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An Insight Into Ho Chi Minh Road


The epic Ho Chi Minh Road is a route many experienced motorcyclists would like to conquer. This scenic road offers them a once-in-a-lifetime experience to discover an authentic Vietnam.

If you are embracing a dream Vietnam motorbike tour, this concise post will help make your dream come true in the coming time! Let’s get started!

The Brief Overview About Ho Chi Minh Road (200W)


Formed in 1959, the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail runs from Northern Vietnam through the Kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia to Southern Vietnam. It goes down in history as a lifeline road during the Vietnam war, ensuring the aid flow from the North to the South of Vietnam.

The Brief Overview About Ho Chi Minh Road (200W)
Ho Chi Minh Road or Đường Trường Sơn

Nowadays, the trail is a well-paved road, meandering up Lao’s border. Besides its role as a transportation route, it remains the most scenic route for speed lovers to explore the local history and culture and enjoy spectacular views here. 

Ho Chi Minh Road Overview

Nowadays, the Ho Chi Minh Trail’s great historical values and the landscape of rustic villages and mighty mountain ranges have made it attractive to become a famous route for motorbike tours

Exploring Vietnam on a 16,000-kilometer motorbike tour from the North down to the South is a wonderful experience. Starting from Hanoi, you will travel to Tan Ky, Khe Sanh, Phong Nha, Hoi An, and Mai Chau. 

Then, you will pass the magnificent Central Highlands (Kon Tum, Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat), going down Nha Trang and Cat Tien National Park before reaching Saigon. 

The average time for such an epic motorbike tour lasts 7 to 18 days. The duration depends on your riding ability and experience and the time you wish to spend exploring each city. If your time frame is tight for such a long-distance motorcycle tour, let’s refer to some top-gear Vietnam motorbike tours introduced in the following part! 

Ho Chi Minh Trail Overview
Scenic Road In Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Quang Binh Province

Ho Chi Minh Road Trip 

In this part, we introduce the most popular yet scenic sections on Ho Chi Minh Road. Importantly, we give you essential information about the schedule, road conditions and sceneries. Such information is promised to be helpful at this planning stage. 

an insight into ho chi minh road 7
View from top,Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting Danang and Lang Co Bay

#1. Five-Day Trip

Experiencing the Vietnam spirit on two wheels on a five-day trip from Hoi An to Hanoi is most interesting compared to other parts of the entire 16,000-kilometer motorcycle tour. 

Hit the road and experience well-paved highways. This leg of the trip will immerse you in the scenic views of central Vietnam and stunning countryside landscapes. During the mid of the journey, you have the chance to hit interesting off-road routes to test your riding skills.

Along this scenic and historic route, you will pass Vietnam’s top attractions such as Hai Van Pass, Phong Nha Park, Khe Sanh Combat Base, Historic Vinh Moc Tunnels, and Ethnic Minority Villages in Mai Chau

an insight into ho chi minh road 4
QUANG TRI, VIETNAM – JUNE 16, 2020: Khe Sanh combat or Ta Con old airport, Quang Tri, Vietnam

In short brief, a five-day trip is designed as follows:

Day 1: Hoi An ~ Khe Sanh.

Day 2: Khe Sanh to Phong Nha.

Day 3: Visiting Phong Nha.

Day 4: Phong Nha – Tan Ky,

Day 5: Tan Ky – Mai Chau. 

an insight into ho chi minh road 8
Meet New Friends Along HCM Road

#2. Two-Day Trip

On a two-day trip from Hoi An to Dong Hoi, you head into the remote Truong Son Mountain Range and explore the magnificent landscape of limestone crags, vast jungles and mighty rivers.

In terms of schedule, here is our recommendation:

Day 1: Hoi An – Phong Nha.

Day 2: Phong Nha – Dong Hoi

From Dong Hoi, you can reach your next destinations by air, motorbike trips from Hoian or by train.

Two-Day Trip
Gate of Phong Nha cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam

#3. Between Phong Nha And Khe Sanh Combat Base

HCM Road between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh is the most thrilling experience for any speed enthusiast. Riding on this section becomes more challenging as you mainly drive on back mountain roads. 

This route mainly runs up mountain ranges where you are surrounded by dense jungles. Driving farther up into the mountains, you will be surprised by the spectacular landscapes of limestone karst cliffs, winding rivers through massive agricultural lands and small villages intermingling with the sprawling rice fields.

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Sometimes, you also feel a bit lonely, finding out that there is just you and a seemingly endless road ahead. Therefore, we recommend you depart early to arrive at Khe Sanh in the late afternoon. As it gets darker, it is quite dangerous if you are still striving to get out of the forest. 

Among plenty of Vietnam motorbike tours, the section between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh is the most challenging of all. However, experiencing multi-level driving on this route makes it become rewarding and memorable!

Between Phong Nha And Khe Sanh Combat Base
Hoi An, Vietnam – Jul 19, 2018. Old buildings with the river in Hoi An, Vietnam. The historic old town of Hoi An is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

#3. Between Vinh And Phong Nha By Motorbike

Ho Chi Minh Trail between Vinh and Phong Nha is another worth-considering option. The landscape along this route is not remarkably beautiful as they are typical sceneries you can see on the highway from Hanoi to Central Vietnam. 

This lengthy drive passes dense forests, rugged mountains and many idyllic villages. The road gets flatter and busier with many vehicles. That’s why it is the best choice if you are a novice driver. 

Between Vinh And Phong Nha By Motorbike
Fisherman boats at the beach in Mui Ne or Phan Thiet in Vietnam. When joining HCM trail trips, we have chances to ride to amazing beaches in Vietnam.


We hope this great post on Ho Chi Minh Road will inspire you to get ready for a motorcycling trip along Vietnam. Besides its historical value and spectacular landscape, Ho Chi Minh Road’s condition is also good enough for a safe motorcycling tour. 

Let’s pick the right time, a good motor along with a more intensive search about your favourite routes; we believe a Vietnam motorcycling tour will become your most wonderful and memorable trip.

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