Off-road Saigon to Dalat- Detailed Guide For Enjoying Life!

Off-road Saigon to Dalat


Are you a lover of adventure through challenging off-road rides? Are you passionate about exploring the poetic natural landscape of Vietnam, but your vacation time is only two days?

Don’t worry because we will provide you with an off-road Saigon to Dalat motorbike tour with the most specific route! 

Once you join this Southern Vietnam by Motorbike tour, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and experience the local life while challenging yourself with exciting trails.

If the above benefits are all you’re looking for, scroll down to discover the detailed itinerary in full view!

Vietnam Coastal Ride By Motorbike
South Vietnam Coast Ride

Off-road Saigon to Dalat – Overview

The route we offer will be interesting but also challenging, as you will have to go through about 70% of the offroad distance. If you do not have enough passion and preparation, you will give up and lose the opportunity to enjoy the interesting things along the way.

If you’ve ever traveled in the northern mountainous areas, you will realize that these South Loop Vietnam Off-road Tours will bring the same feeling.

Off-road Saigon to Dalat - Overview
Riding off-road to the top of tea plantation hill in Lam Dong, Da Lat

This tour will take you through areas that you’ve never seen before, even on television. The beautiful beauty of nature through the paths through the dense forests will surely make you have unforgettable memories.

While the picturesque landscape is something you can’t miss, don’t forget to focus your trip on the mountainous terrain and farmland. 

Besides the rugged mountains, you will have to cross many muddy roads if you are unfortunate enough to make the trip on a day when the weather is unfavorable.

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Off-road Saigon to Dalat- Detailed Itinerary

This exciting tour promises to take you to dozens of extremely attractive destinations along the way, such as Ma Da forest and Cat Tien national park. 

For more information on your two-day motorbike tour, please scroll down and explore with us now!

Off-road Saigon to Dalat- Detailed Itinerary
Kids are riding buffalo near Nam Cat Tien National Park

Day 1: Saigon Motorbike Tour To Cat Tien National Park- 160km  

It would be best if you left at around 8 am due to the ideal weather and your mental state. Head north, and you’ll quickly leave the hustle and bustle of the city with the largest economy in Vietnam to the Ma Da forest.

After passing the majestic Ma Da forest, you begin to enter the interesting clay roads. Be careful because sometimes puddles on the way will drown half of your motorbike!

Saigon Motorbike Tour To Cat Tien National Park- 160km
Boat ride in Nam Cat Tien National Park

You will arrive at Dinh Quan district (downstream of the Central Highlands) at noon, and next will be time to rest and enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. If you don’t know the menu, we recommend you try the goby mint, wild boar, and grilled meat.

After lunch, you must continue the motorbike journey by traveling about 1 hour on the highway towards Lam Dong district. Once you complete this journey, what awaits you next is light off-road terrain and Vietnam’s famous perennial agricultural areas.

Make a stop and take some time to visit the orange, cashew, and rubber plantations on both sides of the road. It is also a great opportunity for you to learn about the farming and life experiences of the indigenous people.

On the next leg, you must cross the Red River and continue towards the South of Cat Tien. You can immerse yourself in the poetic mountain natural scenery and remote countryside.

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Day 2: Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour To Dalat- 175km

Starting your day with a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant will be a great idea to keep you energized for the journey. After everything is ready, pack your backpack, start your motorbike, and head to Da Lat city.

The mixture of off-road and back lanes does not cause much movement difficulty. Besides, we also consider the road to enter Cat Tien National Park quite smooth because it provides convenient ice lanes for traveling.

Once you get inside the national park, watch for safety as the terrain is completely changeable!

off road saigon to dalat 5 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Da Lat, Lam Dong / Vietnam – Arial Mountain View in morning

After crossing a river, you must keep driving up a steep hill with challenging clay terrain. It is certainly not an easy task, as you will have to spend a lot of time and effort before reaching the top of the hill.

The next narrow muddy track will require you to continue to fight with difficulty, as it is filled with puddles and tire tracks of all sizes. After traversing this nasty offroad terrain, we’re guessing you’re exhausted, and your vehicle isn’t much better.

Rest assured because the road there will tend to be much more favorable with many stops on both sides of the road. You should stop at a restaurant to rest, wash your car and replenish your energy to be ready to head to Da Lat.

The road to Da Lat is beautiful, but there are many hidden turns with the potential risk of accidents. Overcome all these difficulties, and you will enter the city of eternal spring with the most poetic scenery in Vietnam at 6 pm.

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Some Tips For A Perfect Motorbike Journey

It is very important to prepare luggage and necessities for the trip. Make a list of your belongings to ensure you don’t leave anything out, then pack your bags as neatly as possible.

Choosing a specialized waterproof driving suit is great for moving on challenging roads. However, they must provide a smooth, snug fit and keep your body warm.

Don’t forget to prepare elbow/knee guards and helmet protectors just in case. If the phone signal is useless in some high mountain areas, you should pack extra water, food, and a map in your backpack.

Finally, please pay special attention to your motorcycle to ensure it’s ready for the entire journey. If, unfortunately, your vehicle stalls or breaks down in the middle of the road, you will get into a mess and have to cancel your excursion!

Some Tips For A Perfect Motorbike Journey
Nha Trang bay, Vietnam. North Of Nha Trang City.Taken From High Point

Some Last Words

No matter how experienced you are as a driver, traveling on this route will certainly bring many difficulties. As long as you are well-prepared in all aspects, this Off-road Saigon to Dalat tour will surely promise countless memorable experiences.

Before embarking on a journey, make sure you have enough luggage to ensure you do not encounter any problems along the way. Most importantly, share this article with your loved ones to plan an excursion soon!

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