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Vietnam has always been a mysterious and alluring country, and no place signifies this appeal better than the Northeastern region. That is why we prepared the Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours.
This plan will last for a total of 11 days, ranging from Hagiang to Babe Lake, allowing you to take in most of this region’s specialties.

O Qui Ho Pass, Sapa
O Qui Ho Pass, Sapa

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours Details: Ha Giang – Babe Lake

The First Day: Hanoi To Pu Luong

We will be starting the motorcycle tour in Hanoi and ending the day in Pu Luong, encompassing a 170 km ride. All in all, you would be spending about 5 hours on your motorbike.

To be more specific, we will meet at your hotel at 8:00 AM and start the transferring process with buses to the garage. You can take your motorbike there and start the first day of riding, with the destination being Pu Luong.

The Hanoi - Pu Luong motorcycle ride consists of a mixture of small dirt roads, good roads, and village tracks. You should be able to enjoy the Northwestern region’s signature limestone mountain scenery.

Scenic view surrounding Pu Luong Nature Reserve

We will be enjoying a lunch break mid-ride with our pre-cooked picnic meals and resume the ride. Once you arrive at the destination, a special dinner and a warm bed await you at a Thai minority family’s local house.

The Second Day: Pu Luong To Son La

The Ha Giang - Babe Lake motorbike tour continues in the Northwest direction, allowing you to discover the trails that the French left during the Indochina War. We will visit some local minority villages on the route and enjoy a lunch picnic there.

The plan is to arrive at Son La at the day’s end, have dinner, and rest at a hotel. You should be spending about 6 hours on your motorbike to pass through this 200 km ride.

Scenic ride in northwest Vietnam

The Third Day: Son La To Mu Cang Chai

On this day, we officially leave the Western region and arrive at the Northeast land through some twisty mountain roads. There will be a stop at the country’s largest hydroelectric station near the Black River.

Lunch will be prepared by a nearby family. You can also enjoy their hot springs.

Then, we continue on the motorbike route until we arrive at Mu Cang Chai and spend the night at a Thai family’s homestay. This 180 km step takes you 6 hours of riding.

Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai
Wonderful view and RIDE in Mu Cang Chai

The Fourth Day: Explore Mu Cang Chai

There is no riding on this day. Instead, we walk around the local villages, visiting their beautiful terrace rice fields. The same homestay will be taking care of our dinner and accommodation.

Terraced rice paddy field landscape of Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Northern Vietnam

The Fifth Day: Mu Cang Chai To Bac Ha

We start the day by following the smooth and twisty road leading straight into the country’s extremely massive mountain range of Bac Ha. The total distance to travel through is 200 km, taking up 6 hours of motorbiking.

You can enjoy some spectacular scenery on top of these passes, which are all over 2 km above sea level. We have lunch at a local restaurant and stay the night at a hotel.

The Sixth Day: Bac Ha To Hoang Su Phi

The Ha Giang - Ba Be Lake motorcycle trip takes on an uphill challenge to arrive at Hoang Su Phi Town. You do get many stops along the way to visit local villages and their impressive terrace rice fields. One of these villages will be responsible for our tour’s lunch, depending on how the day goes.

Then, the motorbike route continues on a small yet smooth and twisty road running parallel to the Chinese border. We should arrive at Ha Giang when the afternoon hits and rest at a mini-resort.

Due to the uphill challenge, we only cover 160 km despite spending 5 hours riding.

Epic view of Ha Giang

The Seventh Day: Ha Giang To Dong Van

We will continue riding in parallel with the Chinese border to behold the impressive scenery of thousands upon thousands of terrace step rice fields. After visiting the Hmong King’s palace, all riders have a small resting timeframe to enjoy their lunch picnics.

The day ends at Dong Van, 160 km away from Ha Giang, where you get to rest at a local hotel after 5 hours of constant riding.

Single track near Chinese Border

The Eighth Day: Dong Van To Lung Cu Then Meo Vac

This day’s special feature is riding up the Chinese border and seeing Vietnam’s roof, which is the Lung Cu flag tower. Then, we enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and resume the route through the scenic Ma Pi Leng pass to arrive at Meo Vac, which is 100 km away. A local hotel there is responsible for our dinner and rest.

There are a lot more stops on this day, so the total riding time should be only 4 hours.

Lung Cu Flag Pole
Amazing Lung Cu Flag Pole

The Ninth Day: Meo Vac To Babe Lake

You should ensure a good rest the day before, as this day promises lots of climbing over mountain passes. During the climb, you get to contemplate some amazing valleys and mountain ranges. We will also visit many small Hmong villages.

The destination is the Babe lake National Park, where you will get an amazing experience. That is why this motorbike route only takes up 5 hours and 180 km, as you need some time off to take in what the destination has to offer.

A Tay family’s homestay will take care of our dinner and sleeping.

Khau Vai, Ha Giang
Bamboo Ferry In Ha Giang

The Tenth Day: Ba Be To Vu Linh

The first half of this day is reserved to continue the Babe lake experience. We start the day by loading our motorbikes onto wooden boats to sail through the lake. Then, we take a 5-hour ride to our next destination, Vu Linh village.

This route is interesting as it’s a piece of history, being built by the French during the Indochina war. Once you complete the 5-hour, 170 km ride, a Dzao homestay will welcome you with dinner and warm beds.

Ba Be lake, Bac Kan
Boating on Ba Be Lake

The Last Day Of Off-Road Motorcycle Tours Northeast Vietnam

After saying goodbye to the Dzao homeowners, we head down, following the Red River’s edge. Arriving at Thang Long bridge, all we need to do is cross it and get on the highway to return to Hanoi and finish the Ha Giang - Babe Lake motorbike tour at the garage.

Ba Be lake, Bac Kan
Having fun after long day riding


With this walkthrough, we hope that you are now clear on our Ha Giang to Babe Lake Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours. You will be able to enjoy all the best sceneries that the Northeastern region has to offer. We would like to mention that you won’t need to pay any fee to change the plan before your final confirmation.

Should you have a passion for backpacking, don’t forget to follow us for the next posts and share this experience to your motorbiker tribe!

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