your belongings and a dirt bike, even a fun trip can turn into a troublesome journey for you.

This is surely something that you will never want to happen. It is needless to say that you will never enter a Motocross race unprepared.

Similarly, it is also suggested that you should never hit the freeway for a long trip unprepared. If you haul your dirt bike on a trailer, it will surely take up a lot of space.

Nonetheless, it will surely double as a secondary mode of transportation. You will require a lot of space for the bike whether you haul it inside a sprinter van or the back of a pick-up.

Since you have been dirt biking for a long time, you probably have the idea about the maintenance needs. Thus, you will also need all the necessary fluids, parts, and tools to help the bike in a proper running condition.

Tips to Take Your Dirt Bike with You While Traveling or dirt bike tours

Tips to Take Your Dirt Bike with You While Traveling or dirt bike tours
Ban Gioc waterfall

Have you ever joined dirt bike tours ? Even if you have never embarked on such a trip, you can surely learn from others who have travelled with their dirt bikes.


You need to know that you have plenty to do and as much to remember for such a trip. To limit the aggravating incidents that may pop up during the journey,

here are some tips for you:

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours – A Checklist Is A Must

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours - A Checklist Is A Must
Vietnambikers T shirt on the road

When you decide to participate in a dirt bike tours and have to travel a great distance with your bike, it is always a good idea to have a checklist ready says Dirt Bike Review.

Jot down everything and anything that comes to your mind as necessary. Do make sure to keep the checklist handy so that even if you remember anything in the middle of the night, you can jot it down immediately in the checklist.

It is good to write down points immediately because you may forget about it the moment you wake up.


Tugging Your Bike

Tugging Your Bike
Honda CRF250cc

It is very important for you to know how to tie your bike the right way and also haul it properly.

During the journey, there will be reasons for you to swerve, apply sudden brakes, and drive in a zig-zag manner to avoid potholes.

If you have failed to secure your dirty bike properly, there will be a big risk of the bike getting damaged on its way to the final destination.

It may also be possible for the bike to tip over while riding on bumpy roads. Do make sure to turn off the fuel tank and do not add fuel to the bike on your way.

Pit Stop

Pit Stop
Short break in Ha Giang peak

If your dirt bike tours is a road trip, there will be frequent stoppings either for a restroom break, gas, or some food or drinks to re-energize yourself. If you intend on travelling all by yourself, it will be a good idea to use a large cable to lock the bike.

Your short restroom break or for a bag of snacks or drinks is sufficient time for a person to run away with your dirt bike.

Do not expect any person to remember you as the owner of the bike and a guy gradually working on your bike as the thief.

It is always recommended to keep an eye on your belongings all the time. If you are travelling with someone else, better go for the food trips and restroom breaks one at a time.

Go for A Sleepover

Go for A Sleepover
Remoted track in Ha Giang

Planning to stop at a hotel? Better bring your dirt bike with you inside the room.

This is especially important if you have it packed in the back of a trailer or a pick-up. People can have easy access to such places.

It is true that most of the hotels will not appreciate the dirt bike being kept inside the room. Thus, it will help you to be polite and ensure some clean towels and paper for the dirty tires.

If you have a sprinter van that has darkened windows, you can definitely try for a parking spot that will be close to your room. This should deter any possible thieves around the area.

The Final Destination

The Final Destination
Hai Van pass, the happy corner!

Once you make it to the final destination successfully, it is recommended that you place the bike on a stand and also let out the air from the forks.

Once this is done, fill the fuel tank with gas, check the tire pressure and then you are good to go. It will not be wrong to expect some bumps along the road. This means literally.

These tips will surely help you whenever you need to participate in a dirt biking competition or dirt bike tours in the future. Once you know how to pack the bike onto a trailer or a pick-up. What all points to make sure during the dirt bike tours, and how to get your bike back in the running condition.

You can quickly feel more confident in participating in as many dirt bike tours in the future.

Whether you talk about a bike or a car, it is very important to pack them the right way during a road trip. This will make sure that nothing bad happens to the machine during the long journey and it safely reaches the last destination.

Since it is your property, you have to make sure that not a single scratch happens to the bike during the journey so that it runs smoothly during the dirt bike tours.

You would not like to find your bike struggling midway during the competition.

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