Da Nang Motorbiking To Nha Trang Trip – A Rewarding Experience

Da Nang Motorbiking To Nha Trang

Da Nang Motorbiking To Nha Trang Trip Intro

Vietnam is well-known for spectacular motorbiking adventures thanks to its eye-catching and breathtaking mountains, passes, and tranquil beaches. 

Besides the Ho Chi Minh trail by motorbike, the midland route from Da Nang motorbiking to Nha Trang is one of the must-try experiences for domestic and foreign travelers.

This long journey is also described as a giant elephant trapped in a room. In particular, it lets travelers make their plans with favorite destinations as there is no must-do road or recommended motorbike route. 

Yet, what are three mid-level options for those in the dark about this route? Follow us to explore this memorable route. Scroll down now! 

Da Nang Motorbiking To Nha Trang Trip Intro
HOI AN, VIETNAM – JUN 10, 2021: View of Hoi An ancient town, UNESCO world heritage, at Quang Nam province. Vietnam. Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam

Possible Options In Mid-Level Detail

The Highway And Coast

Da Nang and Nha Trang are boasted as amongst Vietnam’s freshest and most tranquil beaches. To take a quick escape from this leg, you should go on the highway. The QL1A and nearby side roads are in good construction and offer optimal safety. 

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Still, it is vital to stay safe as these roads are sometimes littered with police, Vietnamese commuters, and big trucks. This route will allow travelers to come across a lovely authentic city in Vietnam – Quy Nhon. 

Here, you can enjoy the nice beach resorts with fresh seafood and see Deo Ca pass. 

The Highway And Coast
The Cả pass is a mountain pass in Phú Yên Province, Vietnam.

“The Coffee Trail” – Cambodia And Laos Border

Prepare a perfect itinerary plan and head for the coffee trail to explore the unspoiled trail motorbike tours. This will surely be an unforgettable trip for the cultural enthusiasts. 

It is a developing route, so why not become the one exploring some potential perks and destinations? There is a wide range of unknown coffee farms and tours in store for you. 

While the route doesn’t boast many breathtaking views, it crosses the Kon Tum.

"The Coffee Trail" - Cambodia And Laos Border
Curved road in Tay Nguyen highland of Vietnam

“The Lonely Ranger” – Straight Down The Middle

The lonely ranger is the most recommended among the three options. You can hardly find this route on the Internet or from other people. It is uncharted, unknown, and few locals and foreigners have taken it.

The lonely ranger is the second Ho Chi Minh road, which brings the breath of the famous Khe Sanh and Phong Nha roads

You will surely appreciate the charm of uncharted territory and extreme remoteness. When traveling on this road, you should prepare everything in hand – Water or first-aid is necessary as there is no cell service. 

"The Lonely Ranger" - Straight Down The Middle
QUANG TRI, VIETNAM – JUNE 16, 2020: Khe Sanh combat or Ta Con old airport, Quang Tri, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

What Is The Route?

As mentioned above, go straight down the middle and get the so-called “The Lonely Ranger”. This route is an ideal choice for adventure-thrill seekers. Escape from the common map to explore an authentic rural Vietnamese lifestyle.

The highly recommended plan for motorcyclists is Ho Chi Minh road, from Hoi An to Khe Sanh & Phong Nha. This one is quite developed now, with some busy farming villages. 

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This road is quite busy with kids, domestic animals, bicycles, etc. Therefore, mind your speed when crossing this part of the road.

Da Nang Motorbiking To Nha Trang Trip - A Rewarding Experience da nang motorbiking to nha trang trip 6 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
View of Hai Van Pass which is one of the most famous destination of Da Nang city.

Nha Trang Motorbike Tour To Ayun Pa

Remember to follow the Nha Trang coast to avoid the busy QL1A highway. After this highway, you will head for the empty A126, which is in good condition. From the way, Dong Truong Son ( East Ho Chi Minh Road ) will pop into your view with the EA So nature reserve. 

Be careful when following this part of the road, as you can encounter some mother and children meetings and random farming activities. 

Nha Trang Motorbike Tour To Ayun Pa
Nha Trang city, Vietnam – January 28, 2016: Fishing boats in the fishing village near NhaTrang city, Vietnam

Ayun Pa Motorbike Tour To Kon Pring

From this busy road of the DT622, you will find another perfect and empty road. There are no animals, no people, and no vehicles, which whets your appetite for high speed.

The only destination where you can find accommodation is Kon Pring with hotels. This little and tranquil place is often included on Vietnam motorbike routes. You can take photos of the surrounding natural beauty to capture memories.

Ayun Pa Motorbike Tour To Kon Pring
Dak Lak, Vietnam – Mar 10, 2017: Vietnamese ethnic minority people wear traditional costumes performing a traditional dance at an event organised in Buon Me Thuot city

Kon Pring To Da Nang and Hoi An By Motorbike

Truong Son Dong is another great point of the Best route To Ride From Da Nang to Nha Trang. This destination lies at the crossroads of the DT669 and QI24. However, note that there would be no mobile signal, so be careful not to make yourself lost in the middle of nowhere.

A great tip for you is: All you need to do is follow the minor DT630 roadwork. After leaving this part, you will go on a perfectly prepped and paved highway. Very few people, including the locals, acknowledge this path. 

Especially, it can cut out the heavy traffic on the way to Da Nang and Hoi An.

Kon Pring To Da Nang and Hoi An By Motorbike
East Ho Chi Minh Road ( Truong Son Dong )

The Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve Loop, Kon Tum

Now, you will be motorbiking through the heavy highways with lurking vehicles that will soon be replaced with the stunning beauty of the Ngoc Linh Nature reserve loop.

From there, you can expect to go deeply into the National Park and enjoy one of the tallest mountains in Vietnam. 

The Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve Loop, Kon Tum
Colorful Ngoc Linh Mountain, Kon Tum

Extra Motorbike Route

As mentioned above, due to their lack of mobile signal and help from others, this extra meandering one will offer the necessary utilities.

It boasts stable mobile cell service and numerous scattered little villages. The locals are always hospitable enough to help a foreigner.

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While there are not many beautiful views, you will get useful help here. 

Try to fit in with the locals, and you will get some rewarding gifts from them. Living one or two nights with the locals and enjoying the breathtaking mountain views are worthwhile experiences.

Extra Motorbike Route
Locals Feeding cow along the Ho Chi Minh trail


Taking a Da Nang motorbiking to Na Trang trip will surely endow you with a special traveling chance. Along the way, it would be hard to ignore the elegance of the dramatic landscape and magnificent mountain ranges.

Ho Chi Minh trail, Truong Son mountain ranges, and the Central Highlands are just a few. So don’t hesitate to take a trip and indulge yourselves in the hill tribe villages’ rich cultures and great cuisines. Follow our blog for other traveling information!

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