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The prospects for riding a motorbike in Vietnam are among the best available worldwide, according to many bikers. Vietnam’s north has the most spectacular scenery on a vast scale, with the highest mountains and loftiest passes. 

We have tried many motorcycle tours across north Vietnam in 2022, and we are sure that the top 3 below will be favored as the best tours of Vietnam motorbike 2023.

Warm family home-stay in Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh Yen Bai

Top 3 Northern Vietnam Motorbike 2023 Tour Route Recommendations

North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau Motor Tour

We started our trip from Hanoi to Mai Chau Valley, home to the Thai people and magnificent terrain. The crew crossed vast agricultural areas divided by tree-lined roads that are dotted with limestone karst landscapes. 

Then, after passing through Thung Khe, one of North Vietnam’s most stunning mountain passes, we went on a brief off-road motorcycle ride before continuing on our descent to Mai Chau, a village in a valley.

North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour
Stunning view of Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh province in northwest Vietnam

Day 2: Mai Chau – Ninh Binh Motorcycle Trip

After a hearty breakfast, we started our journey heading to Ninh Binh. We traveled to the largest and most diversified national park in Vietnam, Cuc Phuong, home to a wide range of plants and animals that can only be found in this limestone mountain forest. 

After a short ride in the national park, the crew continued the trip and arrived at Ninh Binh in the late afternoon.

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Day 3: Ninh Binh Motorbike Trip

This day was for Ninh Binh. We made a stop in Hoa Lu, Vietnam’s capital during the tenth century, and had a little stroll around to view two lovely old temples built by Kings Dinh and Le. 

Next, our team drove off onto the paved road leading to the enormous Bai Dinh Buddhist Temple, constructed in the twenty-first century as a pilgrimage center for the Vietnamese people.

Ninh Binh Motorbike Trip
Vietnamese woman rowing with her feet in the traditional way in Ninh Binh, close to Hoa Lu, in Vietnam, with high mountains and rice fields in the background

Day 4: Ninh Binh – Hanoi Motorbike Trip

Following breakfast, we embarked on a two-hour boat ride along the lovely, winding river with three stalactite caves. Since there are several limestone mountains separating the rice terraces in Tam Coc, this place is also referred to as Ha Long Bay on land. 

Once back at the harbor, our crew disembarked and had a lovely lunch of regional cuisine. Then, we returned to Hanoi and ended our Vietnam motorbike trip.

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Northeast Motorbike Trip

Day 1: Hanoi – Lang Son Motorcycle Tour

We started riding from Hanoi to Lang Son province. Our crew stayed at the picturesque Bac Son village, exposed to a large valley encircled by soaring mountains. 

The team visited the historical site, the Bac Son Museum, which displays records, images, and artifacts related to the Viet Minh uprising against the French in 1940.

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Day 2: Lang Son – Cao Bang Motorbike Trip

After a filling breakfast, we continued our journey and headed to Cao Bang province. Our crew rode on a tarmac road that was lined by interesting kast mountain ranges and hill tribal communities. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking.

Lang Son – Cao Bang Motorbike Trip
Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang, northeast Vietnam

Day 3: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Waterfall Motorcycle Trip

We were most excited about this day as we visited the Ban Gioc waterfall. It has earned a reputation for being enormous and impressive as one of the four greatest cross-border waterfalls in the world overall and notably one of the most well-known in Vietnam.

Day 4: Cao Bang – Ba Be Motorbike Tour

After a filling breakfast in the guesthouse, we started riding on a tarmac road toward BaBe National Park. One of the first national parks established in Vietnam, Ba Be National Park boasts the largest freshwater lake in the nation. The Tay, White H’mong, and Red Dao are among the several minorities who call this region home.

Vietnam Motorbike 2023 - Top 3 Northern Motorcycle Tours vietnam motorbike 6 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Great boat ride on Ba Be lake, Bac Kan province

Day 5: Ba Be – Hanoi Motor Trip

This day was mostly riding on our Vietnam motorcycle trip. We were rewarded along the route with breathtaking landscapes, a view of the limestone mountains, and spectacular rice terraces. 

The crew traveled on the main road to Thai Nguyen and arrived at Hanoi in the late afternoon. And our amazing adventure has officially come to an end!

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Northwest Motorcycle Tour

Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau Motorbike Trip

We started our motorcycle trip from Hanoi and headed to Mai Chau. After traversing Thung Khe Pass, one of North Vietnam’s most stunning mountain crossings, we continued on the route that descends to the valley town of Mai Chau. This place is where white Thais who reside in stilted houses call home. We spent the night at a hotel in Mai Chau.

Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen Motorbike Tour

The motorcycle trip to Moc Chau was rather simple and gave many opportunities for photo breaks with breathtaking mountain views. Following the stunning Hua Tat pass, we had lunch before turning onto the less-traveled Road 43 that goes to the Da River. We took a magnificent winding road from the Van Yen ferry to Phu Yen, where we spent the night.

Mai Chau – Phu Yen Motorbike Tour
Off-road motorbike tour to Phu Yen, Son La

Day 3 : Phu Yen – Vu Linh Motor Trip

After breakfast, we got on our motorcycle and proceeded on the trip. Along the way, the crew passed through some mountain passes and some rural Hmong and Muong villages. 

We even made a brief stop to interact with Linh, a villager who welcomed us with the brightest smile. Then, the crew arrived at Vu Linh village, home to the Dao ethnic people, and spent the night there.

Day 4: Vu Linh – Hanoi Motorbike Tour

After breakfast with our gracious hosts, we rode our motorcycles through the village surrounded by palm trees or green tea farms along rough roads. 

This morning, we also went off-road riding, making it the highlight of our motorcycle Vietnam tour. Following lunch, we carried on our motorbike trip along the bank of the Red River and went back to Hanoi.

Wrapping Up

Above are our best northern Vietnam motorbike 2023 tours starting from Hanoi. This region is home to large forests and breathtaking mountains where ethnic minorities reside and have always kept their identities and traditions. 

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