9+ Bucket-List Experiences You Must Have in Vietnam

bucket-list experiences you must have in Vietnam


Beautiful Vietnam is one of the fascinating countries in Southeast Asia. This amazing country has many UNESCO heritage sites, natural landscapes, vibrant cuisines, and rich cultures from North to South.

You will not regret visiting Vietnam, so do not hesitate anymore.

This article helps you plan a detailed visit by listing the full 9+ bucket-list experiences you must have in Vietnam.

It’s time to unveil them!

Bucket-list Experiences You Must Have in Vietnam

Discover Hanoi Old Quarter

Bucket-List Experiences You Must Have in Vietnam
Cyclo driver taking tourist visiting old quarter on street in Hanoi

Usually, you will either land at Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) or Tan Son Nhat Airport (Saigon – Ho Chi Minh city). If it is earlier, the first destination you should visit is Hanoi Old Quarter.

As the name suggests, the place is attractive for its ancient architecture dating back to the Ly Dynasty in 1011 and influenced by French construction in the 19th and 20th centuries.

If you go with local friends or tour guides, you can walk or ride motorcycles to get lost in the Old Quarter and even peek into the narrow alleys you have ever known. Otherwise, sit back on a cycle and have friendly drivers to navigate you through all the hustles leisurely.

Also, do not forget to try delicious street food on your way.

Trek the North on Motorbikes

9+ Bucket-List Experiences You Must Have in Vietnam bucket list experiences you must have in vietnam 1
SAPA, VIETNAM – SEP 4: Hmong woman going to small market at September in Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Provided you are an adventurous traveler loving to explore untouched nature, the trekking tour to the North of Vietnam is ideal!

The roads there are challenging but worthwhile, with remarkable sceneries, tiers of rice terraces, soaring limestone mountains, plugging highland valleys, etc.

Northern areas are, as well, home to many Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Each of them has vibrant cultures and unique tranquil lifestyles. Sharing your nights with a host family is a thrilling and unforgettable cultural experience.

Some highlighted stops on your trekking route are Sa Pa, Mu Cang Chai, Fansipan Mountain, and Ha Giang. Don’t forget!

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Cruise Ha Long Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay


Cruise Ha Long Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay
Halong Bay, Vietnam, Unesco site

For good reasons, Ha Long Bay is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. It is a spectacular landscape, around 43,400 ha of 1600 islands as well as islets; most are unaffected by humans. Such an abrupt nature is a real treat for nature lovers.

For thousands of years, the drowned limestone karsts and coastal erosion have formed a magnificent seascape full of limestone pillars such as caves, arches, conical peaks, and even isolated towers.

We strongly recommend traveling around the bay on a luxurious cruise, viewing sensational landscapes, and enjoying seafood. You can even extend your cruise toward the neighboring Bai Tu Long Bay. It is a good mix of seas and islands – as beautiful as Ha Long Bay.

Visit Pagodas & Temples of Vietnam

Visit Pagodas & Temples of Vietnam
First courtyard and Great Portico of Temper of Literature ( Van Mieu ) in Van Mieu street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Buddhist legacy has played such an important role in Vietnam’s culture for centuries that there are more than 15,000 Buddhist worshiping establishments nationwide.

Not only are those destinations spiritual and architectural systems of localities, but many are popular tourist destinations such as One Pillar Pagoda, Huong pagoda, Bai Dinh pagoda, etc. If you have a chance to visit a pagoda, you can pray for safety, good luck, health, prosperity, and happiness all year round.

It is also recommended to visit temples where they worship heroes and the great people in the long history of Vietnam.

Walk Through Hoi An Ancient Town

Walk Through Hoi An Ancient Town
Two Asian female tourists in traditional vietnamese conical hats walk on a street in Hoi Ah on Feb Hoi An is a World Heritage Site

Hoi An pleases you the most during February and April because the weather is awesome: no hot sun, little rain, and cool winds. It deserves a spot among the bucket-list experiences you must have when travel in Vietnam.

The town is attractive for those who want to escape busy cities and calm their mind with an ancient vibe and architecture. Most houses remain intact from construction between the 17th and 19th centuries, along with the old assembly halls, streets, communal houses, shrines, parades, and more.

Even people there seem very idyllic and rustic. They love and preserve their custom, folk art, beliefs, and cultures very well.

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Explore The Beautiful Central Coast On Wheels ( Motorcycle Tours )

From Hoi An, you can extend your visit to Central Vietnam, particularly through the beautiful coastlines. It is as far as over 3200 kilometers, so you will find beaches that suit your taste.

A motorcycle tour is the best way to get to the coastal roads of as many beaches as possible. One of our favorite coastal routes is Hoi An to Nha Trang via Kom Tum, Buon Ma Thuot. In Nha Trang, stunning beaches such as Hon Noi, Bai Dai, or Doc Let await you.

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Otherwise, take an easy rider from Hoi An to Da Nang, only 30 kilometers away, and you have dozens of beaches to choose from, like Non-Nuoc, My Khe, Bac My An, or Nam O.

Explore The Beautiful Central Coast On Wheels (Motorcycle Tours)
Top Gear Vietnam Special ( Ho Chi Minh Trail )

Join A Floating Market In Mekong

There are endless sites to go shopping in Vietnam, yet can you imagine a market floating on a river? If not, pay a visit to the Mekong delta and participate in one of four popular markets such as Phong Dien, Cai Be, Phung Hiep, or Cai Rang.

It is an unforgettable experience while you are on a small boat and listening to locals explain the market’s history, buying and testing fresh fruits from any boat crossing.

After that, you can continue visiting local products on land.

Join A Floating Market In Mekong
Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Try Street Food In Ho Chi Minh City

While Hanoi is the administrative center of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh can be considered a thriving hub of commerce. Thus, the lifestyle is more active and overwhelming.

The city comes alive, particularly at night when people spend their leisure time at cafes, bars, clubs, luxurious restaurants, etc., or go for street food. The diverse local cuisine offers both traditional and innovative food. All are delicious and cheap.

Simply enough, you can sit on the street vendors’ plastic stools to have some beer or lemon tea.

Try Street Food In Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnamese woman sell Vietnam bread on cart at night street food, stuffed food with meat, pork bologna, pickle, a famous and popular food that cheap, quick, Ho Chi Minh city

Drink Coffee And Chat With Locals On Rooftop Bars

Ho Chi Minh City has many skyscrapers with rooftop bars and coffee shops. Try having a drink there and chatting with local people; you will never regret the experience.

Without a doubt, you would love to check out the serene scene from the heights and watch the world go under your eyes (even the clouds or stars blissfully pass above.)

And to remind you, the coffee in Vietnam is very delicious. Must try, indeed!

Drink Coffee And Chat With Locals On Rooftop Bars
HANOI, VIETNAM – Car and people traffic in the city center. Typical cafes and restaurants. Sunset yellow sky


From the list above, it is high time to prepare for the bucket-list experiences you must have in Vietnam, depending on how long your traveling is and what experiences you treasure the most. Honestly, all are worth your consideration; you should not miss them for the world.

Hope our article helps so far, and don’t forget to check out our next posts on traveling tips and motorbike tour suggestions in this beautiful country!

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