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It's not just the beautiful landscape that makes Binh Thuan province a popular tourist destination. Mui Ne serves as the starting and finishing point for an interior loop made primarily of small, rural roads in excellent condition.
As you wind your way through desert plains, highland cities known for their tea and coffee manufacturing businesses, and agricultural midlands on the Binh Thuan Back Road Loop, you'll learn more about this province than you ever imagined. If you want a memorable trip along Binh Thuan back road by motorbike, this article will provide you with helpful advice. Let's drive in.

Binh Thuan Back Road By Motorbike For Adventurous Vietnam Travelers
Fishermans sits on a boat in sunrise at Mui Ne beach, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike Overview

When leaving Mui Ne, the Binh Thuan Back Roads Loop is a great option because of its good road conditions, easy navigation, low traffic, and magnificent scenery. 

Despite the fact that Mui Ne's resort-dotted coast is never far from your fingertips, you won't encounter many tourists. It's also a great way to spend time outdoors, with plenty of places to camp along the way, swimming, and exploring waterfalls. 

It's best to spend no more than two or three days on the train. There are a wide variety of lodging options available to you along the journey (including campgrounds). The greatest time to go on this road trip is in the winter, when the weather is dry. 

  • Total Distance: 340km (round trip)
  • To get to Mui Ne, Bao Loc, Lagi and Phan Thiet, you'll take backroads
  • Single- and two-lane country roads are in good to medium condition, but there are some difficult places.
  • Luxuriant forests, river valleys, the highlands, settlements and the seaside are all part of the landscape. 
About Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike 
Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan

Interesting Memory in Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike


The oceanfront resorts that once hid beaches are now obscured by the ocean road leading west from Mui Ne. On every trip through Phan Thiet, I tend to take the scenic route through the city that includes a trip along the coastline, a trip along the river, and a trip north out of town on Nguyen Hoi street which is full of delicious street food stalls. 

Interesting Memory in Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike
Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City, Vietnam, Vietnam - April 25, 2019: View of the road the with sandhill in Phan Thiet, southern Vietnam. Phan Thiet is a coastal port city in Southeast Vietnam.

From Phan Thiet to Di Linh in the Central Highlands, Nguyen Hoi becomes National Road 28 after crossing Highway 1. On this route, industry swiftly gives place to farmland, and dragon fruit farms and rice fields surround the road.

As if someone had inserted a straw into the environment and drained it of its water, the area appears almost void of vegetation. As the sun beats down on us, wet, crispy, brittle trees litter the landscape. The dry, tangled branches look like they could snap at any moment, and the scorched trunks are on the verge of becoming charcoal. It's possible that this is the "ghost woodland" from which the former town's name came.

Motorbike Food Tour

As Bao Loc, a town in the Central Highlands, comes into view, coffee and tea plantations blanket the slopes. This highland city is one of just a few that have grown since Vietnam entered the global coffee market more than two decades ago. There is a strong sense of youth in the city's atmosphere as a result.

Binh Thuan motorcycle excursions don't pass through the picturesque town of Bao Loc very often. The surrounding terrain is heavily farmed, and there are few if any trees to be found. Bao Loc, like so many other Vietnamese cities, has an irresistible vibrancy and energy that I can't help but love. Plantations in the area provide a strong scent of tea, which fills the air throughout the day. It's a lovely area to spend the night because the evenings are cool and there are several great places to warm up with a bowl of soup.

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There are many of affordable lodging options in town, particularly at Tran Phu Street's western end. There are several excellent restaurants serving Vietnamese fare on Tran Phu Street, as well as a fantastic new cafe called Photo & Bike. It's a genuine treat to sit on a wooden seat and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while looking out over a sprawling farmland and mountain range.

BAO LOC, VIETNAM - April, 2018: Farmers collecting green tea at Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Vietnam

What Should You Prepare for Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike?

To avoid being stopped by a traffic officer in Vietnam, you must abide by all of the country's laws when traveling the Binh Thuan motorcycle route.

What Should You Prepare for Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike?
The coastal road in Ca Na bay, Binh Thuan seen from above with the boulevard and railway, the coast close together is considered a beautiful bay in central Vietnam.

Driving Permit for International Travel

Under 50cc engines and electric bicycles, a driving license isn't necessary. For extended road trips, these motorcycles may not be the best choice for you to use. Taking part in Vietnam motorbike tours necessitates the use of larger two-stroke mopeds. An automobile is a necessity at that time. A Vietnamese driver's license or an international driver's license is required to legally drive a car in Vietnam. This means you can't use any of your local permits.

Anyone with an IDL (International Driving Licence 1968) from one of the signatory countries to the 1968 convention can ride legally in Vietnam. Make sure you have a valid IDP and local license for vehicles of the same type used in Vietnam.

Converting a foreign driver's license in Vietnam

Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, only signed the 1949 International Driving Permit Convention instead of the 1968 Convention. Bikers from these regions should know that their IDP will be invalid in Vietnam. In this case, obtaining a Vietnamese driver's license is the most practical option.

According to traffic regulations, since the country opened its doors to motorcyclists in the mid-1960s, an A1 or A2 driving permit is required for all motorcycles in Vietnam, regardless of their displacement.

Should you rent a motorbike or buy one?

If you plan to stay in Vietnam for more than two months, buying a motorcycle is best as in the long run, it will be less expensive than renting a motorbike. In addition, you can resell it for a few days at the end of the trip. In some cases, tourists can recoup as much as 60% to 70% of the original price of their motorcycles. The process of purchasing a motorcycle in Vietnam is straightforward. However, finding a reputable shop or seller is an entirely different matter when it comes to purchasing a used motorcycle. Many people who have had a long history of maintenance issues or have been in an accident will list their motorcycle on the market. So, take care!

For short stays in Vietnam, you should consider renting a motorbike. Renting an adventure bike is better than purchasing one for the same price. There's no need to hunt for a good motor to buy and resell, either.

Should you rent a motorbike or buy one?
Off-road dirtbiking in central highland Vietnam


Traveling by motorbike in Binh Thuan will bring many interesting experiences because you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and delicious food, understand more about the customs and culture, and get acquainted with the local people here. 

The experiences of Binh Thuan Back Road by Motorbike that we have summarized in the article hope to help you on your journey to discover this beautiful land of Vietnam.

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