Vietnam Motorcycle Tours FAQs

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours FAQs

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours FAQs, All You Need To Know Before Traveling Vietnam By Motorbike

1. What Is It Like To Ride In Vietnam?

Vietnam easily stands in the top 5 best riding experiences globally. What’s more interesting is that the tour offers a getaway from the bustling atmosphere in the big cities and crowded destinations.

The country is also famous for its curving, dangerous roads with stunning landscapes and the best countryside view you can get.

2. Is It Safe To Drive In Vietnam?

Vietnam has one of the best security. The country is safe for any foreigners. However, its roads and traffic, especially in the mountainous area, are a different story. If you are an inexperienced rider, it is best not to ride on your own in Vietnam. By the way, guided motorbike tours are highly recommended, as worry free on the road, don’t have to find the roads, hotels, restaurants, bike break down and hard to speak to the Locals!

3. For How Long Do We Ride Each Day?

Generally, you can spend a total of 5-6hrs on the road per day. That means we will have coverage of approx. 150-200km, based on the type of road.

4. Who Rides With VietnamBikers?

Riders all around the world have come to ride with us. Whether you are solo or in a small to large group, you will quickly feel at home. Motorists who love adventures and mountainous scenes are our most frequent fellows. Check out what riders have said about Vietnam Motorbike Tours on Tripadvisor!

5. Do You Take Pillion Passengers Or Inexperienced Riders?

Unfortunately, we don’t take inexperienced riders since the roads are often daunting and more suitable for skillful ones. So if you are 100% new riders, please join a training course before coming to Vietnam to travel with us. However, we are open to pillion-seaters as we have plenty of available seats with our guides or other riders. If you accompany a rider, you also get a discount.

  • Pillion/ Passenger Tour Cost
  • All is inclusive tour: From 145 USD to 190 USD/ day/ pillion

6. What If I Want To Stop To Look At Something Or Take A Photo?

There are a lot of stops in every corner of the country, and we make sure you don’t miss any great scenes. However, avoid stopping on your own to avoid disrupting the course and other riders.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours FAQs vietnam motorcycle tours faqs 2 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Stunning view In North Vietnam

7. How Do I Carry My Baggage?

We provide vans to carry your luggage if requested ( 150 USD/ truck/ day ), and they follow us along the way. However, it is best to keep valuable stuff to yourself. With small group we will tight luggage on back of the bike to travel ( travel light ).

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours FAQs vietnam motorcycle tours faqs 3 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Honda CRF250L with light luggage on bike when traveling!

8. Do You Have A Support Van?

We have some accompanying vans for travelers who prefer a more comfortable experience. It is also suitable for family, friends, or separate groups. The support truck cost extra 150 USD/ day/ group

9. When Is The Best Time To Come To Vietnam?

Vietnam is an all-season beautiful country. The northern region has four seasons, while the southern part has two: dry and rainy seasons. You don’t have to worry about messing up your schedule here. More about best time to ride in Vietnam!

10. What Should I Pack?

Bring as light as you can. Generally, Vietnam has a warmer climate, so hiking clothes are great. However, there can be mountainous roads or winter trips that require windbreakers and jackets. Besides, don’t forget your riding gear.

11. What Motorcycling Gear Should I Bring?

The most important thing is protective gear since it is necessary to help you withstand the weather and ensure safety. Also, you can bring some basic repairing tools in case there are any problems with your ride. Of course, we still supply plenty of essentials.

12. What Money/Cards Should I Bring?

VND (Vietnam Dong) is the current currency in Vietnam. At the time of writing, the exchange rate is 1USD to ~ 23,000 VND.

Should you be on a Special Event or Premium tour, almost all costs are included in the package. So, just prepare some cash for souvenirs/keepsakes or refreshments/snacks.

Otherwise, just bring your ATM cards to withdraw money in any ATM machines. Make sure to inform your bank about your overseas trip so that they won’t block your card.

13. How Can I Arrange My Flights?

It is best to fly to Vietnam several days (2-3 days) in advance. We also help you arrange your domestic flights inside the border of Vietnam, so don’t worry about that. Of course, you should ask your booking team beforehand for advice to know where to head first.

14. What About A Visa?

If you come from a country that needs Visa, don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to get. Head to to fill in the form. 

For the motorbike license, please contact us. Don’t forget to opt for a 3-month stay as that is the minimum requirement for a license.

15. Airport Arrival: Will Someone Meet Us/Pick Us Up?

We are glad to tell you that the answer is yes. We will have someone welcome and pick you up at Hanoi airport for your arrival. In case you arrive in HCMC or other cities, and we operate a special tour there, you will be greeted by our staff too. Such as you will arrive in Da Nang and join our motorcycle tours from Hoian then we will have guide or driver welcome you at Da Nang airport.

16. Will My Mobile Phone Work?

Vietnam has decent telephone signals across the whole nation. You can still keep in touch with your families and friends using roaming, but it is cheaper to use a local SIM at the airport, which we will help you set up.

All hotels overnight stay, and even our vans have free Wi-Fi.

17. Do I Need Malaria Protection?

Though our traveling destinations have a lower chance of getting malaria, you should consult with the local guides first. Better safe than sorry, so you can bring insect repellent.

18. What About Travel Insurance, Third Party Insurance If I Damage The Motorcycle?

Along with your available insurance, which you can buy from low-cost and reliable companies like QBE or Worldcover, you can also opt for the motorcycle damage insurance we provide. The cost is AUD$20/day, and most of our clients take this route.

19. Do I Need A Current Motorcycle License From My Country?

Yes, a working license valid in your country is a must for a transfer to a local license and insurance.

20. Do I Need A Vietnamese Motorcycle License?

Not necessary. Some countries’ licenses are also eligible in Vietnam without transferring. However, if you need to transfer, we offer two options which are a full Vietnamese Driving License or International Automobile Association license.

21. What If There Is An Accident Or Illness?

Riding motorbikes in remote areas carries risks, but fortunately, you don’t have to face it alone. We have emergency and medical support 24 hours on 7 days to accommodate any dangers or if you need help. However, sometimes, reaching professional medical support can be a challenge, given that you can be very far from major cities, so consider that before joining the tour.

22. Scams In Vietnam And Copycat Operators?

Scamming and copycatting are problems everywhere globally, and Vietnam is no exception. Be aware that there will be copycats of our businesses, so only trust this website.

Check out what riders have said about Vietnam Motorcycle Tours on Tripadvisor!

23. Bookings, Tour Cost, And Inclusions?

We are open about our booking and price policies, so you can check it for yourself for each tour or contact us beforehand. There are a lot of bonuses and inclusions without hidden costs.

24. How Do I Pay For My Tour And To Whom?

Please contact us for further detail about secured payment. Or you can send us online payment via this secured link! All online payment please add 3,5% bank service fee.

( 1 USD Equivalent 23.000 Vietnam Dong ( VND ), please input the amount in VND ).

Please click this link to send the deposit and secure your date and booking!

25. Still Have More Questions?

See more Vietnam Motorbike Tours FAQs at this link

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