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Motorcycle Tours are not a strange term in today’s life. We simply understand that this kind of tour is to travel wherever we want by motorcycle. 

In fact, there are many other interesting things during the trips by motorcycles. In this article, we will show you why it will be an extremely exciting experience to try it. There are some attractive types of motorcycle tours for you to choose from.

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Why Should We Try Motorcycle Tours at Least Once in Life?

Nowadays, many people choose self-sufficient travel to be more comfortable and easy to do whatever they want. Among many types of self-sufficient travel forms, a motorcycle tour in which the motorcycle is the primary mean of transportation is one of the best choices. 

It has been an integral part of life for Australians since the early 20th century. This form of travel has a lot of fans these days, and that’s because recent growth in motorcycle touring and camping show it’s now worth over $350 billion. The keyword of ” Vietnam Motorbike Tours Australia ” always like trending in Google.Com.Au

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Single track of Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours

For motorbike tours newbies, it may seem a bit overwhelming at first. With just one ride, you can be the more relaxed and confident motorcycle rider you’ve always wanted to be! For novices in these types of motorbike tours, joining Vietnam guided motorbike rides is the best option.

If you believe that the most important factor is the journey, here are six reasons why you should plan a motorcycle road trip at least once in life. 

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  • Motorcycle road trips give you the freedom to choose how far you’re willing to travel each day. In this case, you feel like covering up to 100km in a single day or only 20.
  • Having a motorcycle tour allows you to experience amazing sights that are unobtainable through conventional modes of transportation.
  • Traveling by motorcycle helps travelers to save on excess baggage. Motorcycle touring comes with the realization that there is only so much you can carry on those wheels, and this helps you identify what’s worth your while and what’s not.
  • Motorcycle touring is a great adventure with many possibilities to get out on the road. When you finish planning and preparing for your trip, set a route and start traveling along with it, keeping it at a steady pace to accomplish the daily goals you’ve set for yourself. 

You’ll feel every bump in the road as the wind hits your back, giving you back that feeling of freedom and mindfulness – it’s what makes motorcycle touring an intriguing experience and keeps bringing people back for more.

  • Motorcycle touring is a great way to travel as it saves resources from all around the world from being used up to help get you down the road. 

Traveling by motorcycle also requires fewer fossil fuels because of how fuel-efficient motorcycles are compared to cars, trucks, and other vehicles traditionally used for everyday traveling purposes.

  • Going on a trip by motorbike is the most economical way to travel. Riding a motorcycle is a very cost-effective means of personal transport while traveling. 

Typically, depending on how you ride your bike and what you drive, riding with a motorcycle will be more cost-effective for traveling than using another motorized vehicle. 

If you think about it, your fuel costs will be lower depending on how you ride the motorcycle and insurance costs, which are so much less than an equivalent spec car. Plus, parking spaces for bikes are often free or at least cheaper!

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Attractive Motorcycle Tours

There are many smaller types of motorcycle tours for you to choose the best suitable one.

Vietnam Self-guided Motorcycle Tours

This kind of tour is an advanced option for people who want to experience the quest solo. The travelers can rent a terrain-appropriate motorcycle on the packages named “Fly&Ride”, as a result, they don’t have to ship their bikes which is an electrical choice. 

The shop you rent, “Fly&Ride,” will also prepare your identical international documents and a full-option hotel package for your adventure.

Additionally, there will be a GPS item or a roadbook for travelers not to get lost during their trips. The shops also recommend many interesting places to visit, where to buy food or eat, where to fulfill their motorcycles, etc.  

Vietnam Self-guided Motorcycle Tours
Self guided motorcycle tour in Vietnam

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Guided Group Tours

Guided Group Tours also offer routes and packages similar to the type of tour mentioned above – a Self-guided Tour. But instead of providing a map or a GPS item, the company will have one or two tour guides to support the travelers during their trips. 

There are bilingual and even multilingual tour guides who help you with your international paperwork, luggage transport, and other services you need when you join this type of motorcycle tour. 

You will also be provided with many convenient services such as securing the motorbike you rent, instructing your group, picking you up from the airport, and bringing you back to the airport to go home. Motorbike tours departing from Hanoi, please book the flight to Noi Bai airport, Motorcycle tours departing from Ho Chi Minh city or Mekong Delta, book your flight to Tan Son Nhat.

Guided Group Tours
Biking around Dong Van karst plateau, Ha Giang!

Dual Sport Tours

A dual-sport ride allows you to get off the beaten path. You might even want to go so far off the path that you lose your cell service maps, and your GPS technology pulls out of service. 

You can leave the paved roads behind and enjoy the dirt, mud, and sand pathways through mountains, jungles, and deserts where those routes still exist.

Riders need to note that the motorcycles they rent with the tour package in this type are compatible with the terrain. There are among 250 and 300cc and even higher dual-sport motorbikes. Therefore, travelers need to ensure to handle these bikes perfectly. 

Dual Sport Tours
Honda CRF250L riding to Can Ty, Quan Ba, Ha Giang


When you join pavement riding, you are joining one of the natural progressions to the adrenaline you may find on the rough, unpaved roads that others participate in – if your comfort level is more suited to hard surface roads.

While you are exploring the options for those looking for a pavement-focused motorbiking vacation in Vietnam, keep in mind that many of these trips include at least 20% of off-road riding. Be sure to check the details related to each trip’s distance. 

There may be additional miles involved, as it could overlap with another motorbike trip, or there could be dirt roads leading the way to some beautiful places you have never visited and would otherwise never get an opportunity to see.

Beautiful green vivid landscape on the trip from National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang to Cua Lo in Vietnam. Amazing rural scenery photo taken along Ho Chi Minh Trail!

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Motorcycling Travel Insurance

Joining our motorcycle tours in Vietnam, riders should buy travel insurance which covers for motorbiking in Vietnam up to 250cc bike. Below are companies who provides travel insurance when riding in Vietnam!

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There is no doubt that motorcycle tours are worth trying because of their excitement. Sometimes, it may be a little dangerous if you go alone. But don’t worry! There are more types for you to select depending on your favor.

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