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Crossing border motorbike tours are gaining an enormous reputation among youngsters who love traveling. For the recent time, there are two most popular tours: the Laos crossing tour and the Cambodia crossing tour, as these are the two countries that are right beside VietNam.
In this blog, we will introduce the two unique tours and how to prepare for a great trip.

Crossing Border Motorbike Tours
Motorbike Tours In Laos

Crossing Border Motorbike Tours Review

Crossing Border Vietnam Motorbike Tours After Covid Pandemic

In 2022, when the world has overcome the booming stage of Covid-19, the ratio of Covid infectors has decreased dramatically. This is because the majority of citizens are fully vaccinated, and many of them have got covid, so the risk of being reinfected is very low. Therefore, there is no need to be too concerned about the danger of the pandemic. 

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Once the pandemic is no longer an urgent threat to the country's security, many federal governments also have loosened the rules on external travelers. As a result, travelers can now feel free to go abroad and cross borders without complicated regulations.

Off-road Motorbike Tours Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Vietnam And Laos

Compared to other countries, Laos is the closest place to VietNam. As far as the regulation is concerned, visitors driving to Laos must have their motorbike registered with their name. 

Besides, travelers should apply for a visa in Hanoi or HCM in order to be able to cross the country’s border. Up to now, there are six common international border crossings between the two areas. They are Sop Hun, Na Meo, Nam Phao, Lao Bao, and Bo Y.

During the crossing border trips, you will have the chance to come across some magnificent views of the surrounding areas. Among these Laos - VietNam borders, Lao Bao and Bo Y are the most famous and interesting places. 

Lao Bao Border is well-known for its beautiful Brai cave with sparkling stalactites and reefs running along the side. 

Motorbike Tours Vietnam And Laos
Motorbike Tour North Vietnam

Apart from Lao Bao, Bo Y international border also gained a big reputation due to its one-of-the-kind spot. It is the conjunction of three countries: VietNam, Laos, and Campuchia, and everyone called it the Indochina junction.

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When Riding to Laos, you can experience the wilderness of its scenery. While driving on the motorbike from the height of the mountain, you will see the wild elephants with giant waterfalls - it is just like going to a wild village homestay.

Off-road motorbike tours in Laos

Motorbike Tours Vietnam And Cambodia

Apart from Laos, Cambodia is also an indispensable option for adventurous motorbike tours. Furthermore, Cambodia shares a common feature with Laos: every motor driver approaching the frontier must show off their blue card. 

Unlike Laos, all of the border checkpoints to Cambodia are located in the Southern areas of VietNam. There have been five international borders recently: Moc Bai, Vinh Xuong, Xa Xia, Tinh Bien, and Le Thanh. 

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If you want to capture the most beautiful view of your journey, Moc Bai and Xa Xia are the two checkpoints you should come along. Moc Bai, situated in Tay Ninh, is the largest international gate among other VietNam-Cambodia boundaries. 

This place is distinctive from other gates because it aligns with the Asia highway network. If you prefer beaches rather than mountains, Xa Xia is also a marvelous checkpoint with various beaches such as Mui Nai, Bai Bang, Bai No, etc.

Motorbike Tours Vietnam And Cambodia
TAY NINH, VIETNAM - MAY 06, 2017 -Buffalo with water on cloudy day on Dau Tieng lake, Tay Ninh, Vietnam

What Things Do We Need To Prepare For Crossing Border Motorbike Tours?

A Detailed Plan

Traveling from this country to another country requires a lot of complicated registrations. Therefore, it is imperative that you schedule your long trip ahead of time. On average, a long journey should be planned one to two months in advance. 

The priority task to be implemented is to get a visa since it is the prerequisite to migrating to another nation. In addition, drawing out the places you want to visit will help you optimize the time researching when you reach the destination

A Nice Vehicle

The routes to Laos and Cambodia's borders are not as flat as you expected. They are a combination of rugged and dirty sections. Therefore, a Honda 250CC motorbike is commonly used in this adventurous motorbike journey. 

In the circumstance that you don't have that kind of vehicle, you could purchase it from a second-hand store with a reselling price

Given that every vehicle encountering Laos or Cambodia must be registered, you had better bring along your blue card.

What Things Do We Need To Prepare For Crossing Border Motorbike Tours?
Bayon Temple, Angkor, Cambodia

Essential Personal Belongings

Traveling to the boundary will cost you many hours of driving. In that condition, being well-prepared is crucial in maintaining the energy for a long ride. Since the weather is quite unexpected, a raincoat and sun cream are indispensable items in the backpack. 

Moreover, during the nighttime break, bringing along a small tent and a sleeping bag will prevent you from wild insects in the jungle.


Exposure to a new environment may cause several diseases such as allergies, headaches, flu, etc. To have the best experience, you had better prepare yourself with some essential medicine. 

If you already have a disease, remember to bring your prescriptions and ask for a doctor's instruction before going.

What Are The Advantages Of Crossing Border By motorbikes?

Compared to airplane travel and car travel, motorbike travel is more adventurous and interesting. This journey is specialized for skillful drivers who love to explore new feelings. Here are several reasons why you should participate in these journeys:

  • Boost your fitness
  • Reduce stress and refresh your mind
  • Soft skills improvement
  • Widen your horizon
  • Cultivate new relationships


In conclusion, crossing border motorbike tours are very worth trying for youngsters. They bring you unforgettable feelings since you can drive on your motorbike and capture all the natural beauty of the route. 

Lao Bao and Bo Y are the two most interesting places to try out REGARDING Laos crossing borders. If you plan to visit Cambodia, Xa Xia and Moc Bai are the checkpoints you can not miss. Lastly, remember to be well-prepared before going so that you can enjoy your on-in-a-life trip.

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