Book a tour: Vietnam Motorbike Tour From Hoi An To Nha Trang Beach – An Amazing 7-Day Experience

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Dalat and Nha Trang are attractive destinations for both foreign and inland tourists. Traveling to those gorgeous places by the Vietnam Vietnam Motorbike Tour From Hoi An will give you the most distinctive and joyful experience that cannot be obtained from other kinds of trips.
Riding through those rice field terraces, forests, war sites, andbeaches allow you to mesmerize in the beauty of nature.
Here we provide you with a Motorbike Tour From Hoi An details, I have to tell you that it would be a shame to miss this!

7 Days Vietnam Motorbike Tour From Hoi An to DaLat and Nha Trang

Day 1. Hoi An - Kham Duc Motorbike Tour (140 Km)

Riding Time: 5 hours

We will set out in Hoi An, and your thrilling motorbike ride starts at about 8.30. The first destination we plan for you is the locals' countryside. They make many Vietnamese distinctive traditional things here such as conical hats, pottery, and incense.

Soon, you should arrive in My Son Holyland. Here you are introduced to the history and stories of antique Cham Towers. If you are interested in the Vietnamese Civil War before 1975, we will show you the way to the Ho Chi Minh trail. Here, you can see the vivid image of history impacted on this place. 

The weather is also fresh and clear to lay your hair down while enjoying the superb nature.

As the riding goes on, we will arrive in Kham Duc by the end of the afternoon and stay a night over there.

My Son Hindu Temple and Sanctuary in Hoi An
My Son Hindu Temple and Sanctuary in Hoi An in Vietnam in Asia. Heritage of Champa Kingdom. Myson History and Culture. Shiva city ruins. Vietnamese Museum. Hinduism Civilization on Holy Land.

Day 2. Kham Duc - Kon Tum Motorcycle Tour (170Km)

Riding Time: 6 hours

We will have a nice breakfast at Kham Duc before heading to today's itinerary. We welcome you to the rural areas of various ethnic minority people, including Tay, Churu, Nung, etc. 

In these villages, you will have a chance to discover their signature, lifestyles, tradition, and costumes, which should amaze you with their exotic culture.

Next, we continue riding to the Ho Chi Minh trail to reach Phoenix Airport and some vital spots of the Southern Government. You will be curious about other places related to the past: Vinh Son orphanages and Wooden church. 

Then, we rest a night in Kon Tum at the end of the day.

Kon Tum / Vietnam - 11 September 2018 : Vietnamese family (mother and two kids) near the wooden house

Day 3. Kon Tum - Pleiku Motorbike Tour (180Km)

Riding Time: 6 hours

From Kon Tum, we finish our breakfast and head to Kon Ktu village. Here, you will learn many things about the Bana people, their history, spiritual life, and culture. Kon Ktu people are warm, charming, and will welcome you with a nice and warm lunch before leaving. 

Mang Den will be the next place we will visit. It is famous for the spectacular areas of wildlife, especially the Sea Lake, known as the eyes of Pleiku. The clean atmosphere and terrific natural view here should occupy your mind for a while.

gia lai province, Vietnam
Sea lake in gia lai province, Vietnam

Day 4. Pleiku - Cu Jut Motorcycle Trip (230Km)

Riding Time: 7 hours

Our morning destination is a rubber plantation where the Ede ethnic communities are located. They will blow you away with numerous incredible daily life activities, such as planting, yielding, hunting,... 

After that, we continued to explore Dray Nu and Dray Sap waterfalls which are two of the greatest waterfalls in Viet Nam. You are also allowed to take a bath here in the Fairy Pool and relax for a hard day ride. 

Your accommodation tonight is a bungalow, located by a Virgin waterfall, which is also lovely.

Beautiful Dray Sap waterfall in Vietnam
Beautiful Dray Sap waterfall in Vietnam. Panorama

Day 5. Cu Jut - Lak Lake Motorbike Tour (100Km)

Riding Time: 3 hours

As usual, we will finish our breakfast before riding. Today, we explore the coffee world, how Vietnamese make coffee, and have a great treat from Vietnam's most delicious and unique coffee. 

Leaving the coffee factory to visit the top of Elephant Mountain is our next schedule. From there, you can see how marvelous the nature is around this place. 

Then, we will guide you to Jun village to observe the M'nong people's life and hear about hunting stories and mysteries. A nearby Lak Lake allows you to be a fisherman. Also, at this place, you will choose to stay at either homestay or hotel.

 Dak Lak province, Vietnam
Dak Lak Province, Vietnam-September 6, 2020: The ethnic minority young people bathe their elephants in Lak lake in Dak Lak province, Vietnam

Day 6. Lak Lake - Da Lat Motorcycle Trip (165Km)

Riding Time: 5 hours

There are a series of exhilarating activities waiting for you to join here. Whether you ride an elephant or sail a boat passing the lake, it is all fun to enjoy the lake's view. M'lieng ethnic minority communities are across the lake, seeing a M'nong tribe there.

After that, you will ride back to the mountain’s foot, where you can see some traditional making: chopsticks, pottery, or incense. 

There are also historical sites you should visit here, including orange agent regions existing since the Vietnam’s Civil War.

It is time to relax, pass the jungle and immerse yourself in the magnificent nature. Discover Chicken Village and Paradise Lake before reaching Dalat at about 5 p.m.

Amazing, beautiful panorama of Tuyen Lam lake of Dalat city, fresh air, group of villa among forest, impression shape of hill and mountain, lake alternate jungle make wonderful countryside for travel

Day 7: Da Lat - Nha Trang Motorbike Trip (150Km)

Riding Time: 5 hours

We will miss Dalat for its beauty and charm when we visit the Crazy House and Flower Market. Then, we move on to the next and last destination, Nha Trang.

This motorcycle route’s selling point comes from the peaceful countryside in Nha Trang. Observing the daily life of farmers who raise food and plants such as tea, flowers, rice, mushrooms,... should instill you with a love for nature

The scenery will be worth a shot for splendid Bidoup mountain and park. Then, you might meet the last group of ethnic people here in the sweet Central Highlands.

Finally, we wrap up our Vietnamese motorbike trip from Hoi An to Nha Trang at about 5 p.m.

Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.
Aerial view of DT6571 road from Nha Trang city to Cam Ranh town, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.


Our plan has been thought through and assured a joyful and youthful adventure for all riders passionate about setting foot on new lands. 

We are so enchanting to describe all the details of the Vietnam Motorbike Tour From Hoi An and hope to be a part of your journey. Let every journey be an indelible memory of your life. Don’t forget to share this out-of-this-world experience with your motorbike-loving tribe!

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