9 Vietnam Riding Tips For First-Time Riders

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When it comes to Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the riding culture. Are you planning for a Vietnam motorbike tour crossing the country? You’d better arm yourself with some life-saving rules on the road first. Below are 9 Vietnam riding tips for first-time riders. Let’s discover.

Vietnam Riding Tips
HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM – OCTOBER 29, 2014: People go to work by motorcycles

9 Vietnam Riding Tips For First-time Riders

Tip 1: Stay More Attentive

You must always be alert because countless vehicles around you operate at different speeds. Therefore, you need to adjust your speed to avoid hitting the person in front and being hit by the person behind.

When crossing the street, you should use the rearview mirror for safety. Also, don’t expect pedestrians to cross the street at a crosswalk. They can cross the street anywhere, so you always have to be careful.

A green light doesn’t mean you can go as fast as you want. Some vehicles go faster when they see a yellow light. They can pass very quickly when you start to move at the turns, so keep a sharp eye on them.

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Tip 2: Don’t Assume You Have The Right Of Way

How to ride in Vietnam? Sometimes you think you’re in the right lane, but you see many people going in the opposite direction. Generally speaking, the car or any participant of traffic that arrived first has the right of way.

A car going opposite along a street gets precedence since they arrived first. Yet, as size means power, certain cars will request the right of way due to their big size.

In addition, you also need to keep a “cool head” when encountering such situations. They may not happen in your country but are a regular occurrence in Vietnam. It can help you avoid unnecessary troubles.

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Hanoi city, Vietnam – September 27 2016 : Traffic jam in Hanoi city , Vietnam

Tip 3: Plan Before You Go And Avoid Highways

You should preview the route on the map to avoid confusion while on the road. If there are too many bends, you should only remember the main road, then rely on some street signs or ask passers-by, they will guide you to the right way and share some Vietnam travel tips with you.

You should also avoid using your phone while on the road because robbers may notice you. You should check the Google Maps at home and then hit the road.

Also, as you probably already know, it is not advisable to go on highways because those roads are only for cars, trucks, and other types of 4-wheel vehicles. If you accidentally enter the wrong lane, you will not be able to turn around and may be fined by the traffic police.

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On Ma Pi Leng pass in Dong Van highland, far north Vietnam

Tip 4: Pay Attention To The Forecast

Weather is one of the most important factors when going out. It would be bad if it rains and you didn’t have a raincoat. You should check the weather forecast the day before to decide what essentials to bring.

If the weather forecast says it will be hot tomorrow, sunscreen should be covered at home in advance. It will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays that can cause your skin to darken or burn. We have to admit that The summer in Vietnam is so scorching, especially when you are on motorcycle tours.

If you have nothing important to to out the next day and the weather forecast says rain, you should stay home. Should you have to go out, raincoats and shoe covers are essential items.

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If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t RIDE! June to August is wet season in Vietnam, for us more mud, more FUN!

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Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Horn

Maybe the sound of a motorcycle horn makes you feel uncomfortable and unpolite. However, you will feel it is very necessary when driving in Vietnam. It is because some road users are not paying attention while driving, or the green light is on, but they have not moved yet.

Also, you’ll see other people using the horn while moving a lot, so don’t be afraid to honk. You should be familiar with the horn because the loud sound of trucks, tank trucks, containers, trucks, etc., will startle you.

Tip 5: Don't Be Afraid to Use Your Horn

Tip 6: Don’t Trust Google Maps 100%

It sounds weird, but this is the truth. Never completely count on Google Map when riding in Vietnam. Many roads have disappeared over time, and many have been opened but have not been updated.

Thus, sometimes you will see on Google Maps that there is a road, but in reality, you can’t find it, or that road will lead you to a dead end.

Usually, this only occurs on small roads, where few people pass and play a minor role. They are turned into residential areas or used for many different purposes. You can easily find nearby roads connecting to your next road.

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Happy To Be Lost lol

Tip 7: Be Careful At Night

You’ve probably heard of robberies or scams in Asian countries. Vietnam is no exception. The night is the breeding ground for robbers and thieves to act.

It would be best if you did not drive at night, especially alone, because of the possibility that you will encounter robbers and make it difficult to fight back. In addition, scammers will disguise themselves as poor people so that you can take advantage of the loopholes and rob your personal property.

If you have urgent business to go out, you should go with a few people and carry self-defense tools

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Tip 8: Go With The Flow

Right! Do not go alone when participating in Vietnamese traffic, especially when crossing the street. It would be best if you blended into the flow of people to cross the street easily. 

It will help you avoid unnecessary collisions with the opposite person and ensures safety when crossing the road.

In Vietnam, crossing the street alone is not only time-consuming but also easy to annoy. others for standing in the way. The majority always has the advantage. So let’s go with the flow.

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Tip 9: Buy A Good Helmet

The final Vietnam motorbike travel guide is buying a quality helmet. Wearing a helmet when traveling by motorbike can reduce the consequences of traffic accidents. Especially, it can reduce the number of deaths due to traumatic brain injury in traffic accident.

The helmet is covered on the outside by a hard plastic layer. The inside is foam. Assuming that when an accident occurs, and the head is hit, the helmet’s materials will help disperse the impact force. 

Besides, it can reduce the impact force on the skull greatly and the possibility of breaking or cracking the skull. However, it should be noted that helmets only really work when you choose and use quality helmets and fit your head.

Tip 9: Buy A Good Helmet


I hope 9 Vietnam riding tips for first-time visitors will help you have a perfect motorbike trip in Vietnam. 

Don’t let these headache-inducing unwritten rules hold you back. Believe me; the beauty of this country is only manifest to the fullest if you go for a Vietnam motorcycle tour. Hit the road!

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