How to choose optimal Vietnam motorcycle tours and rentals?

How to choose

In the eyes of both Vietnamese and international tourists, Vietnam has always been a welcoming, friendly country with poetic, lyrical, and green landscapes. Nature has many beautiful and appealing sceneries for visitors to explore. One of the things Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental  recommends you do at least once in your life is explore Vietnam tourism. Have you ever tried to imagine that you will travel to Vietnam by motorbike? It will definitely be an exciting experience trip that you will never forget. In this article, Vietnam Travel will share interesting things about making a trip to Vietnam by motorbike. However, the selection of these  is extremely important. Let’s find out some information with us!

Advisable Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

Advisable Vietnam

First, you must determine the purpose of your trip. If you like the feeling of adventure, love the speed and the breathtaking natural scenery of the mountains, you definitely cannot ignore the tours such as: Sapa motorcycle tours, Ha Giang motorcycle tours, Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tours,… Because the roads here will go through countless mountains, passes, terraced fields, giving you the experience of the dirt bike trips in the truest sense.

If you enjoy majestic mountains that jut out into the sea, you must visit central Vietnam. The majestic Hai Van Pass, for example, is craggy with mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The scenery is stunning, and you can often see monkeys playing by the roadside. Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

And if you like trips with rivers, then Mekong delta motorcycle tours are for you. The Mekong Delta with its dense downstream system creates very interesting routes that you can try. Abundant fruit year round, friendly people, and delicious food are the outstanding features that attract tourists to this region.

After you have determined the right destination, please refer to the tours at reputable travel companies. Refer to information, schedules, prices and even reviews of the trip to ensure quality, as well as safety for yourself. Good travel agencies will help you have a good experience especially with their Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental. Imagine you travel with an old bike, it is very easy to give you problems, flat tires for example.

Finally, go with large travel agencies that have clear, well-informed websites. And could you please contact them directly to inquire about the trip,… and whether they will pick you at the airport, hotel or not?

Important considerations when renting a motorcycle – Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental


Motorcycle rental service to serve the travel needs of tourists is almost always available and is easy to find in most tourist destinations. So what will travelers need to keep in mind when using this service to feel comfortable and have the most satisfying outing? Stay tuned for this post!

Check the motorcycle carefully before receiving – Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

Before you deposit your ID card and receive the motorcycle, you should consider the motorbike you rent carefully to prevent damage, you can change it to another one, as well as to ensure your safety when using. The parts you need to pay attention to check most are: Tires, wheels, brakes, engine, starter, turn signal system, horn, engine and rear-view mirror. Or more carefully, you can run a few tests nearby to see if there are any problems and then choose. Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

Cheap or expensive rental cost – Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

In big cities or tourist destinations, motorbike rental services develop very strongly and in abundance. Tourists coming here often have the mentality that they will choose the places with the cheapest rental to save costs. However, the price is a bit cheaper to compete, not saying, but if it is too cheap compared to the general price, you need to pay attention to the prestige and quality of the place where you rent the motorbike.

The rental price is too cheap, the profit is small, which means that the owner does not make much profit and they will bring out old or poor quality motorbikes for business. Traveling on these vehicles will cause many impacts on the trip, even your safety. To limit this situation, you should ask locals, acquaintances, etc. or ask for prices to consult a few places and evaluate before deciding where you take an offroad motorcycle tours and rentals.

Prepare necessary documents when renting a motorbike – Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

Prepare necessary

Usually, the Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental will keep your original ID card or driver’s license until the motorbike is returned and paid. However, unless you’re traveling alone, leave your ID or driver’s license behind. Because in case you meet the traffic police, you still have something to show, otherwise it will be very troublesome.

Every trip requires three types of identification: a driver’s license, an original identity card, and a passport. If you go alone, negotiate with the rental company to leave a notarized copy (after they compare with the original). Regarding the original documents, you will still need to use them when driving or renting a hotel room…

Please request and always keep the rental receipt – Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental

Some motorbike rental services are often not thorough and many people think it is quite cumbersome to ignore this procedure. However, in practice, it is absolutely necessary to provide receipts to motorcyclists. On the receipt, there should be enough important information such as: tenant information, lessor information, type of motorbike to be rented, number plate, date and time of rental and return, documents that the lessor keeps from guests, ..This is to ensure the interests of tenants as well as to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments that may occur.

Above are the things to keep in mind when you choose Vietnam motorcycle tours and rental. You may consider our company. You can find our information on our website or check out reviews from past travelers at Tripadvisor. We promise to bring you the best experience with Vietnam and it will be an unforgettable memory for your life.

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