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Best of Vietnam Laos Motorbike Tours: 11 Days of Adventure

The best way to get an authentic perspective of Laos and Vietnam is on a motorbike. You can't really get the full flavor of this region from a bus or even a train. But if you want to experience both countries, don't forget to take your motorbike! 

Motorbikes are the most convenient and efficient form of transportation in these countries. And, they offer unmatched freedom for exploring remote villages or getting up close with local wildlife. 

This 11-day tour through Laos and Vietnam will give you the chance to see the best that both countries have to offer while biking alongside guides who know just where to go.

A Full Itinerary Of The Best Places To Visit

Day 1: Motorbike Ride From Hanoi To Mai Hich

The scenic motorbike ride commences at 8:00 AM with pick-up from the hotel, followed by move to our shop. 

We'll take you all over Vietnam and Laos on paved trails that provide lovely scenery as we cross some peaceful villages of Thai people surrounded by green and fresh plantations!

You will finish your first day at Mai Chau village – a quiet, friendly place for travelers. Spend your evening in one of these beautiful stilted houses that Thai people locally make.

Day 1: Motorbike Ride From Hanoi To Mai Hich

Day 2: From Mai Hich To Near Laos border

After having breakfast with your family, load your bag and hop on the scooter. Start riding at about 8:30 AM. Enjoy a beautiful trail along the Ma River and Mai Chau valley, which snakes through the area. This day's ride can be long but packed with many unforgettable moments. 

Once you've wrapped up for the day, it'll be about 5:00 PM, and you'll arrive at Sam Nuea Village, where we will stay overnight in a local hotel by the market. Tomorrow we'll cross over to Laos!

Best Laos & Vietnam Motorbike Tour: 11 Days of Adventure
Road in Laos, near Na Meo, Laos

Day 3: From Sam Nuea To Xieng Khouang

Imagine you're on a mission to explore all of Laos. You bid farewell to Sam Nuea at 8:30 AM and prepare for the beautiful motorbike tour in this breathtaking country with some off-road riding along the route. Therefore, we can meet some villages from Laotian hill tribespeople!

It's time for lunch before arriving at Xieng Khouang. There will be hotel reservations made prior, or else our vacation would have been incomplete without staying over anywhere during transit through the central region.

Archaeological landscape The Plain of jars, Laos, Plain of jars in Xiangkhouang, History of ancient grave or shrines Laos, Once is air raid shelter of Indochina war, Phonsavan, Xiangkhouang, Laos.

Day 4: From Xieng Khouang To Luang Prabang

This day is the most scenic and relaxing part of the 11-day motorbike tour. We'll start early on an essentially smooth pass to Luang Prabang with gorgeous terraces as the backdrop. 

We will frequently stop for photos that provide an opportunity to see some fantastic natural scenery and meet local tribes people who have been living there since time immemorial! 

Afterward, it's off into villages where you can learn about their lives from those lucky enough still alive - before arriving late at night after riding through many different environments.

Luang Prabang, Laos - Buddhist alms giving ceremony in the morning. The tradition of giving alms to monks in Luang Prabang has been extended to tourists.

Day 5: Free Day At Luang Prabang

What better way to spend your non-riding day than exploring many ancient cities of Luangprabang?

It's a small yet lovely place with plenty for you to explore. We'll start by relaxing and taking in all that this beautiful land has offered us! 

Perhaps we can venture out into town where there are delicious food options available or take off on our bikes to see more tribes living their lives at ground level before ours got too high up in elevation.

Day 6: Motorbike Ride From Luang Prabang To Muang Xai

Today is a day filled with adventure as we make our way from Luang Prabang to Vietnam. We'll be riding on some beautiful country roads, stopping in villages along the way where you can learn about local culture and life for people who live there every day! 

Our first stop will allow us to explore both Thai & Hmong cultures before heading south towards riverboat tours downriver from Muang Xai-the spotlight of any trip here!

Day 6: Motorbike Ride From Luang Prabang To Muang Xai

Day 7: From Muang Xai To Dien Bien Phu

It is time to say goodbye, but not before rewarding ourselves with a short and relaxing day. We will head east into Vietnam to cross back over the border for paperwork required during our stay in Laos.

After a scenic ride across the traditional villages and beautiful scenery of Thai people, we reach our destination: Dien Bien Phu. Our guide will help you find accommodations in one of this ancient city's hotels for an unforgettable stay!

Day 8: From Dien Bien Phu To Sin Ho 

Take the opportunity to tour through some of Vietnam's most scenic areas during your motorbike journey. You will stop at a French battlefield where they fought for control over Indochina and take an overlook overlooking all that was once Dien Bien Phu! 

Afterward, we will experience narrow mountain roads winding around sheer cliffs into Sin Ho (one hour drive) before heading down towards enjoying this small town which offers views like mountains and rice fields.

Day 9: Motorbike Ride From Sin Ho To Sapa

We will start with a scenic day trip to one of the most tranquil towns in Northern Vietnam, Sapa. As we make our way through some gorgeous mountain passes, we'll see some spectacular views along the way! 

In town for lunch before spending time seeing around this colorful Sapa village on foot or by motorbike. 

Then we head out into rice fields nearby, where you can see more incredible examples of Vietnamese architecture that are typical throughout much if not all villages like these. End your tour back at our hotel.

Day 10: From Sapa To Thac Ba Lake

What's your poison? The wonderful country of Laos is ready to serve you. From the mountains down to rice paddies, this beautiful land has it all! And what better way than on an off-road motorcycle ride through villages that are home sweet home for millions around these parts. 

We'll end up at lovely Thac Ba Lake, where there will be plenty of time spent exploring before night falls, and we're treated to BBQs by Dzao families living simple lives away from city lights or other distractions like cars.

Day 11: Motorbike Ride From Thac Ba Lake To Ha Noi

Leave your house for Hanoi at about 8:00 AM. We will enjoy some off-road riding or ride conveniently on back roads to get away from noisy highways in Vietnam and Laos, but it will be challenging to approach the last 20 km because there's local traffic too! 

End this fantastic tour with motorcycles in Hanoi by 3 PM if you're up for exploring more of North-East Asia.

Day 11: Motorbike Ride From Thac Ba Lake To Ha Noi


It’s a wonderful time to get out and explore the world, whether that means going on an epic motorbike tour or simply visiting new places in your own city. Laos is one of those countries where you can find adventure no matter what kind of traveler you are. 

We hope that you have learned exciting details about this tour. Thanks for reading, and see you again in the next series!

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