Should We Drive Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh?

Should We Drive Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh? ho chi minh to hanoi or hanoi to ho chi minh 3 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh Overview

The most well-known motorcycle trip route in Vietnam is probably driving from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi or from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. It is well-liked for a reason. You will travel hundreds of kilometers on highways between these two locations, traversing the whole country of Vietnam.

It might be challenging to decide which way to ride your motorcycle. In the South, there is a combination of hot, tropical weather and coastal and hillside driving. Or consider the stunning alpine scenery in the North. 

It is a difficult decision with no right or wrong option for persons who do not have enough time to enjoy the entirety of Vietnam by motorcycle. Regardless of your choice, it is important to read the whole post outlining the most efficient motorcycle route between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Should We Drive Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh? ho chi minh to hanoi or hanoi to ho chi minh 2 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Heading to south Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh road

Legitimate Reasons Why You Should Drive Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi 

The Weather

The South experiences hot and intense weather. No scenarios, regardless of the time of year, will disrupt your vacation. The tropical downpour just heightens the experience, even during the rainy season. 

The weather can change as you ride further North. You will probably experience hot and humid weather during the summertime and freezing cold in the winter. You may now call an end to your vacation if necessary because you have already checked the option for motorcycling in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh By Motorbike
Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Road

Southern People Are Friendlier

Yes, it’s a stereotype, but it’s widely accepted that Vietnamese in the South are friendlier and more outgoing. Arriving in a young nation where the populace is agitated to get your interest is a fantastic idea provide you assistance and generally express interest and enjoyment in your visit to their homeland. 

Southern People Are Friendlier
Having dinner at local home-stay in northern Vietnam

The reclusive North becomes obvious as you go up Vietnam. Still quite pleasant, but also less likely to be approached by strangers inviting you to go out for a drink.

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Start Your Motorbike Holiday At The Beach

All of Vietnam’s breathtaking beaches are in the South. In addition, driving in the South’s mountains and highlands is popular. Start the trip off with a spectacular mix of mountainous and seaside motoring. Although there is greater variety in the Southern, the routes get even more stunning as you head North.

Start Your Motorbike Holiday At The Beach
Genh Da Dia in Phu Yen , Vietnam, a beautiful beach with many rocks and stones like plates. Phu yen is the new place to travel in Vietnam with many beautiful beach and insland

Riding Becomes Better Each Day

There are many sorts of roadways and riding habits found in the Southern highland and coast. However, they don’t have the North’s unadulterated jaw-dropping beauty scenery. Vietnam tends to become more and more picturesque as you travel farther North. The motorist is in a great position to take advantage of this.

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Endless The Ability To Drive After Completing Earlier

It’s difficult to predict how far and how fast you will drive while going on holiday. You have little option to add Ha Giang loops and other Northern routes as an additional bonus when traveling northward. 

Additionally, you may take a boat to unwind in Halong Bay or travel to the island of Cat Ba. The distance from Hanoi to the airports is a flaming inferno of extensive traveling.

Endless The Ability To Drive After Completing Earlier
Remoted single track riding in Ha Giang, far north Vietnam

The “North” is a magnificent side benefit; not an option is to start. The motorist is thrown headfirst into the unknown by more difficult driving, unpredictable weather, and distant territory. It is fantastic after the motorbike trip, but maybe not at the beginning.

Main Benefits Of Traveling By Motorcycle From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh

More Affordable Motorcycles

Hanoi is more affordable when purchasing a motorcycle than Ho Chi Minh City. Here are a few of the numerous aspects that go into this.

Since most tourists come from HCM to Hanoi, Hanoi has a stockpile of inexpensive tourist motorcycles.

The top motorcycle rentals in Hanoi are included in a separate post. Motorcycle trips have flourished in Hanoi, generating a crowded renting industry. Not Ho Chi Minh, but rather close to Hanoi are the main plants for Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

Main Benefits Of Traveling By Motorcycle From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh
New Honda CRF300L, one of our best bikes for motorbiking in Vietnam

The inexpensive Chinese motorcycles and the highlands of Sapa are reasonably well-liked by minority ethnic groups, which improves the flow of used motorcycles.

Greater likelihood of financial savings while purchasing in Hanoi and reselling in Ho Chi Minh! Compared to Ho Chi Minh, the typical inexpensive Chinese motorcycle costs around $100 to $200 less in Hanoi.

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The Greatest Routes Are Close By

There is no need to be concerned about running out of options and bypassing the finest routes. The breathtaking Phong Nha National Forest, which marks the start of Ho Chi Minh Road, is located perfectly outside Hanoi’s front gate.

If scheduling is an issue, beginning in Hanoi and concluding in Danang will provide you with the whole motorcycling adventure in a short period.

The Greatest Routes Are Close By
Motorcycle tour acrossing Vietnam

Weather That Varies From Normal To Severe

Depending on the time of year, Hanoi typically experiences significantly harsher weather than other cities. Based on the season, it can be both hotter and colder than Ho Chi Minh City.

Weather That Varies From Normal To Severe
Khe Sanh, Quang Tri/Vietnam: US Army Chinook Helicopter, Relic of the US-Vietnam war – Khe Sanh Combat Base, Quang Tri, Vietnam

Generally speaking, the weather will indeed be better every day as you go southern toward Ho Chi Minh. As the journey continues, the change from chilling cold to blisteringly hot Ho Chi Minh serves as a confidence booster and is the driving force behind recording all those miles on the motorcycle.

Simpler To Meet Folks In Hanoi

A predetermined path leads to Hoi An from Hanoi through the Ho Chi Minh path and the Hai Van hill. Although most tourists drive from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, there is a far higher likelihood of encountering other tourists while departing from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. 

Simpler To Meet Folks In Hanoi
Boating to the tea plantation in Tan Ky, Nghe An along Ho Chi Minh road

In contrast to leaving Ho Chi Minh, where there are so many options and routes to go, the path is predetermined, and there is no reason to stray from it.

When approaching Ho Chi Minh, there is a wide range of routes to choose from. You can leave with the motorcycle crew you have established at the beginning of the trip to have your own experience!

Vietnam On Motorbike, Lots Of Fun

Riding in the sand in Quang Binh, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet offers tons of fun!

Vietnam On Motorbike, Lots Of Fun
Having fun in Quang Binh


Drive Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi or Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is sure to be full of amazing adventures. You will be astounded by Vietnam’s breathtaking natural beauty. The massive road connects most of the beaches, which are spread along the coastline.

Additionally, there are several limestone valleys and unspoiled landscapes that urge you to explore. And the individuals are a whole other tale! The friendliness and hospitality of the Vietnamese people will astound you!

The best aspect is that this route will allow you to see how diverse Vietnam is throughout! As you move from North Vietnam to Central and South Vietnam, the people and even some of the cultures change. It will be a memorable occasion. 

You will discover a great deal about Vietnamese culture and its people. You’ll probably run into wonderful folks who will extend your horizons and add more interest to your memorable trip.  

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