The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi – A Full-Detailed Guidelines

Motorbike Rental In Hanoi

One of the most interesting things to Hanoi’s travelers is to discover the locals’ pace, beautiful alleys, spectacular sightseeing, etc., by motorbike. Ideally, many agencies offer motorcycle services to fulfill visitors’ needs.

In reality, thanks to the diversity of this service, it leads to a more competitive and affordable price for the customers. In this post, we’d like to list some popular names besides VietnamBikers for you to find the best motorbike rental in Hanoi.

The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi - A Full-Detailed Guidelines motorbike rental in hanoi 2 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Honda CRF300L, CRF250L at the local homestay

The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours | VietnamBikers

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, motorcycle rentals are Vietnambiker’s area of expertise. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours possesses a web of branches and stations throughout the country. Motorcyclists can rent a bike in one city and return it in another. 

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Style Motorbikes

Honestly, this name is our main rival in this market. They offer many kinds of motorbikes, such as Detech Win, Honda Semi-Automatic, Honda Manual, and Suzuki Manual. Yet, these bikes may be bought from other companies, and Hanoi Motorbike Rental is one example.

Style Motorbikes
Chinese border Ride

Flamingo Travel Motorbike Rental

With more than 15 years of experience, Flamingo has been operating since Vietnam opened to travelers. 

This agency offers a wide range of products, such as guided package tours, self-guided tours, rentals, etc. They firstly worked in tours, then gradually evolved into motorcycle rentals throughout the years. 

They provide an extensive selection of large-capacity motorcycles. There are many models for you to choose from. Still, these motorcycles have been used for years. They also have pickup and drop-off offices in two main cities, Hanoi and HCMC, and other areas.

Flamingo Travel Motorbike Rental
Unique spot of Ha Giang

RentaBike Motorbike Rentals In Hanoi

Rentabike is a company that targets foreigners residing in and working in Hanoi. Rentabike provides them with a monthly motorbike rental. 

Besides, they seem to have a few bikes available to rent for long-distance journeys. This service isn’t quite well-known because we haven’t heard of anyone using their service for long trips, though.

RentaBike Motorbike Rentals In Hanoi
Amazing view of Xin Man, Ha Giang

Phung Motorbikes

This agency develops from a repair auto shop. They’re mainly working in repairing. After years, they have collected a wide range of motorcycles and started the rental service. However, these bikes are not highly recommended because of their unknown age and long years of work.

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Interesting Places To Go With Hanoi Motorbike Rental

When renting a motorbike in Hanoi, most tourists like to explore the North area of the country. Vietnam’s North is a mountainous region with breathtaking scenery. 

It offers a great view and sense of lush vegetation, amazing canyon cliffs, beautiful crops, and the hospitality’s locals. On the other hand, the weather in this area is also suitable for driving and contemplating!

The list below is for you to take a look at!

  • A tour to Ha Giang
  • The North East, around Cao Bang City
  • The North West
  • Sapa and Lao Cai

How Much To Rent A Motorbike In Hanoi?

In general, the prices of Vietnam motorbike rentals are quite affordable. For a scooter, you can rent at the price of around $5 – $7 per day when driving within the city. When traveling outside the city, the cost for a scooter may appear higher, around $10 per day or $250 per month.

When it comes to other larger-capacity motorcycles, the price is also different. For example, the price of Honda XR 150cc or other off-road models will start from $35 per day.

Meanwhile, these larger motorbikes are subject to a different wide range of regulations and laws. In some circumstances, due to paper-related problems, many motorbikes could only be rented and driven in specific areas, which means they shouldn’t have appeared in main cities, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi - A Full-Detailed Guidelines motorbike rental in hanoi 6 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Chinese border ride in Ha Giang

What Should Be Noticed When Renting A Motorbike In Hanoi?

It is said that Hanoi is the birthplace and epicenter of motorbike rentals. There are numerous motorcycle rental businesses that were once well-known motorcycle tour operators. When Vietnam first opened to tourism, most of these types of businesses were owned by motor technicians or motorcycle enthusiasts who quickly became tour guides. 

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However, these early adopters in Hanoi have gradually decreased over the years due to higher competition. The only remaining rentals are old motorbikes with little money left for upkeep. 

When it comes to choosing the brand to rent a motorbike, it’s important to consider the experience, reputation, and quality of service. Tigit is one of the names you should consider. 

Apart from experience and reputation, we follow a western-style service with various motorbike models. We concentrate on providing our customers fulfillment and happiness, contributing to making your journeys unforgettable.

The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi - A Full-Detailed Guidelines motorbike rental in hanoi 7 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Single track riding in north Vietnam

Is It Necessary To Take Hanoi Motorbike Rental?

In our opinion, the answer is yes! As travelers have spent a long time on a plane to arrive in Hanoi City, you may not want to lock yourself in the air conditioning taxis or cars. 

Although parking is scarce in the congested city of Hanoi, the feeling of driving a motorcycle through the lively alleys and discovering the simple but beautiful moments of locals’ lives will make the trip interesting. Furthermore, the sense of wind blowing through skin and hair, which can’t be found in taxis, will leave you with a great experience.

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For outside Hanoi journeys, renting a motorcycle to travel is worthwhile. You can reach stunning spots like Ninh Binh, Lao Cai, Sa Pa, Ha Giang, or the North areas in general.  

Motorcyclists should be equipped with a driving license or an international license in order to drive in Vietnam legally. Many passengers, however, travel without any sort of paper.

The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi - A Full-Detailed Guidelines motorbike rental in hanoi 8 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Single track riding in Hanoi


Riders can pick the appropriate model based on preference, cost, etc. Depending on customers’ conditions, the payment method can be cash or card. 

They also offer guides, tours, etc.; you can find more info on their website. Moreover, VietnamBikers does offer a sizable support network for assisting drivers in need when problems appear. Hopefully, you find this blog on the best motorbike rental in Hanoi!

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