Southeast Loop By Motorbike – Ho Chi Minh Escape Loop

Southeast Loop By Motorbike


This is the Southeast loop by motorbike you want to do if you want to get away from the congested major routes and visit mountains and beaches close to Saigon. Both Dalat and Mui Ne may be reached through calm, picturesque backroads that travel along barren areas of coastline and then ascend towering mountain slopes. 

The 750km road is the ideal diversion from Saigon’s clamor, smog, and never-ending concrete. The “Ho Chi Minh Escape Loop” is what we call it.

That’s just the first bite of the cake. Let’s check out our itinerary!

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Dalat road – Da Nhim pass – Lam Dong – Vietnam

Southeast Loop By Motorbike – Ho Chi Minh Escape Loop

Preview Of The Tour

Total kilometers: 750km

Route: Saigon to Phan Thiet

Duration: 5 – 7 days

Accommodation: Hotels + Homestay

The motorbike ride southeast loop Vietnam has been divided into three parts. Each one represents a day you are on your steed. Spending five to seven days upon the journey is preferable, though time is not a matter to you. Let’s jump into it now.

Part 1: Sai Gon To Mui Ne Motorbike Tour

Distance: 215 km

Riding time: About 4.3 hours

Leaving Sai Gon

We take advantage of the back road via Cat Lai to get out of the city. When it comes to an end at QL51, you can reach Ba Ria by turning right. From Ba Ria, you can take Road 44B to Loc An. From the place, it will be a happy coast road! 

The next day, we will keep riding in the direction of Ho Coc beach. Following that, the road skirts the coastline, passing by a long, deserted beach solely on a single side and a deep forest on the other.

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Then, at the crossroads with QL55, you can turn right toward Lagi – a fishing village. An excellent beach is within a short distance from the village. Drink some water and go swimming or you can spend the night if you do not feel like leaving the peaceful village and beach. 

A cold, salty wind blowing at night seems to rid the extreme heat you experience in the daylight. Lagi seems to be a great option whether you’re seeking a “real” intact Vietnamese beach or a place to run away from the heat of Sai Gon.

Ke Ga

The 30-kilometer route to Ke Ga passes through a rural area of the S-shaped land that tourists rarely see. It has numerous potholes, so be careful. 

Still, the scenery is intriguing rather than very gorgeous. There are local crops and scents all around. Here, life moves at a slower pace. Sometimes, we hope that it stays genuine forever. 

Ke Ga Lighthouse

These days, a stream of visitors comes to this region on a day trip to check in the Ke Ga Lighthouse. The spectacular scenery from the lighthouse top is amazing. You are going to love it. 

The final 30 kilometers to Phan Thiet is a scenic ride along the coast. The region is quickly becoming the resort-filled Mui Ne’s southern expansion. And we come to Phan Thiet. We adore Phan Thiet because it is home to countless delicious street foods with a local vibe.

Sai Gon To Mui Ne Motorbike Tour
Ke Ga beach at Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. Ke Ga Cape or lighthouse is the most favourite destination for visitors to La Gi, Binh Thuan Province.

Part 2: Mui Ne To Da Lat Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 156 km

Riding time: About 3.4 hours


The journey to Dalat is scenic and peaceful. It passes by deserted beaches, wooded mountains, and chilly, moist highlands. Just 150 kilometers of travel make plenty of changes. After that, we move on to QL1 and come to QL28B. 

The landscape abruptly changes to a greener one, and hills ringing the road with eucalyptus trees sprout up, filling the air with their fragrant leaves. The mountains get taller as you go farther over the plains, and clouds frequently rise behind them.


When your eyes touch the coffee farms, you are in QL20, where the primary road to Lam Dong’s capital is situated! Despite just being 40 km long, it is a congested road. Trucks, tourist buses, and minivans will drive you crazy, so be alert. 

The Deo Prenn, which goes 10 kilometers up cutting through pine trees to Dalat, is reached after an hour of hazardous and uncomfortable travel.

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Da Lat

The appeal of Dalat might not be immediately apparent, particularly to a traveler from Europe seeking to flee to a tropical climate. However, Dalat’s fame comes from its milder temperature. Like the imperial French came to the place to run away from the lowland’s heat, now, tourists come here for the same purpose. 

Dalat isn’t an extremely appealing place. Hence the major “allure” is rather the air. You can sleep well without any air conditioning or even a fan. All the unique characteristics make a tempting Da Lat when the lowlands drive us nuts. Da Lat brings you peace!

Mui Ne To Da Lat Motorcycle Tour
Khanh Le Pass seen from above is beautiful and majestic. This is the most beautiful and dangerous pass connecting Nha Trang and Da Lat of Vietnam

Part 3: From Da Lat To Phan Thiet And Back To Sai Gon

Distance: 159.5 km + 220km (back to Sai Gon)

Riding time: About 3.3 hours + 4.4 hours (back to Sai Gon)

The First Half

The first half is an 80-kilometer journey on QL20, the major Dalat route, to Di Linh Town. Due to heavy traffic as well as the state of the roads, the travel is fairly unpleasant. The entire region has been largely farmed, so there isn’t much-remaining woodland to see.

After a few hours, you will arrive at the township Di Linh, a charming town where you may grab lunch and sample the locally grown oolong tea. If you show up late but need somewhere to stay, there are several locations here with decent, affordable accommodations.

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The Second Half

You must turn left when reaching a Di Linh crossroads to Phan Thiet. There is a road sign there, so don’t worry, you can not be lost. The road you will enter is QL28, the second half we are waiting for. There are 100 kilometers of stunning, winding mountain roads with little traffic from now to the beach.

This road’s initial leg passes through a beautiful agricultural area with tea, coffee, and pine plantations. There’s also a brand-new resort smack dab in the heart of this peaceful locale that is worth staying a night.

Final Route

The final 30 kilometers to Phan Thiet are flat and not particularly interesting. When QL28 reaches QL1, you may decide whether to turn right and head towards Lagi and Ke Ga Lighthouse or keep going straight and spend the night at Mũi Né.

After that is the retracing road back to Sai Gon, it will be 220km long, but with you, this is just a way back, so now you are familiar with all the roads. Stay as long as you want at your favorite spots again, or go straight to Sai Gon to join in the most hectic city of VietNam.

You have just finished one of the most beaching Vietnam motorcycle tours. Congratulations!

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Mũi Né, Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận province/ Vietnam


We hope the Southeast loop by motorbike to get away from the crowded and noisy Sai Gon will shake off your tiredness. Anytime you feel like you need a change, consider retracing back the route. 

We go to it over and over every year and have not found it boring. At different times, the scenery is also magnificent in its way! Check out other motorbike trips around Vietnam on our blog if you want to run away again. Thank you!

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