Vietnam Dirtbike Adventure Tours 2023: The Best Two Short Itinerary

Vietnam Dirtbike Adventure Tours


Vietnam is famous for its beautiful landscapes stretching from the adventurous northern mountains and the romantic beaches along the coastline to the fertile Mekong Delta. 

However, the winding roads snaked along the towering ranges require good steering control and racer experience to conquer the U-shaped bends. As experienced, we recommend the Vietnam dirtbike adventure tours 2023 to the South and Central region for newcomers. The wonder of nature never lets you down.

Vietnam Dirtbike Adventure Tours 2023: Discover The Rustic Mekong Delta

Vietnam Dirtbike Adventure Tours 2023: Discover The Rustic Mekong Delta
Mekong delta motorbike tours

Day 1: Sai Gon – Tra Vinh Cycling Tour

The next 5 days of Mekong Delta motorbiking tour: thrills and spills pretty much guaranteed! Our group drove towards the inner city where vegetable and dragon fruit farms flooded both sides. The paved roads brought us to My Tho and Vinh Trang pagoda. 

The interference between Eastern and Western cultures was reflected in every little detail of the massive architecture and giant Buddha statues. 

On the way to Ben Tre, our Vietnam dirtbike adventure tours then stopped at a facility that produces coconut candy – a specialty sweet. Besides the traditional taste, it was full of surprises to try many taste variations from the skillful artisans.

Day 2: Tra Vinh Motorcycle Route To Can Tho

We cycled to the temples and museum of Khmer ethnic culture in Tra Vinh. In a large area, auxiliary buildings such as monks and lecture halls surrounded the majestic main hall. The gates and pillar were sculpted with exquisite details showing an ancient civilization.

After a hearty lunch at Cau Ke farm, our motorbikes rolled towards Can Tho – the heart of Mekong Delta. We passed many canals and small bridges that showed the clear characteristics of the river region.

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Day 3: Can Tho – Cao Lanh Motorbike Trip

We woke up early to visit the Cai Rang floating market which is a commercial activity but shows the cultural values of the Southeast people. The boats took us closer to the waterway vehicles loaded with goods. In the midst of a bustling trading scene on the undulating water, we filled our stomachs with a bowl of hot noodles.

Can Tho - Cao Lanh Motorbike Trip
Mekong delta boat tour

After returning to the port, we were back on the roads to Sa Dec flower village. Colorful flower beds and ornamental plants sprouted from the tall trellises, blocking our view to either side as if we were lost in a “sea of flowers”.

The motorbiking tour in the afternoon headed to Huynh Thuy Le, an ancient house built in the 1890s. The building preserves ancient French and Chinese architecture becoming separate from other architectural works in the busy area on the banks of Sa Dec river.

Day 4: Cao Lanh – My Luong – Chau Doc Motorbike Tours

We freed our minds from worries on peaceful country roads through orchards along the Mekong. The wheel slowed down compared to the previous days so that we blended into the slow pace of the locals. Scenes of rice harvest and duck grazing that had been dusted in our minds suddenly came into life.

Another interesting experience was boarding a ferry to Gieng Island. We drove on a small paved road and stopped at a 120-year-old Monastery. Our cameras couldn’t stop blinking in this colonial-era area.

Cao Lanh - My Luong - Chau Doc Motorbike Tours
Mekong delta dirtbike tours

Day 5: Chau Doc – Lai Vung – Sai Gon By Motorbike

We once again did a boat tour to Cham Village where floating fish farms gathered. A hearty breakfast prompted us to exercise by bicycle to burn fat. Enthusiastic hearts and an abundance of energy made us ride non-stop to Tra Su Melaleuca forest and another 15km for a cross-road ride beneath the green ferns.

The little time left in the last afternoon was enough for two visits to traditional villages of sedge mats and boat building. We sat back and listened to the old artisans who strive to maintain the good values of their ancestors. When the night covered the surroundings, we kissed goodbye and ride back to the city.

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Vietnam Off-Road Motorcycle Tours: Coastal Biking From Nha Trang To Hoi An

Day 1: Nha Trang – Quy Nhon Motorcycle Route

We picked up motorbikes in the suburbs and started moving on the roads behind the fishing villages. Instead of crowded sightseeing places, we immersed ourselves in the daily rhythm of rural life. 

Our motorbikes passed through fields of sweet potatoes, taro and ripe rice and sometimes stopped at small cafes near the beach to rest. As the sun was about to set, we parked our motorbikes on a white sand and sat down to capture the sparkling sea.

Nha Trang - Quy Nhon Motorcycle Route
Vietnam coastal motorbike tours

Day 2: Quy Nhon – Quang Ngai – Hoi An Motorbike Tour

The bus took us to Cat Tien where we started our coastal Vietnam motorbike tours to De Ghi. The blazing sun dampened our enthusiasm, but the emerald green beaches stirred our adrenaline up. We visited the shrimp salt marshes and watched the locals at work. Our backpacks were filled with the fruits of their labor that go well with tropical fruits. 

In the afternoon, we sped to the My Lai memorial site. Though peacetime has returned for years, the pain of war still lingered in this small village. The images and artifacts in the museum recreated the massacre days that defeated so many soldiers and innocent Vietnamese people. Our hearts couldn’t stop aching for the sacrifices and indomitable patriotism of the previous generation.

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Day 3: Hoi An Heritage By Bicycle

The most anticipated sights of the tour made us excited in the first steps. From the entrance, the surrounding landscape transforms into other vibes: ancient and romantic. We took a slow walk on the narrow road between traditional tiled-roofed houses. Hundreds of years old architectures such as Cau Pagoda and Phuc Kien Assembly Hall have distracted us from the flow of time.

Hoi An Heritage By Bicycle
Beautiful day in Hoian old town

We learned a lot of interesting things in the traditional villages. An activity that gives us the most joy is working with farmers in Tra Que. At the end of the day, a rustic wooden boat took us adrift on the Hoai River. The lanterns and lanterns light up the Old Town like the beautiful scene of Rapunzel. What a romantic and picturesque way to end a motorbike tour!


No matter what your favorite itinerary, Vietnam dirtbike adventure tours 2023 always serve the participants an amazing experience nurtured by magnificent nature, unique cultural values, and friendly locals. Trips to the plains and seas are how we have adapted to adventurous driving. 

They deserve every minute of our salad days. If you want a smooth start, join now. Don’t hesitate to share our dirtbike tours in Vietnam and invite your best friends to come along!

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