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Tour Highlights

Hanoi - Hoi An is superior in landscape beauty, weather and climate, and the feeling of being driven across the spectacular mountain roads without passersby. It can be considered the best backpacking route in the world and is a familiar route for most young people who want to discover the country's beauty.

With this motorcycle tour, you will admire the natural beauty of the mountains and forests and immerse yourself in the idyllic life of the people. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of each region.

Beautiful sunset in "Tam Giang" Lagoon A Beautiful and Famous Lagoon in Hue City, central Vietnam. Hue city is worldwide famous for wonderful natural landscapes, unique festivals.

Tour Details 

Day 1: From Hanoi To Mai Chau valley

Day 1: From Hanoi To Mai Chau valley
Terraced rice field with mountains at summer in Mai Chau valley, Northern Vietnam.

Mai Chau is famous for its beautiful villages - the top attractive community cultural tourist destination in the Northwest. Mai Chau is also a dream destination with immense rice valleys, rolling mountains surrounding villages, calm streams, or mysterious caves waiting for visitors to explore. 

Mai Chau is the gateway to the Northwest with the typical beauty of the Northern mountainous countryside, attracting many Vietnamese tourists and international friends.

The distance from Hanoi to Mai Chau is about 170 km by road. It will take you about 5 hours by motorbike to get there. After arriving, you will rent a homestay and have dinner with the locals.

Day 2: From Mai Chau To Tan Ky

Day 2: From Mai Chau To Tan Ky
Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Ride To Tan Ky, Nghe An

Tan Ky is a district west of Nghe An province, in the North Central region. Tan Ky Nghe An tourism is attractive because it is favored by nature with many beautiful landscapes and destinations with unique cultural and historical values.

To go from Mai Chau to Tan Ky, you will move along Highway 15C. Along the way, you will pass Pu Luong Nature Reserve with its ancient forests and endless terraces. You can stop here to rest and drink tea before continuing your journey.

This route is 270 km long so you will reach Tan Ky at 5 pm.

Day 3: From Tan Ky To Phong Nha Ke Bang

Day 3: From Tan Ky To Phong Nha Ke Bang
Tourist boats, the mouth of Phong Nha cave with underground river, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

In addition to the historical values and natural surroundings, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is also likened to a giant geological museum. There are many different types of rocks, such as sandstone, quartz, schist, siliceous limestone, marl, granodiorite, diorite, aplite, pegmatite, etc.

With the magnificence of the caves and the enchanting scenery, this place is recognized as a World Natural Heritage site for geological and geomorphological criteria. 

We rent a hotel in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park area, with grades ranging from 1 to 3 stars depending on your budget. Stay overnight in Phong Nha

Day 4: From Phong Nha Ke Bang To Khe Sanh

Khe Sanh Combat base, Quang Tri, Vietnam- May 2019: American Helicopter on display at the former site of Khe Sanh Combat Base, DMZ tour 17th parallel

A special feature of this Khe Sanh tourist site is that this is the place to mark many glorious victories of our army and people in the great and long-term resistance war against the US for national salvation. One of the first attractive Khe Sanh tourist attractions that you should not miss is Khe Sanh Stupa.

This work was built as a tribute to the generation of ancestors who died in exchange for peace and freedom today. At the same time, this is also a spiritual-cultural space connecting the previous generation and today's generation, an ethic of drinking water to remember the source of our nation from ancient times.

Day 5: From Khe Sanh To Hue ancient city

Beautiful green river bridge landscape in National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang along Ho Chi Minh Road in Vietnam. Rural scenery

Traveling to Khe Sanh, visitors will be spoiled for taking pictures and watching the tower. Moreover, the scenery here is also very peaceful with the clouds, the sky, the trees, which will help our souls feel extremely relaxed.

We will continue to follow Highway 14 adjacent to the border of Laos to have lunch here. After that, we will move on Highway 69 to Hue city.

Day 6: A Day In Hue city

Day 6: A Day In Hue city
Hue cyclo tour

Among the tourist attractions in the Central region, Hue emerges as a city that is both beautiful and ancient with its unique features. Hue Imperial City is the first destination of the day. 

Stepping into this place, you will be completely stunned by the ancient magnificence of temples and palaces with the bold architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. All create the feeling of being immersed in the cultural space and lifestyle of the ancient Vietnamese kings.

In addition, you can also visit other famous tourist sites such as Thien Mu pagoda Thuy Tien lake. Not only visiting scenic spots, but tourists also have to make the most of the opportunity to enjoy Hue delicacies such as Hue beef noodle soup, Banh Chung, bun cha, and omelet.

Day 7: From Hue To Hoi An

Day 7: From Hue To Hoi An
Hai Van mountain pass link Da Nang and Hue, landscape view from a road with danger bend, beautiful nature with green scene, sea and cloud, wonderful journey for adventure taste

Hoi An will be the final destination in this journey. To get to Hoi An, we will go on National Highway 1A and cross Tam Giang Lagoon, Lang Co Bay.

We can stop to rest, take photos at Hai Van pass and see Da Nang city from above. After that, we will return to Hanoi in the afternoon. Today could be one of the best days of motorbike riding in Vietnam!


The Motorcycle tour from Hanoi to Hoi An is not a very long trip. You only need to spend seven days to fully explore the natural beauty of the Central Highlands and experience new cultures. If you have a passion for travel, do not hesitate to contact us immediately for advice on the most suitable route.

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