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If you're a seasoned motorbike rider planning a vacation to Vietnam, there's no reason not to take advantage of these excellent Vietnam motorbike routes. According to many motorcyclists, Northern Vietnam has some of the greatest motorcycle riding in the world. 

The article below will show you a list of 9 great northern routes from all of my northern motorcycle guides on one page. You should be able to design your own 'Great North Route' by connecting these nine guidelines and following them from east to west or west to east across the nation.

9 Best Vietnam Motorbike Riding Routes

1. Limestone Loop

Route: Beginning with Hanoi, you can go to Mai Chau to Pu Luong, and then Lao border

Distance: 700-800 km

Duration: three to six days


This motorbike circle, which runs Hanoi southwest and is only a few hours from the city, takes in the country's most beautiful landscape and passes through some of the country's most desolate areas near Laos border

The Limestone Loop makes its way through Thanh Hoa province, known for its rivers, limestone pinnacles, and rice roofs. Quiet roads wind through bamboo-forested valleys, and mountains curve higher toward secluded Lao border checkpoints.

Most tourists overlook Thanh Hoa in favor of Ninh Binh, which tourists currently overrun. On the contrary, Thanh Hoa is just now beginning to gain popularity, thanks to the spectacular scenery of Pu Luong.

The beautiful environment is now more accessible than ever, owing to improved highways that allow you to travel from Hanoi's urban tumult to Thanh Hoa Province's pastoral tranquility in only several hours on your motorbike.

Landscape of Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh province - a famous destination of Northwest Vietnam

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2. Harvest Route

Route: Go to Mu Cang Chai first and end with Tu Le

Distance: 50 km 

Duration: 1 day


The second journey in our motorbike routes is the Harvest Route. The gorgeous rice fields in Mu Cang Chai, a rural region in Yen Bai - a province in northern Vietnam, exhibit stunning harvest colors every year between September and October. Hundreds of terraced rice fields, sculpted into the slopes of precipitous valleys, which are highlighted by the falling sun in the fresh, dew-drenched daybreak.

The Harvest Route currently has a slew of guest hotels and homestays, especially in the towns of Tu Le as well as Mu Cang Chai. There are, however, calmer, more picturesque homestays on the backroads on each side of the main road that are well worth exploring.

Despite its popularity among domestic travelers and Asian visitors, Mu Cang Chai is not included in many popular English-language guidebooks. A motorbike ride along Highway QL32 from the little villages of Mu Cang Chai and Tu Le, across the steep Khau Pha, is an excellent way to enjoy the magnificent show. 

This is the 'Harvest Route,' a 50-kilometer stretch of picture-perfect landscape that, in the proper weather, will quickly fill your camera's memory card.

Organic rice field for safety food of our world.Natural way farming of rice field in organic rice field. Sapa Motorcycle Tours collection

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3. Northwest Loop Extreme

Route: To go to Dien Bien Phu, you start at Lao Cai and Lai Chau, then move to Muong Lay, Muong Te, and finally Muong Nhe.

Distance: 300-800 km 

Duration: 2 to 7 days


The major motorcycle route is all about discovering lonely roads and regions: it's far from the shortest path between Dien Bien Phu and Lao Cai, and it sometimes necessitates backtracking. However, the benefits are spectacular landscapes and almost no other travelers. 

The main road runs for 800-900 kilometers between Lao Cai and Dien Bien Phu. Returning by road, QL6 and Sin Ho or the most direct route through QL12 and QL4D may be made into a loop.

The one-way or return motorbike ride between Lao Cai and Dien Bien Phu through these routes can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days, depending on road conditions and weather. 

Despite their remoteness, the roads are generally in good shape, and all of the towns and villages highlighted with a red pin on my map provide lodging (usually in the form of local guest houses). 

However, since the roads are so hilly, they are prone to landslides, which can cause them to become inaccessible for hours or even days following severe rains. The finest months for weather, in my opinion, are Feb, March, April -May and September-November.

Top of O Qui Ho Pass to Sapa

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4. Loop Sin Ho 

Route: Departure at Sapa to Lai Chau, Sin Ho, and Phong Tho

Distance: 320 km 

Duration: from two to four days


These Vietnam Motorbike Routes have three sections that travel counterclockwise around the loop; however, you may conquer it in any direction. The official distance is 320 kilometers, and there is an extra side loop that adds another 80 kilometers to the total motorbike trip. 

Each portion does not have to correlate to a single day on the road. The loop might be completed in two days. Nevertheless, because the roads are steep and winding, movement is slower than in the lowlands, and the landscape is spectacular, you'll want to take frequent breaks to take in the sights. 

This loop takes into account the weather and the time of year. Landslides are prevalent following heavy rains, and they can close highways for hours or even days. Unfortunately, weather in this location is difficult to anticipate, and conditions can vary rapidly at any time of year.

Hill tribe kids on the way home, Lai Chau province

5. Loop Y Ty 

Route:  From Sapa, Y Ty, to the Chinese border and Lao Cai

Distance: 195km 

Duration: one to two days


The magnificent mountainous panorama that you can view from the hotel window stretches to the boundary belonging to China in the north of Sapa. Several narrow roads crawl into stiff, terraced valleys, then climb high to the rivers with cold water, and sneak into minority small villages, where a few homestays provide unforgettable overnight accommodations. 

This short, easily accessible motorbike excursion, which starts and ends in Sapa through the hilltop village in Y Ty, creates a gorgeous circle that is a fantastic respite from the progressively gloomy and touristic a Sapa mountain town.

The Sapa - Y Ty Loop motorcycle route is a fantastic way to spend 1-2 days in the saddle as an alternative to or an extension of the Sapa - Sin Ho Loop route. It is either immersed in a heated, crisp highland that shines like a dazzling aura in the gardens, or it is enveloped by a somber, Dickensian heavy fog.

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6. Loop Border & Rear

Route:  Start from Sapa, Lao Cai, and Muong Khuong, to Si Ma Cai, Bac Ha, continue to discover Xin Man, Hoang Su Phi, and finally Ha Giang. 

Distance: 235-480 km 

Duration: two to five days


Sapa and Ha Giang, respectively, are gates to Vietnam's northwest and extreme north mountain beauty. However, the travel between these two mountain communities is as exciting as the scenery beyond them.

This motorcycling route borders the border of China, forging a winding course across ranges of mountain and river valleys to connect two of the country's most hilly provinces (Lao Cai and Ha Giang).

This motorbike journey should be done gently – there are hairpin bends every kilometer – along with adequate time to account for unanticipated conditions like landslides and severe weather, frequently blocking the road.

This route is ideal for cyclists looking to connect the northwest with the far north and as an alternative to the famous Ha Giang Loop.

Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

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7. North Extreme Loop

Route: Departure at Ha Giang, Tam Son, move to Yen Minh, Du Gia, and Dong Van, then ride through Meo Vac to Bao Lac.

Distance: 350 km 

Duration: two to five days


Vietnam's northernmost province is Ha Giang. The mystical terrain near the border of China, which consists of a mythological is without a doubt the most magnificent in the nation, with conical limestone peaks and deep, craggy valleys.

The number of visitors has risen substantially in the recent pastyears. Road conditions connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac, and Bao Lac have improved, making entry to this isolated portion of the nation relatively simple.

It's a great area for a motorcycle road trip, with mountain passes clinging to cliff sides high above raging rivers and back roads winding through forests of limestone pinnacles. Food, lodging, and ATMs are now available across the region. 

Stunning view of Ha Giang motorcycle tours

8. Routes for Highway

Route: From Ha Giang to Ba Be Lake and Cao Bang 

Distance: 310-370 km 

Duration: 1-3 days


The motorbike routes spreading over Ha Giang, Cao Bang, then Bac Kan - 3 northern provinces, ride through Vietnam's most scenic and inaccessible areas. The scenery here is breathtaking, and many visitors consider it their favorite spot in Southeast Asia. 

A slew of fantastic mountain roads snake through a difficult environment of limestone karsts, steep valleys, and rushing rivers, connecting two of the country's most picturesque motorcycle routes (the Extreme North Loop and the Northeast Loop).

On the way through Ha Giang, Ba Be Lake, and Cao Bang, there are various distinct routes to choose from, beautiful but not especially easy. In this motorbike route, I've plotted three routes that link the far north and the far northeast.

Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam.Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

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9. Loops In The Northeast

Richy and Steven at Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang, Northeast Vietnam!

Route:  Departure at Cao Bang, Pac Bo Cave, and Ban Gioc Waterfall Falls, continue with Lang Son, Mau Son Mountain to Bac Son and Bac Kan, finally end at Ba Be Lake

Distance: 165-455 km

Duration: 1-6 days


All three northeastern provinces are stunning (Cao Bang, Lang Son, and Bac Kan), and the trio currently have the best on-road motorcycle riding choices in Vietnam.

Tourists are sparse, traffic is minimal, locals serve pleasant, rustic and heart-warming meals, and an authentic sense of adventure. Within the 3 provinces, this motorbike route concentrates on 5 alternative loops and itineraries.

The 'Great Northeast Loop' may be completed by riding each circle separately or in combination. Spend at least a few days riding a motorbike from Cao Bang, Lang Son, Ba Be Lake, or Bac Kan to explore these routes.

Serenity Ba Be Lake in Vietnam


These nine northern Vietnam motorbike routes encompass thousands of kilometers. Yet, they only scratch the surface of what northern Vietnam offers motorbike riders in terms of superb roads, tracks, routes, and locations. Hope the article is helpful for your journey!

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