Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike 2023 – Travel Across Vietnam In 9 Days

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike


Ho Chi Minh trail is a network of supply routes connecting North and South Vietnam via the neighboring nations of Cambodia and Laos. This is also the route that most bikers choose to go for an adventure from north to south Vietnam. If you are also looking for a trip traveling across the nation, Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike 2023 tour is the go-to choice.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike 2023 – Explore Vietnam In 9 Days

Looking for the best Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tours in 2023? We have taken this journey in 2022 and are eager to share with you so that you can enjoy the most interesting motorbike trip next year!

Day 1: Hanoi – Pu Luong Motorbike Tour

It was the first day of our Ho Chi Minh trail trip. The crew left Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and headed to Mai Chau valley. As we were winding through the city, the peaceful and tranquil rural scenery unfurled in front of our naked eyes. No more concrete jungles and busy metropolis, only our team with fresher air and alluring scene that strip off our tiredness.

Following lunch, we continued the journey and rode to Hoi Xuan through the breathtaking, rolling Ma River valley. The Ho Chi Minh Trail’s main section was connected to this path, which was utilized to transport supplies and weapons during the war. After a long ride, we arrived at Pu Luong and spent the night there.

Hanoi – Pu Luong Motorbike Tour
Bamboo rafting in Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Day 2: Pu Luong – Ngoc Lac Motorcycle Trip

After a filling breakfast, we began riding on the Ho Chi Minh trail. We traveled away from the river and through a mountain range that extends from Mai Chau valley, Cuc Phuong National Park, to Hoa Lu, the former capital of Vietnam.

The landscape got increasingly stunning as we rode, with luscious greenery and limestone cliffs serving as a backdrop. Today’s journey was difficult, with multiple hills to climb; however, we successfully completed it. As the sun kissed the horizon line, our team also arrived at Ngoc Lac town.

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Day 3: Ngoc Lac – Vinh Motorbike Tour

We traveled along the recently constructed Ho Chi Minh Highway for today’s trip. There weren’t many cars or other vehicles on the route, and the tarmac made it a smooth, quick ride.

Along the way, we stopped for a short visit to the Ly Thai To pagoda, constructed in honor of the founding monarch of the Ly dynasty. Then, the crew made another stop in Kim Lien Village, where Ho Chi Minh was born, to see his home and a museum devoted to him. Afterward, we continued the journey to Vinh city and spent our night there.

Ngoc Lac – Vinh Motorbike Tour
Dirtbiking northwest Vietnam

Day 4: Vinh – Huong Khe Motor Trip

After breakfast, we carried on the journey on Ho Chi Minh Highway. The route passed through the verdant jungle and a picturesque hamlet behind the Truong Son mountain range. Throughout the journey, we took our time to admire the breathtaking surroundings and the complex karst formations.

There were not many houses along the way, and in sparse traffic, we felt tiny in front of the magnificent, giant mountain range. 

We arrived in the outlying village of Huong Khe following a long day riding on our motors. This little village in the province of Nghe An provided a peaceful setting to recharge before a demanding day of riding.

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Day 5: Huong Khe – Phong Nha Motorcycle Tour

We traveled on the Ho Chi Minh trail to Phong Nha. The motorbike ride was peaceful, and the surroundings were speechless. Although the mountains were rising and the road was winding up, down, and along the slopes, the route was still a delight to ride on.

The crew stopped at Phong Nha National Park, where we visited one of Vietnam’s most impressive caves, with 65 kilometers of tunnels and underground waterways. We spent the day sightseeing at this wonderful national park and stayed at Phong Nha overnight.

Huong Khe – Phong Nha Motorcycle Tour
Motorbiking in Phong Nha, Quang Binh province

Day 6: Phong Nha – Khe Sanh Motorbike Trip

After exploring Phong Nha Cave in the early morning, we continued our journey on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to Cam Lo. Along the way, we visited the Truong Son cemetery to pay tribute to the hundreds of North Vietnamese troops who lost their lives during the war.

Today ended as we arrived at Khe Sanh, the scene of the infamous battle of the same name in 1968. After this long day of riding and visiting historical relics, we had dinner and spent the night at a hotel in Khe Sanh.

Phong Nha – Khe Sanh Motorbike Trip
Visiting Khe Sanh Combat Base

Day 7: Khe Sanh – Hue Motorbike Tour

We traveled south across the 1973 Cuban-built Da Krong Bridge and entered the famed A Shau valley, a region of intense warfare activity. Then, our crew arrived at A Luoi, home to a population of Bru Van hill tribe members.

The road to A Luoi reminded us of the motorbike route from Vinh to Huong Khe. But this time, there were high mountains on one side and an abyss on the other. The trail snaked along the mountain and ascended gradually. We all slowed down as if we were afraid the motor sounds would break this majestic vibe.

After winding our way through lush backcountry as we descended the treacherous Me Oi Pass, we carried on to the lovely city of Hue, situated along the banks of the Perfume River.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike 2023 - Travel Across Vietnam In 9 Days ho chi minh trail motorbike 6
Motorbiking around Hue ancient city

Day 8: Hue Motorbike Tour

Today was the highlight of our Ho Chi Minh trail tour as we got to explore Hue, the ancient capital where Nguyen Dynasty emperors were seated. The day started with a motor trip to the Imperial Citadel, where we toured the crumbling remains of this magnificent memorial to the emperors.

Then, the crew took a ride to Thien Mu Pagoda. We continued the tour along the peaceful country roads around Hue to see the tomb of the previous Nguyen emperor Minh Mang, then bridged the river to return to Hue via the memorial to Khai Dinh.

What we liked most about this city was its greenery. The feeling of riding on tree-lined streets and taking in the cool and refreshing air was amazing. Hue boasts something different from other big cities – slow pace of life, peace, tranquility, and romance.


Hue Motorbike Tour
Having fun in Hoian ancient city

Day 9: Hue – Hoi An Motorcycle Trip

The final day of this motorcycle tour through Vietnam was entirely different from the earlier days. After leaving Hue, we enjoyed a fantastic motorcycle ride down the coast, passing by small fishing communities and vibrant fields of tombs.

The view was significantly different from the mountain scenery along the Ho Chi Minh route; in particular, the motorcycle tour across the Hai Van pass unquestionably ranks among the top motorcycle excursions on Vietnam’s coastline. 

The crew kept riding to Hoi An, one of the most famous ancient towns in Vietnam. Once we arrived, our Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike ride had officially come to an end.

Hue – Hoi An Motorcycle Trip
Amazing Hai Van pass from the above

Wrapping Up

This Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike 2023 trip is an excellent way to discover Vietnam. As you travel across the nation, you will learn more about this heroic country and explore stunning landscapes. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and begin your thrilling journey. And don’t forget to check out our website for more worth-trying Vietnam motorbike tours.

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