Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2023: 7 Days To Northeast Vietnam

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2023


Vietnam dirtbike tours 2023 pose tough challenges for even experienced riders. Heading towards the remote mountains to the North, the twisty passes with a cliff on one side require participants to achieve optimal control over the steering wheel. 

In return, you are rewarded with panoramic views of the majestic landscape. We had an amazing journey and cannot wait to talk about it; now, get ready to behold how great nature is!

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2023: 7 Days To Northeast Vietnam
Stunning view of Ha Giang Loop Trip

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours: 7 Days From Hanoi To Ha Giang

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Son Motorcycle Tour

We started from the bustling inner city and followed Highway 1 towards Bac Son, Lang Son. A distance of 180 km took us to the countryside that the Red River accreted. The busy traffic in the buzzing boulevard gradually faded away and gave way to the peaceful view of mountains and rice fields.

We drove for 5 hours to reach our destination. Bac Son valley was located among magnificent mountain ranges ruled by Tay ethnic people for years. We stashed our belongings at a local homestay and took our cameras to the nearby attractions. The beauty of nature distracted us from real-time.

Hanoi - Bac Son Motorcycle Tour
Landscape of Bac Son Lang Son, northeast Vietnam

Day 2: Bac Son Motorbike Route To Quang Uyen

We continued our dirtbike tours Vietnam north from early morning. Our delegation could not keep the excitement from the first steps on Highway 4 – the arterial road along the Vietnam-China border. 

Not only famous for its importance in transportation, but this route also opened up many wonders of nature. The green of the forest and the yellow of the fertile rice fields blended and created a harmonious oil painting.

Cao Bang was not far away when we witnessed the limestone mountains crashing straight into the sky from below the valley. The sugarcane fields followed us to Quang Uyen town. 

Bac Son Motorbike Route To Quang Uyen
The beauty of Quang Uyen, Cao Bang, Northeast Vietnam

It was hard to notice the difference in the lifestyles of the Nung and Tay tribes. However, some small details on the costume and house construction gave us a few hints. You should walk around the village and have intimate conversations with the ethnic minorities to figure out.

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Day 3: Quang Uyen – Bao Lac Motorcycle Trip

We headed southwest on the road at the foot of the giant mountain and turned the throttle to climb the Me Pia pass just a moment after the cement roads. The treacherous road snaked along steep limestone mountains, breathing thrills and spills that we could feel it in our bones. Despite being an important trade route with the Chinese, the terrain was hard to conquer.

We stopped at Pac Bo cave – a famous attraction among Vietnamese. This place held many small landscapes, such as Mount Mac, Lenin stream, Coc Po cave, etc. The historical stories told by the guides became much more engaging than what we had read on the Internet.

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Day 4: Bao Lac – Dong Van Motorbike Tour

We experienced a new Hmong culture on the fourth day. Many old brick houses gathered into old streets beneath the cherry trees in full bloom. Our driving speed changed when we arrived at Ma Pi Leng. 

At an altitude of 1200m, we came across a panoramic view of the Dong Van plateau and Nho Que river, which unfolded a contrasting picture of the solid limestone mountains and the gentle jade-green flow.

Bao Lac - Dong Van Motorbike Tour
Epic Ha Giang Sky Path

We quickly drove to the Dong Van Rock Plateau for close sight. The cat’s ear rocks had built up sturdy fences. Zooming out a little further, we saw small houses lost in fields of bright yellow corn and canola flowers.

Day 5: Dong Van – Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

We added another province, Ha Giang, to our travel map. At the first entrance, we could not ignore “heaven gate” Quan Ba, where heaven and earth meet. We continuously clicked our cameras to capture a picture of a wondrous landscape with mountains, forests, vast terraced fields, and buckwheat valleys.

After that, our motorbike tour navigated towards Yen Minh. One landscape that left a deep impression on our minds was the Vuong family mansion. In the eyes of architecture lovers, this building inherited unique features from three different cultures, including the Hmong, the French and the Chinese.

Dong Van - Ha Giang Motorbike Tours
Bamboo Rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

Day 6: Ha Giang Motorbike Drive To Vu Linh

Though we had gone through many terraced fields in the previous days, we were overwhelmed by the vast yellow patches at Hoang Su Phi. Under the sun, the overall picture became sparkling. We stopped at the roadside and walked down the steps. The gentle breeze of ripe rice blew our hair loose and washed away our worries.

Following Highway 2, we drove to Vu Linh and reached Thac Ba lake. As one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, it looked like a clear blue ocean without violent waves. The islands of trees floating on the water reminded us of the famous Ha Long Bay.

Ha Giang Motorbike Drive To Vu Linh
Single track in the remoted region of Ha Giang

Day 7: Vu Linh – Hanoi Motorcycle Route

Unlike previous motorbike tours, we decided to drive directly to Hanoi by ourselves. We took some time for Duong Lam Ancient Village, which brought back our childhood days. After the gate, the traditional values ​​in the countryside of Vietnam flooded with the arrival of banyan trees, lotus ponds and rustic leaf houses.

Regret gripped our hearts as we approached the center of the capital. The heavy traffic at rush hour awakened our adventurous souls to prepare for the upcoming working days.


Despite the rough and challenging terrain along the way, Vietnam dirtbike tours deserved every minute of our time. We slowed down to stick with the wild nature and unique cultural values of the nation. 

We regret that our motorbike Ha Giang route was too short to experience more good things. Undoubtedly, we will be back again, and so do you. 

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