20+ Best Motorcycle Routes To Ride In Vietnam You Should Add To Your Bucket List

20+ Best Motorcycle Routes To Ride In Vietnam

Along the length of the S-shaped country, the idyllic yet charming beauty of Vietnam emerges, with vivid images portrayed in poetry, music, and paintings. The photos taken from above reveal an enchanting world of vivid colors that takes the viewer by surprise. 

However, only when you embark on the actual journey can you fully feel the beauty of this magnificent country. Hop on your motorbike to conquer Vietnam with 20+ best motorcycle routes to ride in Vietnam now!

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 2 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Scenic motorbike ride in Ha Giang

Top 20+ Best motorcycle routes to ride in Vietnam

Provincial Road DT520

Provincial Road DT520, which was newly resurfaced, runs through lush woodlands and steep valleys in northern Thanh Hoa Province, where international tourists are infrequent. DT520 was created, like many other highways along Vietnam’s western border, to enable cross-border commerce with Laos

However, trade is slow, and trucks are scarce in this isolated and forested region, so you run little risk of encountering any severe traffic as you scurry up and down the several mountain passes between Quan Hoa and Muong Lat.

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Provincial Road DT520
Beautiful sunshine in Muong Lat, Thanh Hoa

National Highway QL3 

This 80-kilometer section of National Highway QL3, which runs from Cao Bang to Na Phac in northeast Vietnam, is a thrilling ride on a good tarmac road through one of the country’s most sparsely inhabited regions. 

For the following 2-3 hours after departing Cao Bang, the highways travel through countless hillsides wrapped in dense forest, with rarely a kilometer of straight road. It’s no surprise that this location has served as a haven for rebels, revolutionaries, and outlaws over the years. 

National Highway QL3 
River and rice field from drone in Cao Bang province, Northeast Vietnam

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National Highway QL4H

This winding ribbon of asphalt in northwest Vietnam’s deepest, darkest, and most secluded area is in good shape and sees very little traffic. National Highway QL4H glides over mountain peaks and sweeps down river basins, providing smooth, free riding over a vast scenery near the Lao border. 

However, this route sees so few vehicles since the area is rural and politically sensitive. If you opt to ride QL4H, keep in mind that the cops may stop you at any time, especially if you attempt to get past Muong Nhe. 

Dien Bien Phu City, Vietnam, Lao Border
Rice paddies in valley of Dien Bien Phu City, Vietnam, Lao Border

National Highway QL55/55B

National Highway QL55/55B, ranging from the scorching, dry beaches of the southern coast to the cooler, coffee-growing slopes of the Central Highlands, is a seldom-used but well-maintained thoroughfare that passes through significantly varied temperature zones and landscapes. 

This route, which winds its way from barren, burned-out plains up to forested river valleys and chilly tea plantations on mountaintops, provides about 140 kilometers of smooth, twisting, and nearly deserted road.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 6 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Scenic road in central highland Vietnam

Western HO CHI MINH Road

With 240 kilometers in length, running through a few of Vietnam’s most breathtaking scenery, the Western Ho Chi Minh Road is a favorite riding road that wins the hearts of millions of backpackers in the nation. 

Despite the fact that it is only a single-lane road, the lack of genuine traffic makes it a lot of fun to ride: there are several twists and turns, passes, and plateaus. Hai Van pass could be the highlight of Vietnam motorcycle tours.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 7 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
View from top,Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting Danang and Lang Co Bay

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Eastern Truong Son Road

The Truong Son Dong Road, a frolic through the Central Highlands, is a journey to be savored for both beauty and simple riding enjoyment. Since they flow through deep forest and undulating countryside like a river of asphalt, many portions are spanking new and in good shape.

Despite this, traffic is modest, and the terrain is sparsely inhabited, with minority settlements like Ayun Pa, K’Bang, and Ea Ly having unusual and foreign-sounding names.  

Truong Son Dong Road
Truong Son Dong Road

National Highway QL7A 

The segment from Anh Son to the Lao border gate of Nam Can, which is 150 kilometers upstream, is in good shape, and traffic is modest. The road reflects the river as it winds further into the jungle highlands towards the Lao border, passing the outskirts of Pu Mat National Park‘s lush and somber slopes.

Khe Kem Waterfall. Pu mat national park. Vietnam
Khe Kem Waterfall. Pu mat national park. Vietnam

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Nui Chua Coast Road 

The motorbike journey from Ninh Chu to My Thanh with a distance of 60km, is characterized by a superb coast road wrapped around the mountainous and astonishingly picturesque coastline of Ninh Thuan Province. It passes several of Vietnam’s greatest beaches and prettiest seas. 

The tarmac is smooth asphalt for nearly the whole 60km length, which was only built a few years ago. Despite the increased popularity, traffic is still very minimal, letting motorcyclists enjoy the sweeping bends and cliff-edge switchbacks high above the sea in relative safety.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 10 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Road 720 along the coast, Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Viet Nam

National Highway QL32 

National Highway 32 (or Inter-provincial road 11A) is a route passing through 4 cities and provinces: Phu Tho, Hanoi, Lai Chau, and Yen Bai with 417 km in length. 

Specifically, the part of the route through Yen Bai province from Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le to Than Uyen is said to be as charming as the beauty of a dream, especially in the ripe rice season.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 12 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Epic Motorbike Trip In Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le, Sapa

Considered a fantastic ride from the midlands to the highlands, National Highway QL32 is a twisting, winding, weaving path around the spine of Vietnam’s largest mountain range, the Hoang Lien Son. It has just been updated and is in fantastic shape. 

Exploring this wonderfully smooth and undulating route lulls you into a dreamy trance as you glide past river valley curves and swerve over mountain pass switchbacks. The Khau Pha Pass is a must-see, as is the ridiculously beautiful trip to Mu Cang Chai, which is known for its steep slopes of terraced rice fields.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 11 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Panorama Landscape of Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai District at sunrise time, YenBai province, Northwest Vietnam

Provincial Road DT725

DT 725 is a desolate and peaceful route with a rural backdrop. You will be able to see a sea of clouds hugging the hills surrounding the town. The sun has not yet risen, and the clouds are so low that they appear to be enveloping this calm town.

Provincial Road DT725 cuts across the center of the Central Highlands, from the lush woods at Cat Tien National Park to the extensively farmed plateaus between Bao Loc and Di Linh. The route has recently been resurfaced, and traffic is minimal. The lowlands are densely forested, but as the road climbs higher, the scenery is completely taken over by the region’s most valuable coffee crop.

The Ninh Thuan Coastal Road winds its way around a magnificent rocky headland from the fishing community of Ca Na on the south-central coast. This path, literally translated as “Road Along the Ninh Thuan Coastline,” was carved out of the sheer rock face only a few years ago. 

As it crashes against gigantic stones hundreds of feet below the pavement, the result is an amazing adventure on a nearly deserted road.  The backdrop is breathtaking: the rocky promontory has a desert-like character that reminds me of southern Spain. 

Boulders loosening during the road’s construction often roll off the slope and harm the road surface, although the ride is generally pleasant.

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best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 13 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Ca Na beach, a new destination in the central of Vietnam. It’s belong Ninh Thuan province. Ca Na is a wonderful beach with many dry hill, clean beach, turquoise water and friendly local people

National Highway QL4D

National Highway QL4D was once one of Vietnam’s most isolated and unpredictable routes, cutting across the country’s highest mountain range. For the time being, this route is a two-lane asphalt road riding high over plummeting valleys and well below the rocky summit of Mount Fansipan, the Roof of Indochina, owing to a large road-building effort. 

The backdrop is breathtaking: the barren slopes of the Hoang Lien Son Range plunge into vast valleys of terraced rice fields, where ethnic minority communities nestle alongside cobalt-blue rivers. It is no exaggeration to say that this route is one of the best Vietnam motorbike routes.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 14 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
O Qui Ho pass, Hoang Lien Son range, road to Sapa from Lai Chau

National Highway QL27/QL20

National Highways QL27 and QL20 ascend steeply from the scorching, parched foothills of the Truong Son Mountains into the chilly, pine-scented air characterized by the Central Highlands. 

This was the principal road between the shore and the mountains during French colonial times, linking Phan Rang and Dalat. However, when new highways offered better links between both the highlands and the ocean, the route fell into disrepair: first from overuse, then from neglect. 

However, the whole 70-kilometer length between Tan Son in the blazing midlands and Dalat in the freezing highlands has lately been redeveloped and regenerated. It’s a lovely ride today.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 15 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Aerial view of Highway 27c or Provincial Route 723 from Da Lat city to Nha Trang city, at Dasar valley, in the cloud and fog. Lam Dong, Vietnam

National Highway AH13/QL6/QL279

Wanna get the top best motorcycle routes in Vietnam? Head to National Highways QL6 and QL279. Formerly known as Vietnam’s Wild West Highway, National Highways QL6 and QL279 join to create Asian Highway AH13, a lengthy and winding tangle of mountainous terrain and winding valley roads that leads straight into the distant northwest of the country. Road conditions have significantly improved recently, and traffic remains minimal. 

When going on National Highway 6, the arterial road of the Northwest area, many drivers used to be obsessed. Things turned over a new leaf when  National Highway 6 was rebuilt and refurbished in recent years, thanks to the attention of the Ministry of Transport and local authorities, to become a smooth and safe traffic route, enabling successful socio-economic growth throughout the country.

Scenic motorcycle route in northwest Vietnam
Scenic motorcycle route in northwest Vietnam

Provincial Road DT722

Provincial Road DT722 flows across uneven mountains north of Dalat, cutting through kilometers of pine trees and rainforest. For its 50 kilometers length, the road is in excellent shape and sees very little traffic. 

This can be explained by the fact that it is not yet complete, and the tarmac abruptly ends at the Krong No River. The road will eventually extend across the river to Yang Mao and link with the Truong Son Dong Road, but for the time being, this is where the line ends.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 16 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
DAKLAK, VIETNAM – DEC 22, 2014 – Dray Nul Waterfall in Dak Nong province, central highlands of Vietnam ( Motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh Trail )

Provincial Road DT206/QL3

Your adventure will lead you to Ban Gioc Waterfall, which offers us a wild, pastoral landscape with a touch of grandeur. From Cao Bang to the junction near Quang Uyen, where it splits into two branches, DT206 and DT207, choose to continue along DT206 road to go to the waterfall. 

This path graces the countryside with lovely cottages and a rural lifestyle along the rivers. The drive to the waterfall will take you through a valley of stunning splendor that rivals a global natural wonder. The sound of running water can be heard from afar, greeting you to the spectacular Ban Gioc waterfall.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 17 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang, Northeast Vietnam

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The HO CHI MINH Road (QL15)

We liken this new route to a sandwich between National Highway 1 and the Ho Chi Minh route, giving us the opportunity to explore many unfamiliar places. The Ho Chi Minh Trail traveled west of here during the Vietnam War, creeping through the deep Lao forest to transport soldiers and military supplies to the southern areas.

It used to take months to get to the south, but now, owing to this incredible route, bikers can easily navigate this challenging terrain. The view is breathtaking, and the ride is pure joy. Although traffic is sparse, truckers are increasingly selecting this route over the congested Highway 1, so expect to see at least some large trucks.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 18 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Epic Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Trip

The Hai Van Pass

Conquering Hai Van Pass is an exciting adventure that you should consider throughout your journey. This is the route that used to be at the top of the world’s most beautiful passes. The most renowned term for Hai Van Pass is “the most gorgeous scenery in the world,” which King Le Thanh Tong gave it during his travels. 

Surely, it must possess a unique beauty that deserves much admiration. The beauty of this pass defies description. Only until you stand right in front of it can you appreciate its beauty.

My personal favorite is still the sensation of sitting on the top of the pass, overlooking the sea, in a frame that lacks color yet excites us greatly. The sea is surrounded by majestic mountains, with azure water reaching the horizon, making me feel little.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 19 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Amazing view from Hai Van Pass ( Road from Hue to Da Nang, Hoian )

The Ma Pi Leng Pass

When it comes to Vietnam’s “four famous passes,” travelers would undoubtedly remember the Ma Pi Leng pass, which is located on Highway 4C between Pa Vi and Pai Lung communes in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province. It is an honor to be situated on the Hanh Phuc route, which connects Dong Van town and the Meo Vac area. 

The peak of Ma Pi Leng pass on the Dong Van rock plateau is around 1,200 meters above sea level and is made up of a variety of deposits such as siliceous limestone holding fossils from more than 400 years ago, and light shale, to name a few. There are still a lot of jagged rocks in this region that appear really threatening. Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac could be the best and most challenging motorcycle ride in Vietnam.

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 20 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Wonderful ride on Tham Ma Slope, Ha Giang

Con Son Island Road

Con Son Island is the biggest island in the Con Dao archipelago, which is located in the province of Ba Ria Vung Tau. The island is 51.52 square kilometers and is rich in mineral resources. Con Son Island is located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, about 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau city.

Con Son Island does not have as many thrilling, fun activities as other tourist destinations; the only things that keep people coming back are the vast, clean, and airy blue beaches. 

Despite the fact that the first half part from Ben Dam to Con Son town) is undergoing renovations; the second half has recently been repaved and is in fine condition. The riding is fantastic, but you might find it tough to keep going since the coastline views are so breathtaking that you may desire to take it all in.  

best motorcycle routes to ride in vietnam 21 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Vung Tau Beach, Southern Vietnam

Wrapping Up 

For many people, the destination is not an essential aspect of a vacation; rather, it is the experience that the route provides. Seeing the beautiful surroundings of beloved Vietnam always fills visitors with pride, and profound affection for this nation, while also broadening their perspectives.

We have given you the 20+ Best motorcycle routes to ride in Vietnam in this post so that you may enjoy the beauty of our nation Vietnam through each route and then plan to conquer and experience the lovely beauty of Vietnam firsthand. More dates and infos hit us up: https://vietnammotorcycletours.com/

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