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When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam? This S-shaped country is divided into three main regions, each with its distinctive weather situation from the rest. Knowing the climate of the intended destination is helpful for the best experience. First, let’s equip yourself with some insights of the climate in different seasons and months. Scroll down for our thoughtful travel guide. 

The Unique Monsoon Climate In Vietnam

High Season (June – August)

When is the best time of year to travel Vietnam? Though almost the entire territory, except the extreme North, enters the hottest phase, tourism flourishes during this period. Airports welcome millions of passengers daily, and hotels are often all booked up. 

If you want a budget-friendly trip, these months are not a pleasant time to visit Vietnam. Instead of making last-minute decisions, prepare for your vacation in advance to find some good deals for flights and accommodations.

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Motorbike tour Ha Giang loop

Shoulder Season (December – March)

From late winter to early spring in Vietnam, tourists, especially those from cold regions, have no trouble adapting to the changing climate. All the weather conditions turn favorable: comfortable temperatures, mild sunshine, and clear skies.

However, we do not recommend a trip during the biggest Vietnamese holiday – Tet usually starts mid-January or early February. Most services undergo price increases or temporary interruptions.

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Low Season (April – May, and September – October)

The time of transition between seasons often suffers from harsh but unpredictable weather. Some areas enter monsoon or hurricane season, which may reduce your experiences, such as flooded roads, mosquitoes, or canceled boats to islands and outdoor activities. 

In return, you are free from chaotic tourist crowds at popular attractions and off-the-chart prices. If the weather is not too bad, the quality of your experience does not differ from other periods. 

Weather Change In Vietnam By Month


The winter vibe still lingers in most provinces, but the charming vitality of spring shows off when the flowers begin to bloom.

Move to the South if you want to enjoy mild weather. We recommend Dalat and Sa Dec flower villages at their busiest time of the year for the variety of blooming flowers.

Weather Change In Vietnam By Month
H’mong ladies in Ha Giang

Once you travel to the North, add Sapa or Moc Chau to your bucket list. Thick layers of fog, sometimes even snowfall, may hinder your vision. Yet when the sun rises, the majestic mountain scenery highlighted by the leaves of plum blossoms and white canola flowers will win your heart.


The biggest festival season in Vietnam is in its full swing at this time. The weather gets a little warmer, but cold winds still knock on your door at any time. Some provinces sometimes experience sudden drizzle, but they do not disrupt your experience much.

If you have not had time for the Moc Chau plateau, it retains the most attractive features to entertain tourists. Those interested in local cuisine cannot ignore Ninh Thuan and Nha Trang. The first land treats you to ripe grapes, while the coastal city offers a successful season of fresh seafood.


Hit the road before the hot summer months disturbs your motorbike rides. The cold winter finally ends in the northern cities while the weather in the South turns out to be pleasant with gentle sunshine and winds.

Coffee lovers should plan a trip to the Central Highlands provinces for bold beverages. At the time of coffee blossom season, farmers are ready to serve you the best coffee cups at bustling festivals. 

Another recommended destination is Hoi An. The enjoyable weather facilitates strolls or bicycle tours throughout the poetic old streets and traditional architecture.

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Aerial view a basket boat tour at the coconut water ( mangrove palm ) forest in Cam Thanh village, Hoi An, Bamboo Basket Boats Near Hoi An Ancient Town.


Hot sunny days in Vietnam come along with the first summer rains. Still, it is a great time to go to Hue for a festival season inspired by the old royal style. Visitors will learn about the history and culture of Vietnam through fun entertainment. 

The fireworks festival in Da Nang is also a unique activity to delight tourists who come to Vietnam in April. Besides professional fireworks shows, the coastal city has many natural landscapes to sustain the visitors.


When the sun becomes brighter, the coastal cities transform into their most beautiful version of the year. The water temperature warms up, creating favorable conditions for those who love swimming and extreme sports. Co To Island, Ly Son, or Halong Bay should come out on top for your upcoming schedule.

In case you seek spiritual attraction, there’s no better destination than Ninh Binh on the occasion of liberation; the processions and celebrations in the streets are sure to leave a strong impression in your mind.

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High humidity is a great justification for a luxury vacation next to the gorgeous beaches around the country. Remember to put a raincoat and sunscreen in your backpack as the weather swings between sunny and rainy in the blink of an eye.

For those who cannot stay outside the frenetic atmosphere, the beach season with thousands of adrenaline-filled activities in Nha Trang will spoil you. Alternatively, visit the suburban fishing villages in Vung Tau to capture the romantic sunset from the deserted white sand.


This month manifests the same conditions as June, but the rains are heavier and more persistent. The temperature also peaked in all regions, so people keep flocking to beaches to cool down the summer heat. 

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Nha Trang, Vietnam, January. Vietnamese scene: People on the beach in Nha Trang

Spend your summer in popular cities such as Quy Nhon, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, etc. If you want to escape the harsh heat and the chaotic tourist crowd, heading to the magnificent waterfalls in Cao Bang is also a good idea.


The scorching sun cools down a lot, but the high temperatures still frustrate itchy feets. Unfortunately, some provinces in the South suffer from downpours and floods, so it is more comfortable to go north.

You will get the best experience when visiting Phong Nha – Ke Bang these days. When this scenic spot is in the dry season, a secret, intact paradise with cool temperatures of only 20-21 degrees is perfect for your getaway. Get ready, as fanciful caves with vivid stalactites will blow your mind.


Autumn rolls around and signals the most beautiful season in Hanoi. On the streets at sunset, you will sniff the wafting fragrance of flowers in the ancient ambience. Your trip at this time allows you to attend the solemn celebrations for National Day, such as a rally in Ba Dinh square or a boat race on Hoan Kiem lake.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in the Vietnamese lunar calendar is an interesting event for foreign tourists. The locals treat you to mooncakes, nuts, and unique customs. When you visit Hoi An, an ocean of colorful lanterns will drive you to the fairyland of Disney movies.

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October – The best time to ride motorbike in Vietnam

The raindrops are gone, and the adventurers are ready for a return to the northern mountains. It’s time to come to Ha Giang to feel the chilly late autumn air and the intense vitality of all things. Yellow terraced rice fields, majestic green mountains, and valleys filled with buckwheat flowers put a beautiful ending to autumn.

Note that nice weather does not extend across the country, as the central coast experienced bad days with heavy rainfall. Put your beach vacation aside until next year!

October - The best time to ride motorbike in Vietnam
Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang loop motorbike tour


The temperate climate has returned first in the extreme North. Of course, if you want to pull those thick coats out of your closet, Sapa, Ha Giang, and Lao Cai serve the right conditions and incredible landscapes to spoil you.

In contrast, traveling along the Mekong River takes you away from the cold wind. Getting along with hospitable locals, floating on boats to trading activities on the river, or visiting fruit-laden orchards grants you the best time.


The year’s coldest month has arrived, especially in the northern provinces—book in advance to secure a room during the Christmas break in major cities or Sapa for snow-watching. Travel plans in the central or southern regions are also possible, as December always brings good things for travelers.

When Is The Best Time of Year To Visit Vietnam?


The weather between summer and winter in the North is day and night. The harsh cold season lasts from December to severe temperature drops and even snow at the peaks. Meanwhile, high heat and humidity in summer make your body sweat and dehydrate. 

You may fail to feel fulfillment in some way during these two stages. Instead, visiting Sapa, Hanoi, Halong, and other northern provinces in Autumn or spring is a better idea.

When Is The Best Time of Year To Visit Vietnam?
Motorbike tour in North Vietnam in October! The best time to ride in Vietnam is from February to May and from September to December ( Cool and Dry ) But Vietnam is very all year round!

Central Vietnam

The weather in the Central region contrasts the other two areas. The rainy season lasts from August to November and is often unpredictable. Storms or floods can come suddenly, causing travel disruptions or, worse, being life-threatening. 

From February, rainfall gradually decreases and gives way to sunny days. However, the ideal time for your trip should fall from June to before August when the beautiful sunshine kisses the roads.


It is easy to plan a trip to southern Vietnam because the weather is pleasant all year round. The perfect period is from December to May (the so-called dry season), but extreme temperatures above 30 degrees knock out some visitors. 

When it comes to the wet season, torrential rains hinder your well-thought-out schedules. However, they come in short and often predictable periods.


When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam? You will have memorable experiences in these wonderful places of this country all year round if you know the right time to join them. 

A thorough preparation helps to avoid wasting time in the hotel room and access the natural landscapes at their best. Have you determined your favorite vacation spot yet? Follow our blogs for essential travel tips for your upcoming trip.

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