Ba Be lake motorcycle tours – A brilliant moment with a place of fairy

Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

Unlike the adventurous trips of the northwest mountains such as Sapa or Ha Giang motorcycle tours, this excursion will bring you experiences like stepping into Vietnamese fairy tales with the divine beauty of the picture of nature and people here. 

Every year, numerous people go to Ba Be Lake, which is the most appealing and well-known site on the Ba Be Lake motorcycle tours. Bac Kan, on the other hand, boasts a range of magnificent scenery, vibrant and different ethnic cultures, and a unique highland cuisine…. Join us in this article. Find out everything there is to know about this region gifted by nature!

Where is Ba Be Lake? – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

With its unique scenery and wildlife, Ba Be Lake is a great eco-tourism destination. Ba Be was designated as an ASEAN natural heritage site in 2004. The Ba Be National Park is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. This is one of MNS’s top 16 most beautiful lakes in the world, as well as one of the world’s top 100 biggest freshwater lakes. Ba Be Lake, at an altitude of 145 meters above sea level, is surrounded by limestone rocks with many caves and subterranean streams. Tourists are drawn to the place because of its unique natural environment, the harmony of mountains, woods, and rivers, and the moderate and temperate temperature.

What time of year should you travel to Ba Be? – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

What time of year should you travel to Ba Be

Ba Be Lake is a national park with mountains and rivers in perfect harmony. You may visit Ba Be at any time of year, since it has magnificent scenery in the north and a cold atmosphere. It is recommended to visit in the summer to experience the coolness of Ba Be Lake. 

Riding a motorcycle will allow you to get a better sense of the people and the environment here. The advantage of riding a motorcycle over taking the bus or driving is that you can capture the lovely environment here with all of your senses. you may easily pull over to the side of the road to take photos or reach out to touch the flowers when the morning dew is still on the leaves.

Visiting Ba Be Lake, where can you stay? – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

You should book a room at hotels ahead of time because there are few hotels and motels on Bac Kan. You should reserve an accommodation online for your Ba Be Lake holiday experience in 2021. If you book our trip with our service Vietnam motorcycle tours and rentals, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay.

Not-to-be-missed attractions on Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

Not-to-be-missed attractions on Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

Sitting in a boat to explore Ba Be Lake, you will be awestruck by the beautiful scenery and tranquility of nature, day after day, making people forget about their worries. You will see magnificent locations such as Hua Ma Cave, Ao Tien tourism complex, Po Gia Mai island (Ba Gua island), Puong cave, and Dau Dang waterfall during your trip on Ba Be Lake.

Puong Cave – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

The most beautiful and interesting cave in Ba Be Lake is Puong Cave. The cave measures 300 meters in length and 30 meters in height. The cave is high enough for the boat to enter, and the stalactites in the cave form a variety of fascinating designs that draw tourists in. In addition, there are tens of thousands of bats living and dwelling within the cave.

Dau Dang Waterfall – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

The Nang River is obstructed by hundreds of huge boulders, forcing it to break into several tiny tributaries, from which the water rushes to produce the magnificent Dau Dang cascade. The waterfall is about 1,000 meters long and has three stone stairs that are roughly 3 to 4 meters apart in length, adding to Ba Be’s wild and romantic qualities.

Hua Ma cave – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

Hua Ma Cave, commonly known as “Treo Cave,” is a popular tourist site in Ba Be Lake, some 10 kilometers south of the park’s center lake. This is a huge cave with enticing beauty that is teeming with intriguing stories, carrying in the heart of mysterious legends.

Ao Tien ( fairy pond) – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

Ao Tien

To get to Ao Tien, go about 100 meters from Ba Be Lake. This fairy pond is about 3,000 square meters in size and is bordered by limestone mountains and very old forest. The water in the pond is clean and cold. Glass carp, halibut, fried fish, and other valuable species may be found in abundance at Ao Tien. Visitors may also view the hunter’s footprints on the rock and hear the folklore of the seven fairies at Ao Tien.

Unique dishes on Ba Be Lake traveling – Ba Be lake motorcycle tours

Grilled fish and fish hotpot are Ba Be Lake’s signature dishes, and you may sample them right in the villages. Mountain-style foods such as grilled chicken, grilled goat, roasted suckling pig, and sticky rice are other delectable delicacies to taste while taking a motorcycle tour at Ba Be Lake.

Furthermore, you can also participate in a variety of tourist activities such as cruising the lake on wooden rafts, visiting many natural attractions along the way, trekking Ba Be National Park – the majestic primeval forest, or riding a motorcycle on winding roads while inhaling the scents of flowers and green trees.

If you haven’t visited Ba Be Lake yet, make plans to visit soon, or set aside all of your hectic job and pressures to visit this serene location. You’ll restore your equilibrium and be ready for work and life in no time. Hopefully, the Ba Be Lake travel experiences above that has provided will assist you in having a genuinely meaningful and comprehensive trip. Refer to our website or call our hotline +84 945 918 688 for more information about pricing, and itineraries of Ba Be Lake motorcycle tours and other Vietnam offroad motorcycle tours and rentals

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