Motorbiking The Top 15 Mountain Passes In Vietnam



The beautiful S-shaped country has the full combination of rolling hills, standing-cloud mounts, and striking limestone peaks and mountain passes. While having a motorcycle tour, many chances you’ll transcend along at least one of these splendid passes. 

Words can not describe the magnificence of these views when riding on a motorcycle crossing those passes. Dive right in motorbiking the top 15 mountain passes in Vietnam!

Motorbiking The Top 15 Mountain Passes In Vietnam

1. O Quy Ho Pass Motorbike Tour

Passing through Lao Cai and Lai Chau, you will see O Quy Ho pass on the Hoang Lien Son range. As youngsters who seek “cloud hunting”, this destination is impossible to miss. The cloudy fresh blue sky with some ice drops will be worth a try in the early spring morning!

Also known as a Heaven Gate between the two province boundaries, the 200-meter mountain is also described as a love story happening to the local legends.

O Quy Ho Pass Motorbike Tour
O Qui Ho Pass or Sapa Heaven Gate

2. Ma Pi Leng Pass Motorcycle Tour (Ha Giang)

Roughly reach the 20km length throughout the Ma Pi Leng peaks, leading its way to distinctive local ethnic communities. 

The road covering it was named Hanh Phuc Street, and thousands of teenage hands from the ethnic group of the northern provinces created this construction . It sounds hard and overwhelming, yet it is an astonishing achievement after all.

From the top of the peak are the valleys of the Nho Que river, one of the most outstanding geology places to enjoy.

Ma Pi Leng Pass Motorcycle Tour (Ha Giang)
Ma Pi Leng Pass, Nho Que River, Ha Giang, Far North Vietnam

3. Pha Din Pass Motorbike Tour

It breaches the narrow highway crossing Son La and Lai Chau boundaries. The conflict view of the two provinces combines beauty and challenge.

Here exists a 32 km long road severely bombed, killing thousands of fighters in the war with the French. Once encountering the top, you can see the memorial marks recalling the Dien Bien Phu war and the courage of Vietnamese soldiers.

4. Khau Pha Pass Motorcycle Tour

With nearly 30 km and a peak of 1200m, the motorbiking journey cuts through the terrace rice fields and opens up towards the sky! The scenic elevation for air-riding adventurous seekers and the slopes out its peak make it enthralling to demanding riders.

It is expected to have the most incredible rice terrace fields in September and October when those paddy fields are ripe, green, and ready to harvest. It lures the eyesight of all dreamy youngsters! 

Khau Pha Pass Motorcycle Tour
Khau Pha Pass in Yen Bai Vietnam

5. Hai Van Pass Motorbike Tour

As a member of one  of the most well-known passes in Vietnam, and also one of 15+ Riding Vietnam mountain passes in this list, it satisfied the journey with a calm and peaceful vibe for any tourists, photographers, backpackers, motorbikers and travel bloggers. 

Hai Van is the connection between Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang with a total of 20 km and becomes the priority to travel when visiting those two central cities of the country. The hectic, lively city of Da Nang combined with charming ancient Hue is an ideal choice for any adventure travel lover!

Hai Van Pass Motorbike Tour
Hai Van Pass, is an approximately long mountain pass on National Route 1A in Vietnam.

6. Ngang Pass Motorcycle Tour

One of our 15+ Motorbiking to mountain passess in Vietnam, Ngang has a thickness in the history of the region. Also, it has a tunnel from Ha Tinh to Quang Binh.

Trekking down the street, you’ll see many stops that view the area division. And when passing its peak, you’ll be welcomed by the beautiful beach. Try to take a fresh breath there!

7. Ngoan Muc – Song Pha Pass Motorbike Tour

This spectacular destination belongs to Ninh Thuan province with a total of 980m in height and 18.5 km in length. 

As the name says, Ngoan Muc is translated as “Breathtaking Pass,” which expresses the area gracefully. Its gorgeous scene always steals every traveler’s heart when passing through continual zig-zag roads. 

8. Vi O Lac Pass Motorcycle Tour

Once you enter Vi O Lac, you’ll know why it’s famous for being a charming poetic place among riders. Vi O Lac sits between Kon Tum and Quang Ngai with a height of 1300 meters.

It can be a miss if you don’t go to see the Dak So placed on the hillside with only a small number of houses.

Vi O Lac Pass Motorcycle Tour
Scenic Đèo Vi Ô Lắc pass, Quang Ngai

9. Omega Pass Motorbike Tour

You will pass through the pine forest to Omega with a height up to 1700 meters. The spectacular scenes gradually appear as you go higher, and the pine trees are left behind your back.

This route matches Dalat and Nha Trang. Once you climb up the sky at a certain height, you’ll see the sun with the clouds blending together. The color vibing with the vibrant greens, trees, and frost, creates a spectacular view in front of your eyes.

10. Ma Phuc Pass Motorcycle Tour

Located in northern Vietnam, 22 km from Cao Bang, near China, Ma Phuc is the highlight of the whole area. It is named by the shape of two limestone opposite, which resemble the look of two horses, transferred as “Ma Phuc” in Vietnamese.

Coming here, all you can feel is the simple and pristine beauty of the lush green mountains. You won’t want to say goodbye to this refreshing vibe for sure.

Ma Phuc Pass Motorcycle Tour
Ma Phuc mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam

11. Thung Khe Pass Motorbike Tour

Thung Khe peaks at 1000 meters on the QL6 highway. It has a dramatic and interesting plummet at some stops to make up for the enjoyment during the ride.

The place lusts the look of any adventurers discovering the misty atmosphere wrapped in the cloud blanket. Though the motorbike ride is not really challenging, it’s sure to be a joy to fulfill.

12. Ca Pass Motorcycle Tour

Ca Peak links two provinces together – Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen, a boundary of the two kingdoms. It sits at the peak of 1000 meters and looks like a neck, which also makes up its name.

Looking down from the pass, there are numerous beaches stretching along the way. This is where you can join the reunion of magnificent mountains and the gentle crystal-clear ocean.

13. Prenn Pass Motorbike Tour

Leading the way to Dalat city, you will encounter the Prenn, which is 10km long. The view is so romantic, but sometimes the weather is so foggy and wet, so drive slowly to be safe. Not to mention, the busy traffic and some damp parts of the street make it dangerous for drivers.

Tearing along this pass will fill you with freshness and coolness of the air. Take your time slowly, as you can hear the chirping birds while the sun is dancing on your face.

Prenn Pass Motorbike Tour
Prenn pass connect Dalat city to Duc Trong district, Lam Dong, Vietnam

14. Mimosa Pass Motorcycle Tour

This Mimosa paves the way back to Dalat, and the route is covered with colorful flowers. The namesake “Mimosa” also relates to the time flowers are in full bloom. It is ideal for any seekers of beautiful photos with a great background.

As charming as it is, this pass indeed symbolizes the romantic and poetic spirit of Dalat. You will want to pull over for some photos to capture all that beauty.

15. Phuong Hoang Pass Motorbike Tour

Phuong Hoang pass connects Khanh Hoa and Daklak, passing through Nha Trang, a tourist destination with inviting beaches. Along the route, numerous mountain trees next to coastlines with sand and seas make it fascinating and mesmerizing to motorcyclists. 

And that is the end of our list of 15 passes for motorbike tours. Conquering mountain passes is never an easy feast. But with your adventurous heart, we believe you will want to discover other Vietnam motorcycle tours.


Motorbiking the top 15 mountain passes in Vietnam will never give you enough adrenaline-filled tours. If these passes can’t satisfy you, follow our blog to “taste” more regions in this country.

Don’t miss those incredible passes; pack your backpack and hit the road now!

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