Adventure Motorbike Tours 2023: 12 Best Days Of Your Life

adventure motorbike tours 2023


Does the city noise make you uncomfortable? It’s time to put aside the hustle and bustle and prepare for the unique way of welcoming the new year – traveling to small mountain towns. 

12 days wandering the winding roads around ethnic minority villages release the serenity of your soul. For its exciting activities, this itinerary will become one of the greatest adventure motorbike tours 2023.

Adventure motorbike tours in north Vietnam

Adventure Motorbike Tours 2023: 12 Days To The Northern

Day 1: Riding From Hanoi To Mai Chau

Our motorcycle tour departed quite late to avoid the rush hour traffic in Hanoi. It was a cold day when spring drizzle suddenly dropped by – the further out of the inner city, the more obvious signs for a new year to come.

At Luong Son Market, we stopped to have some hot street food. A local showed us a trail that led to a small stream nearby for a spontaneous lunch camp. Our journey then continued on the busy highway, and the wheels rolled evenly on the dirt road along Go Lao waterfall until we reached Mai Chau valley.

Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen Motorcycle Tour

A wonderful morning began with gentle breezes bringing the scent of flowers to your nose. Our biking route that day was shortened to about 70 km long, but we struggled to conquer the steep and narrow road.

Mai Chau - Phu Yen Motorcycle Tour
Yellow rice terraces in northwest Vietnam. The rice fields are crowded with farmers when the harvest season comes

When we entered Thong Cuong village, the mountain slopes were covered with plum blossoms at their most beautiful, which melted our hearts. After leaving our belongings at a local bungalow, where we rested for the night, we headed to the nearby attractions. It took a whole day to visit all the magnificent pine forests, tea hill and Na Ka valley.

Day 3: Phu Yen – Than Uyen By Motorbike

The road to Than Uyen passes through two large mountains, Fansipan and Pung Luong. However, the breathtaking beauty of the rice terraces poured into us an energy that recalled our salad days.

The destination was more crowded than we imagined. Ten minority tribes nurtured this remote area and built a mixed culture for years. The intersection of races gave birth to a unique cuisine with many delicious dishes such as Khau Hoc sticky rice, smoked buffalo meat, grilled wild boar, etc.

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Day 4: Than Uyen – Sapa Motorcycle Route

Adrenaline in our blood rose even before we took our first steps to conquer O Quy Ho. This track is a milestone to remember for all adventurous riders. 

Than Uyen - Sapa Motorcycle Route
The sharp turns challenge even experienced riders! O Qui Ho pass, Sapa, Lao Cai

At an altitude of 2000m, the winding pass looked like a silk band wrapped around the cliffs. Only when we led our motorbike through U-shaped corners did we realize how small humans are in front of nature.

Day 5: Sapa – Ha Giang Motorbike Trip

Another tough day of our Vietnam motorbike adventures 2023 came as our tour moved on undulating roads between the cliffs. Suddenly, we felt a different vibe of the northern mountains: grandeur and magnificence.

We checked in in Lao Cai town and rolled to areas near the border and were blessed to visit the spring festivals in Hoang Su Phi. The noise of the ethnic crowds and the colorful scenery made our day.

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Day 6: Ha Giang – Dong Van Plateau – Meo Vac Motorcycle Path

We had heard a lot about the Dong Van rock plateau and had great hopes for this visit. Luckily, nothing let us down. We called this area “gray heaven”, where cat ear stones created towering rock formations in a row. 

The small houses inside the stone walls caught our attention. Contrary to the thorny appearance of the surrounding landscapes, Pho Bang old town possesses a nostalgic charm.

Ha Giang - Dong Van Plateau - Meo Vac Motorcycle Path
Happy Twisty of Ha Giang motorbike adventure

Day 7: Meo Vac – Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour

Saying goodbye to the limestone mountains, our motorbike adventure 2023 headed towards Ba Be Lake. The surroundings transform themselves into a new shade: poetic and peaceful. The clear blue water that was like a giant mirror reflecting the mountains and ancient forests calmed our burning souls.

We spent two hours sailing to Tay stilt houses and surrounding islets. A few friendly locals offered us traditional dishes, especially a cup of homemade fragrant sticky rice wine. Along with the rustic folk musical instruments, the legendary stories of unknown origin took us from one surprise to another.

Meo Vac - Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour
Water taxi in Ha Giang

Day 8: Ba Be Motorbike Trip To Cao Bang

The vast area of Ba Be held us back for another half day in the National Park. Down the Nang River, we came to Dau Dang waterfall where the strong falling flow awakened our sleepy souls. 

We boarded again to enter Puong Cave – a masterpiece of natural creation. Strange stalactites hang down and reflect on the water. After lunch, we returned to the motorbike and took the highway to Cao Bang.

adventure motorbike tours 2023 7 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Cao Bang motorbike adventure tours! Riding to Ban Gioc waterfall

Day 9: Cao Bang – Quang Hoa – Lang Son Motorcycle Route

Ban Gioc Waterfall was one of the places worth visiting in Cao Bang. From a distance, we saw nothing but a white patch that fell sharply from above. We were overwhelmed by its unique tiered structure when we shortened the length.

We also stopped by a nearby Chinese market for souvenirs. Shopping was not very effective as people mainly brought agricultural products and essential goods. Fortunately, we came across a craft stall with woven bags and scarves.

adventure motorbike tours 2023 8 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Lang Son motorbike adventure tours: Scenic ride in Bac Son

Day 10: Lang Son – Halong Bay

The distance of more than 170 km increased the training intensity after relaxing days. A section of the road passed through the streets where traffic was dense, especially big trucks. We couldn’t take our eyes off the site ahead to stay safe. 

We felt more relieved when the motorbike entered the territory of Bac Giang national forest where we slowed down the wheels and filled our lungs with fresh air. The shady trees followed our footsteps to Ha Long in the afternoon.

Lang Son - Halong Bay
Dreamy rocks in lagoons of Halong Bay on sunset, Vietnam

Day 11 & 12: Kayaking Around Halong Bay And Back To Hanoi

Halong Bay deserves the title of a natural world wonder due to its unbelievable beauty. This complex is home to hundreds of islands and caves with vivid shapes. Right after breakfast, we couldn’t hold back our excitement but got on the kayak and paddled away. 

Most of our time was spent in Sung Sot Cave – the most popular sightseeing spot. Going up 100 stone steps, we bumped into the fairy scenery with shimmering stalactites. A clear lake with diverse flora and fauna appeared in the deepest part, reminding us of the “royal garden.”

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What could be better to take a sound night’s sleep after filling our soul with the majestic charm of nature? That night, I’m sure that all of our team was on cloud nine in their dream after floating all day.

The great days are over. It’s time for us to kiss goodbye to the exciting journey and return to everyday life. After lunch, we took the bus transfer back to Hanoi and called it the end.

Kayaking Around Halong Bay And Back To Hanoi
Fabrizio and Marcello are kayaking in Ha Long Bay! Safe and sound 12 day Vietnam Motorbike Adventure


Thirteen days to the North is great for kickstarting adventure motorbike tours 2023. The great things of the past few days hint at a successful new year. Do you have any plans for the upcoming big vacation? If not, do not hesitate to try Vietnam motorbike adventure tours 2023!

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