Ha Giang by Motorbike: Where Clouds And Mountains Intertwined

Ha Giang by Motorbike

Introduction Ha Giang by Motorbike

Ha Giang, with its breathtaking nature and karst landscape, has drawn many people intrigued by adventure travel and fascinating experiences.

If you want to admire the majestic landscape and the distinctive vibe of the outlying towns refuging minority villages, taking a road trip to Ha Giang by motorbike is the best choice. Read on to find out more about our real experience!

Introduction Ha Giang by Motorbike
Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai

Ha Giang By Motorbike: A Five-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Route – Quan Ba – 65km

At eight in the morning, my fella and I left Ha Giang and moved north into the mountains, beginning the most memorable five days of our life. On the road riding to Ha Giang, we traveled across Bac Sum Pass, a mountain pass that connects Vi Xuyen District and Quan Ba District. At the base of a pair of mountains, this pass winds around. When viewed from above, the path resembles a gigantic snake creeping through Ha Giang’s lush mountainside. 

The reward for our hard work is waiting at the end of the road, yet each curve seems to present a challenge to us. The more I climbed, the more stunning the panorama became.

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Between Bac Sum Pass and Tam Son Valley, in Quan Ba District, is where we found Heaven Gate. Heaven Gate, as its name suggests, gives a breathtaking view of the highlands in Ha Giang. The Fairy Mount was shrouded in white clouds and fog, and I could see it from a distance. 

The vista of Heaven Gate is so spectacular that it serves as a dramatic representation of the Northeast highlands. As a young person who enjoys taking pictures, I am very impressed with this location.

Our crew arrived at the hotel at 5 p.m. In the evening, we enjoyed a family supper of local food at the hostel, and I went to bed with a full stomach.

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Route - Quan Ba
Heaven gate of Ha Giang by motorbike

Day 2: Quan Ba – Yen Minh Motorcycle Trip – 78km 

After a nice night’s sleep, I felt refreshed and eager to continue the experience on day two. The second day’s trip took us through numerous communities of regional ethnic minorities and up formidable mountains. 

The route from Quan Ba to Yen Minh passed through the Yen Minh pine forest, and we chose this peaceful break to unwind after hours of driving. The Yen Minh forest is as attractive as a pretty mountain girl, and we had some pleasant moments when we entered it. 

Our souls discovered a harmonious connection with nature there, and all of our tiredness seemed to be blown away with the breeze. 

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We arrived at the homestay just in time to see the magnificent terraced fields come to life as the sun set, followed by a big feast of local food from the hosts. 

The host and his wife told us many old wives tales about this mountainous region. Quite scary, we would say, but these stories seemed to stir out adventurous hearts and arouse more desires to conquer this area.

Quan Ba - Yen Minh Motorcycle Trip
Ha Giang and Chinese Border Ride

Day 3: Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Dong Van Motorbike Tour – 115km

Despite those scary stories, we had a tight sleep, woke up in the fresh morning, and enjoyed a local specialty which included rice paper rolls and a distinct type of thin and sticky rice cake known as “Yen Minh Cake.” 

Tham Ma Pass is our first destination on our third day. The pass is a section of “the happy road,” which was built and preserved thanks to the sacrifices of numerous earlier generations.

On the summit of Tham Ma Pass, there is a rest area where we came across local kids wearing their vibrant traditional garments. While at this stop, we snapped pictures with the amiable kids in addition to taking in the breathtaking vista below.

Ha Giang by motorcycle
Sky trail of Ha Giang

After conquering the Tham Ma Pass, we headed to the traditional tourism village of Lung Cam in the Dong Van District. Coming here,  we admire the Lung Cam Village’s typical architecture – stone homes with brown brick tiles that have been around for hundreds of years. 

A stone wall constructed without any binders surrounds, and they preserve all of the cultural norms of the neighborhood.

Leaving the Lung Cam village, we set off toward Dong Van Karst Plateau. For us, this plateau is a challenge that needs to be overcome to capture special moments.

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We arrived at Lung Cu Flag Point in the late afternoon, one of Ha Giang’s most popular tourist destinations. A massive national flag flutters in the sky, representing the Vietnamese people’s enduring spirit throughout thousands of years.

After a long day of sightseeing, we stayed at a hotel in Dong Van city and explored the night market here.

Yen Minh - Lung Cu - Dong Van Motorbike Tour
Lung Cu flag tower from drone in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Day 4: Dong Van Motorbike Tour to Meo Vac then Du Gia – 130km

After waking up in the morning, we kicked start the day by braving North Vietnam’s most majestic and breathtaking pass, the Ma Pi Leng Pass

From the panorama view at the top of the pass, we were able to behold the magnificent aspect of mountains, terraced fields, and the pure, blue flow of the Nho Que River.

Ha Giang by Motorbike: Where Clouds And Mountains Intertwined ha giang by motorbike 6
Tu San alley – discover the most magnificent scenery in Ha Giang, Vietnam

On the way from Meo Vac to Du Gia,  we traveled through virgin pine forests, majestic mountains, and vivid terrace fields. The scene is so alluring that I just want to stop every few seconds and capture how stunning this path was. 

We arrived just in time for a great family supper at Du Gia homestay, where we joined many travelers celebrating their final night here. We sipped rice wine and passionately exchanged tales of our memorable adventures in Ha Giang.

Day 5: Du Gia – Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours – 81km

The final day began slowly for us because we knew the remaining portion of our journey back to Ha Giang City was only a 2.5-hour ride from Du Gia. 

We ate a large breakfast and decided to go to a locals’ daily market where people sold their farm products. Ethnic ladies and children in colorful clothes are conversing merrily by the roadside and enticing us to buy their wares.

Du Gia - Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours
Lovely kids of Ha Giang

We then rode to Lung Tam – the traditional craft village in Quan Ba District, on the route leading back to Ha Giang City. Most local families make a living by weaving brocade, making patterned bags, outfits, shawls, and colorful materials. 

We began to descend down a bunch of winding roads that cut across the mountain ranges, and I sincerely wished the trip wouldn’t end. I returned to Ha Giang around 2 p.m. and chose to spend one more night there and travel back to Hanoi the next day. Maybe, this is the beginning for our other Vietnam motorcycle tours then, as we have badly fallen in love with this country.


The Ha Giang loop motorbike route gave me a chance to get off the beaten path to get away from the rush and bustle of busy cities. Admiring the stunning scenery and the unique, diverse culture of this mountainous land is an unforgettable adventurous journey in my life.

Hopefully, this guide can be a source of inspiration for you if you are thinking about experiencing Ha Giang by motorbike. Don’t forget to check out our blog for more adrenaline-filled motorcycle tours and share these itineraries with your fella!

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