Vietnam Big Bike Tours 2023: Amazing Trip For Stress Relief

Vietnam Big Bike Tours


Far from the thrilling cycling tours to the northern mountains, the journey along the rivers to the southernmost end is endowed with gentle and romantic nature. No more U-turns or craggy mountain roads; we lived our best days on village roads and bridges over small canals. 

Ten days exploring the Mekong Delta deserves to be one of the best Vietnam big bike tours 2023.

Introduction Vietnam big bike tours along Ho Chi Minh Road
Vietnam big bike tours along Ho Chi Minh Road

Vietnam Big Bike Tours 2023: Mekong Delta Adventure

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh – Ben Tre – Tra Vinh Motorbike Tour

The first day of Vietnam big motorbike tours got off to a slow start in getting us out of the fast-paced big city. The scenery on both sides gradually transformed from high-rise buildings to rustic villages. Following the rotation of our bike wheels, we passed rice fields, dragon fruit plantations, and straight rows of coconut trees. 

We did not stop at crowded sightseeing places but took our time to enjoy the peaceful life of the southern countryside. Whenever our feet got achy, we rested and had a glass of cool coconut water. Once the sky darkened, a ferry took us across the river to Tra Vinh.

Day 2: Tra Vinh Motorcycle Trip To Soc Trang

A new day arrived with an exciting cultural experience: returning to the Khmer roots. We started on concrete roads leading to ethnic villages to learn about their traditions. Daily life did not reflect so much the typical values of their ancestors, but temples did.

The carvings and external appearance showed the rich history of the tribe. We could feel their lofty beliefs due to the dense distribution of temples in the small town of Tieu Can.

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Day 3: Soc Trang – Bac Lieu By Bike

We experienced a morning of hard work by farmers in the farmlands of Soc Trang. But before that, we cycled a long way out of the center. Fishing grounds and irrigation systems queued up both sides of the road. The working atmosphere was vibrant with laughter, as if we were in a busy tourist town.

We lifted our bikes twice to board ferries to Vinh Chau district, another land ruled by the majority of the Khmer. They have built a prosperous life by farming plants right in their houses, such as peppers, sweet potatoes, and herbs.

Soc Trang - Bac Lieu By Bike
Soc Trang! Young monk reading a book on the temple porch

Day 4: Bac Lieu – Ganh Hao – Ca Mau Motorbike Route

Bac Lieu is a new tourist destination, but it is well-planned in terms of infrastructure for Vietnam big motorcycle tours. We capture dozens of shrimp farms and massive salt fields in the inner city. We stopped and had a chat with a few locals about the struggles to maintain the traditional craft.

Tens of kilometers away, huge fields of blowers caught our attention. Turbine poles with rotating blades rotate looked like giant propellers standing out in the clear blue sky.

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Day 5: Motorbiking To Ca Mau Countryside

Ca Mau city was more modern and dynamic than we thought; unfortunately, we did not have much time for the central area. Early in the morning, we pedaled on the bumpy roads to the suburbs. The closer to the remote districts, the more shallow water canals, and irrigation systems appeared.

Motorbiking To Ca Mau Countryside
Perspective view of steel suspension bridge over the Bac Lieu – Ca Mau canal

We sometimes paralleled the long composite boats with noisy engines on the narrow roads along the mangroves. Despite the bad terrain, the motorbike route led us deep into the unspoiled swamps where the locals farmed oysters and fish.

The cultural characteristics of the West were reflected in daily labor activities. They stocked large flocks of ducks near terrariums and rice fields after the harvest season. The typical sounds of a peaceful countryside removed the stress from our minds.

Day 6: Dat Mui – The End Cape Of Vietnam

Nam Can district is not very developed, so infrastructure poses many difficulties for cycling. We were recommended for walking and boating to get closer to the wildlife. In the morning, we stroll dirt roads to blend in with local life.

A small boat took us to the mudflats, home to a wide variety of seafood. We put on rubber boots and jumped into the swamp to catch scallops. The vehicle then winded through the mangrove forests and entered the heart of the rich mangrove ecosystem.

Dat Mui - The End Cape Of Vietnam
Off-road Vietnam Adventure Along Ho Chi Minh Trail ( Honda CRF300L )

Day 7: Ca Mau – Rach Gia Motorcycle Route

Leaving Dat Mui behind, we turned the motorbikes in the opposite direction to Rach Gia. Lush coconut and banana trees form large shadows on the road. Despite the intense sun, we could already feel the gentle breeze blowing from the river. 

As we ran through the crowded village, greetings from friendly locals made our day. A few wooden workshops and houses on stilts were located on the shore, while the waterways, such as cargo ships, family canoes, and even basket boats, were anchored in rows along the riverbank.

Ca Mau - Rach Gia Motorcycle Route
BMW GS Riding Ha Giang Loop North Vietnam

Day 8: Rach Gia – Tri Ton – Chau Doc Bike Tour

We could feel vegetation change when Tri Ton welcomed our first steps. The orchards became sparse and dominated by palm trees and eucalyptus. Our legs used more force to turn the wheel and climb up grassy fields and moderate hills.

Instead of canals and small rivers, the mountainous terrain in An Giang created twisty roads to test our driving skills. They led us to the Tra Su forest, considered the “green lung” of the Southwest region.

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Day 9: Chau Doc – Long Xuyen – Can Tho Motorbike Path

We woke up early to visit the Chau Doc floating market. Rustic boats of all sizes were filled with fruits, delicious street foods, and some necessary utensils. A stretch of the river came alive in the calls and conversations of locals and tourists.

After filling our stomachs with a bowl of hot noodles on the drift boat, we returned to the pedal and headed to the Lo Te junction. A sudden downpour messed up the dirt road leading into Tho Lai town, located at the intersection of six canals. Support vehicles came and picked us up for the rest of the leg to Can Tho city.

Chau Doc - Long Xuyen - Can Tho Motorbike Path
The town of Cai Be and its Floating Market in Cai Be District in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang South Vietnam on a summer afternoon.

Day 10: Can Tho – Vinh Long – Sai Gon Motorcycle Trip

Attracted by the vibrant sound of popular cultural activities in the western provinces, we visited another floating market in Cai Rang. Compared to the previous day, the scale of today’s fair was much larger. We stow vehicles for transport to Cai Be. 

After crossing two huge bridges, our team was back to the busy roads to some ancient attractions. We loosen up at the French-architecture house on the banks of the gentle Cai Be River, surrounded by fruit-laden orchards. The host treated us to a delicious lunch and dinner. When the sun disappeared, our Vietnam big motorbike travel was over.

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Vietnam big bike tours 2023 to the Western river region can go viral for adventure travel plans in the upcoming holidays. Due to the peaceful, unspoiled nature and friendly locals, your trip will surely experience good moments. 

Do not hesitate to share this schedule and invite your friends to join! The fun is doubled when you have the best companions.

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