What To Plan Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam? Enjoy The Fullest

What To Plan Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam?


Vietnam is well-known for its natural scenery, so many adventurers want to experience it in a unique way through a motorcycle. After all, you get to see everything on your own terms; you can stop and interact or enjoy the delicious food as you like. Nothing can beat this kind of experience.

However, knowing what to plan motorcycle tours in Vietnam is much more complicated than it looks. That is why we prepared this guide for you.

What to Plan Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam? 3 Options

There are a total of three ways that you can use to get a bike for your off-road Vietnam dirt bike tours. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to choose based on your specific needs.

What To Plan Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam? Enjoy The Fullest what to plan motorcycle tours in vietnam 3 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Amazing spot in north Vietnam

Buying A Motorbike

The most hassle-free approach to this problem is just buying your own motorbike. It grants you absolute freedom during your whole stay in Vietnam. You can go anywhere you like and make any modification that you see fit to the bike, from endless terraced rice fields to majestic mountains.

Of course, there are clear drawbacks as well. A prime example is the cost, as buying a bike will always set you back significantly compared to renting it.

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If you want a bike, we recommend getting one out of these three options: Yamaha Nouvo 125cc, Honda Wave 110cc, and Honda Win 100cc, Honda PCX 125cc. These are all reasonably priced yet powerful enough to carry you through all the challenges Vietnam’s tracks can serve you.

Tips: Always head to a trustable motorbike shop like Honda, Yamaha, etc., or their official retailers (which you can check on their websites).

Buying A Motorbike
Honda CRF300L/ Ha Giang Loop Tour

Renting A Motorbike

The second method is, without any doubt, the most budget-friendly one. You only need to fork out a miniscule amount to rent a bike, and you can rent it for quite a long period of time.

However, you will need a lot of paperwork, like a driver’s license, Visa, etc., to do so. After all, they must be sure you will return their motorbike.

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Another huge issue with this method lies in the bikes’ conditions. The renters rarely take these bikes to service unless the damage is too great. You should not expect too much from the bike’s performance.

Tips: The so-called “Foreign streets” in Vietnam are the heaven of motorbike rental shops. Just go there and test the bike before renting. To name a few:

  • Hanoi: The Old Quarter
  • Ho Chi Minh City: District 1 and 3
  • Hue: Hung Vuong Boulevard
Renting A Motorbike
Home-stay in Thac Ba lake

Going On A Predetermined Motorbike Tour

This approach is the safest option, as not just your bike but all your accommodation needs will be handled. Once you sign up with them, they will take you through a carefully planned course, allowing you to experience the most beautiful sceneries. 

You also get great accommodation, as the organizer will prepare a decent hotel or motel for your stay at each stop designation. There is only the popular bike type specifically built for this purpose, like Honda Win 100cc.

Its biggest weakness is, unsurprisingly, its price. It is not at all an understatement to say that going on such a motorbike trip can cost you an arm and a leg.

You also don’t get as much freedom, as everything is already planned out ahead of time.

Tips: Scour the Internet for some well-known agencies with good rep/reviews first; contact them to deal with the price, vehicle, itinerary, and others. 

Going On A Predetermined Motorbike Tour
Water taxi in Ha Giang

Essential Tips For A Successful Motorcycle Tour

The first thing you need to remember is always to plan your motorbike itinerary in advance. There should always be a balance between the number of hours you spend riding and the time you get just to kick back and relax. People who go on motorbike tours in Vietnam won’t need to worry about this issue, as the organizer has planned everything.

You should also ensure that your international license is valid for motorbike riding in Vietnam. A lot of people have tried to go on a license-less ride only to get caught by the police. Being in this situation can open up a can full of worms, so it’s better just to carry your license at all times.

Many people overlook this guidance, but you should always pack necessities like protective gear, a first aid kit, etc. No one knows what will happen on the road, and you may find yourself with an emergency far from civilization.

Even when you bring all the necessities, don’t forget to research the weather and road conditions. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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If you can, pay some attention and learn more about the local customs and traffic laws. Should you respect Vietnamese culture, you will be warmly welcomed everywhere you go.

The following are not so many tips as recommendations, as we believe anyone new to Vietnam should pay them a visit. 

You should try to include Cat Ba Island, Khe Bang National Park, and Cat Tien National Park in your itinerary. They allow you to take in the unique beauty of nature that Vietnam offers.

Similarly, the Moc Tunnels and Buon Ma Thuot are also essential. However, they serve more as signposts for Vietnam’s wartime history.

Essential Tips For A Successful Motorcycle Tour
Ta Lang hill. Ma Pi Leng pass, Ha Giang

Best Motorbike Routes in Northern Vietnam

Vietnam has a lot to delight you. However, we don’t have all the time in the world. That is why we will only introduce you to some motorbike routes through North Vietnam. These are widely considered to be the best across Southeast Asia:

The Northwest Route takes you through Northern Vietnam’s most mountainous regions. You can see some truly wonderful views, such as Sapa and the Dien Bien Phu site.

The Northeast Route lets you go through Cao Bang as well as the Ban Gioc Waterfall. If it’s the breathtaking beauty we are talking about, few can compare it with what Cao Bang brings to your naked eyes.

The North Central Route guides you through Phong Nha, the largest cave in the world, and then both Thung Khe Pass and Khau Pha Pass. There, you get to meet many amazing people from many ethnicities, each having its own unique ancient culture.

The Ha Giang Route leads you to Ha Giang’s famous winding roads. You can visit the historical Khe Sanh site at the end of the tour.

Best Motorbike Routes in Northern Vietnam
Single trail of Ha Giang


What to plan motorcycle tours in Vietnam? With this guide, we hope you are now fully aware of this. From naturally beautiful terraced rice fields to historically significant sites, Vietnam has much to offer. As long as you make a thorough preparation, we believe that you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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