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Sapa isn’t a new location for both foreign and local travelers in Vietnam, to the point that it has become a norm to go there during your vacations. And don’t get us wrong, we totally recommend you to spend your time here.
However, you shouldn’t just end your trip there since you can also enjoy another great adventure, following the mountainous roads between the Vietnamese and Chinese borders and heading toward the beautiful province of Ha Giang.
In the following articles, we’ll be taking you through every part of the roads of Sapa, Ha Giang The best Chinese border Routes By Motorbike.

When To Travel to Ha Giang?

Located in the Northern part of Vietnam and having a relatively high altitude, Ha Giang is a great place for summer retreats and winter snow-hunting for the Vietnamese. You can visit the place at any time of the year.

From October to the end of December is when the famous Tam Giac Mach flowers bloom. Spring travelers can enjoy the amazing sceneries of the blooming plum blossoms. And early summer is the best time of the year to witness the golden-green terraced slopes that continue until reaching the horizon line.

Of course, at any time of the year, you will find yourself enjoying the cool and temperate climate, beautiful nature, and hospitable people when visiting the place.

Lanscape view of Ha Giang province, far north Vietnam.

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Why Should You Go with Motorbikes?

For those of you who can put out the time and effort to travel by bike, we assure you that what you’ll be experiencing will be far more worth it. With bikes, you can make your stops whenever you feel like and enjoy exploring the local areas on many off-road trips without any trouble.

Not to mention that the mountainous paths of Northern Vietnam are also designed for traveling with bikes instead of the large vehicles that are extremely difficult to navigate on the narrow passages.

Sky path riding in Ha Giang

Going From Sapa to Ha Giang

Sapa to Muong Khuong

Begin your motorbike trip from Sapa, follow the main road to get out of the city, and head directly to the DT152 route. Head toward Ban Den and follow the 4E road to continue to Gia Phu. Continue on your path until you reach Lao Cai City.

Navigate inside the city, going from Tran Hung Dao Street to Nguyen Hue Street until you reach the QL4D route. Continue to follow the route until you reach Muong Khuong town center. This marks the first day of your trip.

Choose to stay at a local hotel or head deeper into the village of Vang Leng to enjoy your better homestay experiences. Here, the isolated ethnic district is filled with amazing sceneries of the beautiful terraces, green mountain slopes, bustling local markets, and beautiful people with their own cultural diversities.

SAPA, LAO CAI, VIETNAM - JUNE 11: Unidentified woman from the Black H'mong Ethnic Minority on June 11, 2012 in Sapa, Vietnam. Black H'mong tribe is one of the minority tribes in Vietnam.

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Muong Khuong to Si Ma Cai to Bac Ha

Waking up from your wonderful night in Muong Khuong District, continue your Sapa Motorbike Tour following the DT154 route until reaching the town center. Make your way to the DT153 route heading toward Si Ma Cai, our first location of the day.

Here, you can explore the untouched natural beauties intertwined with the daily lives of the ethnic communities. Get inside the multiple villages, each having its own differences, spend your time in the town center, or enjoy taking your beautiful selfies on the fields of flowers.

You can continue your stays in Si Ma Cai or follow the DT153 route to Bac Ha. This is a bigger district with similarly interesting cultural discoveries that you can have. Plus, you’ll have better chances of finding a place to stay at night.

Bac Ha Sunday market, Lao Cai

Bac Ha to Xin Man

From Bac Ha, continue the DT153 route until you reach Xin Man District. Here, tourists can have many traveling options, as the district is filled with amazing attractions and fun activities. Enjoy exploring the giant rocks of Nam Dan with strange engraved patterns on them. Experience the natural beauties at the Heaven Waterfall. Or relax at the Quang Nguyen hot spring, where you can bathe yourself in healing herbal remedies.

Xin Man, Ha Giang

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Xin Man to Hoang Su Phi to Ha Giang city

Follow the DT177 route on a two-hour ride until you finally reach Ha Giang province at Hoang Su Phi district. Here is home to some of the most amazing terraces with endless mountain slopes filled with golden-green rice fields.

Hill tribe Kids in Ha Giang

Tourists can challenge the mountainous peak of Tay Con Linh, which is the sacred mountain of the La Chi people. Experience the authentic market gatherings of the ethnic people. Discover the ancient tombs of the ancient La Chi.

You can stay at Hoang Su Phi or continue your motorbike trip to Ha Giang city, where you can enjoy many great delicacies of the province and can find a better place to stay the night.

Rice fields on terraced of Hoang Su Phi country, Ha Giang province, North Vietnam

Ha Giang city to Dong Van district

Our final destination in this exploration of Sapa and Ha Giang by motorbike is the famous Dong Van district. Here is the home of the famous Dong Van rock plateau, featuring thousands of limestones of different shapes and sizes.

Enter the Pho Bang old town, where you can become one with the lives of the ethnic H'mong "Meo" people here. And don’t forget to visit the old mansion of the Meo kings, which has lasted for hundreds of years. Continue your journeys to Sung La village to further discover the lives of the ethnic people.

Enjoy the beautiful and majestic sceneries of the Tam Giác Mạch flower field in Dong Van, which is a great place for taking your beautiful shots. And for the adventurous bikers, the Ma Pi Leng path is definitely a must-try experience.

Bamboo rafting in Ha Giang

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With amazing natural beauties and hospitable ethnic people, Ha Giang is a great place for travelers to head toward during their motorbike ride northeast Vietnam. And thanks to the intuitive guides of Sapa, Ha Giang The best Chinese border routes by motorbike, you should have no trouble navigating and finding yourself many incredible experiences within this amazing region of the country. More dates and infos please visit:

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