10+ Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials 10 vietnam motorbike tour essentials 5


To have a fun, meaningful, and safe motorbike trip, preparing everything necessary to carry is extremely important. If you don’t know what to prepare, then follow the article below. We will share 10+ Vietnam motorbike tour essentials regarding backpacking gear that you absolutely must bring.

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials For Your Trip

1. Vehicle Preparations

You should carry out careful maintenance before the trip and fill up your motorbike with petrol. Also, remember to check the tires and make sure they still have good grip (tread) and are not “bitten”. It is best to replace the entire tube with a new one if the tire grip starts to decrease.

There are also many tools you need to look at, such as battery, horn, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and spark plugs. All of them must be in the best condition! And finally, it would be better if you installed 2 mirrors for your vehicle.

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials
Off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours on Honda CRF300L

2. Personal Documents

Make sure you pack all these things:

  • ID card (recommended)
  • Vehicle registration (required)
  • Driving license (required)
  • Car insurance (required)
  • Passport (in case you go to border areas and want to exit – should have)

3. Vehicle Equipment

Insurance: motorbiking, especially a long distance, is generally risky, so it is necessary to guarantee yourself first.

A sturdy helmet with other accessories like an ear cover: It protects your head and has a very good ear-warming effect!

Repair equipment: Full of tools for car patching, light repair, and pump. Also, you should prepare a small rubber hose and a 1.5l water tank to use in case you need to suck gas between motorbikes or buy emergency gasoline.

Motorcycle tubes, spark plugs: Each vehicle should come with 2 tubes and 1 spark plug according to its vehicle type!

02 sets of motorbike keys: the rider keeps 1, and the pillion passenger holds 1 (if you choose to travel with companions).

NOTE: FULL FUEL BEFORE GOING: The principle of riding in groups is to try not to stop refueling sporadically along the road. So before departure, the vehicles must be filled with gasoline.

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials 10 vietnam motorbike tour essentials 2
Sunset on Thac Ba lake ( Yen Bai province )

4. Backpack

1 small backpack – in front of motorbike: Contains emergency and frequently used items on the road such as camera, raincoat (contraindicated for batwing raincoat); umbrella; water; snacks (cake, candy, etc.), flashlight, medicine.

1 postal bag – used instead of backpack: has 2 large compartments, enough for both the rider and passenger. This is extremely useful when traveling long distances because if you tie the backpack behind, the time to refuel will be prolonged. And most importantly, the seat is small, making it difficult for both of you.

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5. Electronics (phones, music players, cameras, chargers, etc.)

Phone: Come with strong waves, a long-lasting battery, headphones (you should not use headphones on the road to avoid accidents), and GPS in case you get lost. SIMs should be used by one of 3 carriers: Vinaphone/MobiFone/Viettel, with good coverage in remote areas.

Charger/power bank: it’s a pity if your phone or camera runs out of juice on the move, especially when you are in the mood to capture all the magnificent scenes. Forget them, and you have no way but to cry and regret them.

Music player (iPod, sony walkman, etc.): music also helps to reduce sleepiness, especially when you have just traveled between the vast mountains and clamoring to sing “the man without butterflies.”

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6. Glasses

When traveling long distances, especially in inclement weather conditions, riding glasses are extremely important. There should be 2 types of glasses:

Daytime travel glasses: can be dark glasses, sunglasses, or tinted glasses.

Night driving glasses: white glasses.

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7. Gloves

Driving gloves: it is highly recommended to have gloves when traveling to create a feeling and grip more tightly. Also, it helps avoid scratching your hands when you accidentally fall and you have to put your hands on the road.

Nylon gloves: In case of rain, the whole group should bring plastic kitchen gloves before going out with warm gloves. In winter, you should wear leather gloves to keep warm. It’s recommended to prepare 2 pairs of gloves to change when soaked in dew or wet in the rain. This is a must when you plan to ride the North of Vietnam in winter.

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials 10 vietnam motorbike tour essentials 3
Meet new friends on the road

8. Face masks

Dirt roads are the signature of motorbike tours. So it’s impossible not to have face masks. Bring 3 for backup (it is best if you have a towel Butt, which is both warm and comfortable and can be used to keep the neck warm).

9. Shoes – Sandals – Boots

Road shoes: prepare yourself to use sports or climbing shoes (reserved for climbing experience).

Plastic slippers: you should bring an extra pair in your backpack to wade through the stream or go to the motel for convenience.

Rubber boots: should be brought in case of rain or mud.

Nylon boots: to wear outside the shoes or inside (optional) to prevent rain, but it tears super fast, so it will need a few pairs for each person.

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10.  Knee And Elbow Cover

Use knee and elbow covers to limit injuries when bumping on the road.

11. Scarf

Wool towels are contraindicated, so use cloth towels or bandanas so that if they get wet, they can be easily dried.

12. Sunscreen And Mosquito Repellent

The majority of your trip will be under the sun, so it’s best to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, especially in a tropical country like Vietnam.

Winding through jungles is not strange on a motorcycle tour, which draws mosquitoes to you. Taking along a mosquito repellent will do you good.

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13. Water And Energy Food

Though you will stop for lunch and dinner on the way, there is a high chance you will be hungry on a very long motorbike journey. As such, some refreshments are welcomed. Not to mention, burning rubber under the sun can render you dehydrated, so bring some water to make up for the loss.

Some refreshments you should consider:

Chocolate: eating a small bar can give you a boost of energy.

Confectionery: according to taste.

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Tour Essentials 10 vietnam motorbike tour essentials 4
Cosy dinner with Muong Family in Yen Bai province


Hopefully, our article about 10+ Vietnam motorbike tour essentials will help you have an out-of-this-world experience during your trip. To ensure safety as well as avoid unnecessary trouble, remember to prepare yourself with the complete luggage for the trip. 

Make a checklist to guarantee you won’t forget any essentials. Then it’s time to enjoy your motorbike tours!

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