The 10+ Beautiful Places To Ride In Vietnam

The 10+ Beautiful Places To Ride In Vietnam - Preparing Tips For The Best Trip


Are you looking for a place to travel during your vacation in VietNam? Here is the list of the 10+ beautiful places to ride in VietNam and how to get the best experience from your trip. As a matter of fact, Vietnam is a tropical country with thousands of stunning views. The magnificent view from a wide range of twisted mountains and the beautiful white-sand beaches make VietNam an ideal place to travel. 

The 10+ Beautiful Places To Ride In Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Center for its ancient unique accumulation of thousands of limestone karsts and isles. It is one of the best Vietnam nature wonders in Vietnam. Uniquely, the Bay is the final result of more than 500 million years of formation. This has resulted in an infinite stretch of limestone islands and breathtaking caves such as Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, etc. When coming to this rich-cultural heritage, you can try out some water activities such as sightseeing, yachting, kayaking, and climbing.

Ha Long Bay
Floating Fishing Village, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is a wonderful island that has the largest area in VietNam, situated in the Southern area. Surrounded by the blue beach, this island captivates thousands of visitors with its crescent-shaped stretch of white-sand seashore. Nothing is more chilling than lying on the beach and having a sip of cocktail under the light sunsets. In addition, you can also take a bike for rent to explore the red dirt roads and visit the national park in the internal area of this island. In short, Phu Quoc is an ideal place to recharge your energy after long hard-working times.

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Phu Quoc Island
Sunset over the sea at Phu Quoc island in Vietnam. Pier on the foreground

Mui Ne Beach

Way down in the south-central of Binh Thuan Province, Mui Ne is blessed with extended magnificent dunes. Nowhere can you find such colourful and eccentric dunes like in this peaceful area. Each dune is named after its sand’s colour; there are Red sand dunes and white sand dunes. Raving in these infinite sand covers is a must-try experience when encountering this place. 

Mui Ne Beach
Paradise beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach City

Regarded as one of the most magnificent seaside resorts in the world, visitors rave about its windy weather and picturesque landscapes. It will be great to immerse in the blue crystal water of the beach and try out tasty Nha Trang seafood. On top of that, you will also have the chance to experience some interesting activities like snorkelling in the coral reefs, jet skiing or sailing to the Bay. 

Nha Trang Beach City
Vietnam, Nha Trang street food, cooking banh xeo – savoury rice-flour pancakes with shrimp and bean sprouts

Bai Sao

Regarded as the paradise of Phu Quoc, you will be jaw-dropping by the magnificent view of this star beach. The name “Bai Sao” is initiated from an old story; when the sunset falls, thousands of stars will move toward the seashores, creating a spectacular view. When you visit the beach, you can contemplate the sparkling starfishes lying on the beach floor. The best time to witness this phenomenal moment is between September and October.

The 10+ Beautiful Places To Ride In Vietnam the 10 beautiful places to ride in vietnam 5
Bai Sao beach in Phu Quoc island, Vietnam. With the blue water, white sandy, Phu Quoc island was rated as beautiful as Boracay, Philippines and Phi Phi, Thailand.

Da Lat and Central Highland

If you prefer high latitude and peacefulness, Da Lat is one of the best places to ride in Vietnam. Lying on the Highland Central of Lam Dong Province, Da Lat is called The City of Flowers – an ideal place for a honeymoon or a healing trip. Surrounded by highlands and lakes, Da Lat looks like a hidden tower with fresh air and vivid kinds of flowers and trees. It is a great place to travel when you want to escape from the noise and boisterousness of the cities.

The 10+ Beautiful Places To Ride In Vietnam the 10 beautiful places to ride in vietnam 6
Tuyen Lam lake at Dalat, Vietnam, beautiful landscape for eco travel at Viet Nam, amazing lake among pine forest make wonderful scene, boat on water, Da Lat countryside is famous place for Vietnam Motorbike Holiday

Da Nang Beach

Da Nang – the fourth largest city in VietNam, is on its way to becoming one of the most attractive places for visitors. Specifically, the US Magazine National Geographic stated Da Nang as one of the “50 Places of a lifetime”. One thing you should not miss when going to Da Nang; is the Golden Bridge, with the illustration of two giant hands holding the gold bridge. Apart from that, the Dragon Bridge Fire Show, Riding On Hai Van Pass, Top Gear Vietnam Motorbike Special are also a fantastic things to try out.

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Da Nang Beach
Da Nang beach near Hai Van pass mountain in Da Nang, Vietnam

Son Doong Cave, Quang Binh

Son Doong cave is extremely compatible with adventure lovers due to its daunting terrace. It is ranked the largest natural cave in the world in the Guinness Book Record. It will take more than a day to explore every corner of this five-kilometre cave. You can not only trekk but also camp inside the cave, providing that you book the tour in advance with full equipment.

The 10+ Beautiful Places To Ride In Vietnam the 10 beautiful places to ride in vietnam 8
Campsite in Hang En (swallow cave), the entrance to Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world, is in the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in the Quang Binh province of Central Vietnam

Sapa & Northwest Vietnam

Another great place for adventurers is SaPa – a small town lying on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. In Sapa, you will have a chance to conquer Fansipan – “The rooftop of VietNam”. At the peak of Fansipan, you will be surrounded by clouds. It is a one-of-the-kind experience that you should try. Moreover, located in the high latitude, SaPa is extremely cold. Therefore, you had better bring warm coaches when visiting here.  

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Sapa & Northwest Vietnam
Sapa, Lao Cai, Northwest Vietnam

Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town – The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is one of the most visited places in VietNam. There is a fact that Hoi An used to be a lively trading port in South-East Asia from the 15th to 19th century. Consequently, its building structures are the heritage of many different cultures in Asia. At night, you can watch the lanterns in vivid colours light up on the street or join in the Hoa Dang festival held on the 14th and 15th in the Moon calendar every month. 

Hoi An
Vietnamese Women in long dress ” Ao Dai “, in Hoian, Quang Nam province

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Preparing Tips For A Trip

First and foremost, you should be well-prepared to gain the best experience of the trip. Here are some useful tips for you when travelling:

Do research carefully: Before making decisions, you should ask if that place is suitable for your children or if the service cost is compatible with your budget or not. By doing that, you can take a trip that is either qualified or suitable with your pocket.

Bring the passport or license (if needed): In case you are a foreigner, you should ask for a visa one to two months in advance. If you plan to drive by yourself, make sure that your license is still valid.

Bring a first aid kit: You can not foresee what risks will happen; hence, bring some essential medicines with you.

Be careful when going to the public: Some Wifi connections in public are prone to be hacked and stolen identity; hence, you had better not use public Wifi.

What Is The Best Time To Travel?

Vietnam is a tropical country with two main seasons: the dry and rainy seasons. The weather in the fall season is quite good with milder temperatures, and there is no rainfall. In contrast, the rainy season is filled with daily rain, and the roads are quite dirty; sometimes, there will be frost and moisture. Therefore, it is ideal for travelling in the fall season (from March to April) as the weather conditions are harmonious and there is no rainfall at all. In terms of beach voyage, the time frame between June and August is the best option when the weather is hot and sunny.

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In a nutshell, these are the 10+ beautiful places to ride in Vietnam that you should not miss on this occasion. If you are an adventurer, such sinuous terrains as Son Doong cave and Sapa will bring you the most memorable experience. If you prefer going to the beach rather than climbing in the mountains, Ha Long Bay and Da Nang are on the top list of your demands. Additionally, no matter where you go, remember to be carefully prepared so that your trip is safe and meaningful.

If you find this list beneficial, tag your friends and persuade them to take a long trip to these wonderful places! Thanks for reading our blogs, keep staying with us for next blog of the Top best places to visit in vietnam!

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