Vietnam Motorcycle Travel 2024: A Spirited Ride From Saigon

Vietnam motorcycle travel 2024


If you yearn for the thrill of exploring Vietnam on two wheels, brace yourself for a Vietnam motorcycle travel 2024 that you’ll never forget. Come with us on a journey that unveils the very essence of this country. 

From the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the tranquil beauty of Nha Trang, our 5-day Vietnam motorbike travel is a symphony of breathtaking coastal routes and exhilarating off-road escapades. Get ready to ignite your engines and dive headfirst into the adventure of a lifetime!

Vietnam Motorcycle Travel 2024: 5-Day Itinerary

Vietnam Motorcycle Travel 2024: 5-Day Itinerary
Riding Offroad In Central Highland Vietnam

Day 1: Saigon – Dong Xoai Motorbike Tour – 110 Km

Our motorcycle adventure began promptly at 9 AM as we eagerly explored Southern Vietnam. Leaving Ho Chi Minh City’s bustling streets, we started our journey, navigating paved roads that led us on a leisurely ride through picturesque countryside villages to the north.

Day 1: Saigon - Dong Xoai Motorbike Tour - 110 Km
Offroad Motorbike Tour Cu Chi Tunnels

A highlight among our destinations was the iconic Cu Chi tunnels, a historical marvel offering insights into the Vietnam War. Two riveting hours there left me with a profound understanding of the country’s past, an unforgettable experience. After a satisfying lunch, we continued our motorcycle travel Vietnam, cruising along well-maintained roads winding through vast rubber tree gardens.

This leg of the trip provided us with a scenic ride through the region’s breathtaking landscapes. Occasional dirt roads added excitement, leading to thrilling off-road motorcycle riding experiences through dense rubber tree forests. With dinner awaiting us, we looked forward to a restful night in a comfortable Dong Xoai hotel with delectable food, recharging for the adventures ahead.

Day 2: Dong Xoai to Dak Mil (Central Highland Vietnam) Motorcycle Tour – 195 Km

The following morning of our Vietnam motorcycle holiday, a hearty breakfast prepared us for the next leg of our Vietnam motorbike journey along the iconic Ho Chi Minh trail. Our route meandered along quiet country roads, leading us through rural villages and farming communities that dotted the landscape.

Day 2: Dong Xoai to Dak Mil (Central Highland Vietnam) Motorcycle Tour – 195 Km

Our day’s adventure began with a visit to a War monument, a solemn reminder of Vietnam’s tumultuous history. We explored a cashew nut factory from there, delighting in the sights and fragrances. However, the day’s highlight awaited us along the Cambodian border, a route that revealed breathtaking mountain views. 

As we progressed, we couldn’t resist making frequent stops to explore historical sites and engage with local ethnic minorities. These encounters offered invaluable insights into Vietnamese history and culture, enriching our journey unexpectedly. With nightfall approaching, we finally arrived in Dak Mil.

Day 3: Dak Mil to Lak Lake Motorbike Trip – 107 Km

Continuing our Vietnam motorcycle tour along the historic Ho Chi Minh trail, we eagerly ventured into the heart of rural Vietnam. Here, we had the incredible opportunity to connect with the M’nong and Ba Na people, two local ethnic communities known for their warmth and fluency in English. Y Phan and Y Pham, amazing local friends from these villages, greeted us with open arms, instantly making us feel like friends rather than strangers in a foreign land.

Day 3: Dak Mil to Lak Lake Motorbike Trip - 107 Km
Elephant race in Lak lake in Dak Lak, Vietnam.

As we rode on, the landscape began to change, revealing breathtaking waterfalls nestled amidst lush fruit orchards. The temptation was too strong to resist, so we took a leisurely morning spin and dipped into the emerald pools beneath the cascading falls. Our journey continued, leading us to a captivating destination – the shores of Lak Lake, Vietnam’s second-largest lake. 

The excellent views were nothing short of spectacular, and with our trusty cameras in hand, we couldn’t help but capture the mesmerizing sunset hues that painted the sky. As night fell, we were in for a unique and heartwarming experience – a homestay in a traditional stilt house near the lake.

Day 4: Lak Lake to Da Lat Motorbike Route – 160 Km

Our journey continued with a short motorbike tour to Da Lat, a charming city known for its stunning views. Our first stop introduced us to a lovely mushroom farm, where we gained insight into the art of mushroom cultivation. Following our visit, we strolled through fragrant flower gardens, each bloom treating our eyes to a vivid tapestry of colors.

Day 4: Lak Lake to Da Lat Motorbike Route - 160 Km
Offroad Riding in Pine Forest in Da Lat

The allure of a nearby waterfall beckoned, and we eagerly embarked on a short trek through the lush jungle. The sounds of nature enveloped us as we entered the forest with a serene beauty, momentarily forgetting the world’s daily troubles. A major highlight awaited us as we neared Da Lat – an opportunity to cross a tranquil lake. This freshwater lake, surrounded by lush green ancient forests, provided a fresh, airy atmosphere that offered a comforting respite from our journey’s exhilarating experiences.

As we strolled around the lake, all troubles from daily life seemed to melt away, replaced by a sense of tranquility and contentment. We had choices, ranging from a peaceful boat ride to a more adventurous journey atop an elephant. This unforgettable experience drew us closer to Vietnam’s natural wonders, leaving us with a profound appreciation for its pristine beauty.

Day 5: Da Lat – Nha Trang Motorbike Tour – 150 Km

As we embarked on the final leg of our unforgettable journey, the road to Nha Trang in southern Vietnam unfolded with stunning views, in stark contrast to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City’s city center and the quiet roads of the farming villages we had explored along the way. Our smooth and easy motorbike ride offered a leisurely escape from the thrilling adventures of the past riding days, with one exhilarating exception – a brief moment crossing a small “monkey bridge” just after departing Da Lat town.

Day 5: Da Lat – Nha Trang Motorbike Tour – 150 Km
Vietnnam Top Gear Special 2024

During our journey, we paused at King Bao Dai’s palace, a historical gem built in 1923. Between 1940 and 1945, King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong often sought respite here, leaving a rich tapestry of history in its elegant halls. This visit allowed us to delve into its historical significance, adding depth to our day trip. As the clock approached 4.30 PM, we arrived in the vibrant and busy city of Nha Trang, marking the end of our 5-day motorbike travel Vietnam from Saigon.

Bidding farewell to the dedicated tour guide, we concluded our amazing adventure. It was a fitting conclusion to a journey filled with cherished memories, leaving us longing to return someday and create more stories in this remarkable land.


In just five remarkable days, our Vietnam motorcycle travel 2024 took us on an unforgettable trip. We began in the bustling heart of Ho Chi Minh City – the liveliest city, dirt roads, and historic sites – immersing ourselves in this incredible land’s rich history and diverse cultures. From the iconic Cu Chi tunnels to the captivating Lak Lake, each day brought new adventures, excellent views, and cherished memories. 

We left with hearts full of appreciation for Vietnam’s beauty and warmth, longing to return one day. What about you? Share this blog with your fellows and plan for a Vietnam motorbike tour now!

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