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Despite the development of pandemic tech innovations (AR, VR, Crowd Control) in remote tourism, packing luggage to experience gorgeous local landscapes gains more priority among travel devotees. Indeed, diving into a new culture and cuisine always gives a goosebump excitement for tourists worldwide.

Vietnam's tourism industry has recently received a large online search from foreign tourists due to its harmony with nature and high historical value. As surpassing other travel models in bringing a challenging and completing experience, Vietnam motorcycle tours would be the best choice to explore this country.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours
On The Top of Sapa Heaven Gate


The 17-day Vietnam Motorbike Tours is designed to satisfy all travel devotees, covering the most beautiful landscape across the northside. Specifically, the tour will guide you in exploring interesting terrains like Ba Be park, Sapa, Dong Van, and Ha Giang, and Ban Gioc cascades. Besides, the trip riding through the Vietnam Demilitarized Zone will remind the heroic history of the Vietnam war. 

Preparing a notebook to write down all the following destinations designed in this wonderful tour.

Mu Cang Chai
Scenic Mu Cang Chai Valley

17 Days Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

1. Ha Noi & Ba Be Lake By Motorbike

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will join our crew at 8 am to move to the destination. Initializing at 9 am, we will follow the least non-busy traffic route to arrive at Cho Chu (Located at Thai Nguyen) for lunch.

When having eaten your fill, you will dive into the gorgeous landscape on the road heading to the pond in Ba Be. Due to spacious traffic for contemplating the surroundings, you can expect a complete experience before stopping the journey for dinner.

Around 4 pm, our crew will summon at Pac Ngoi village, located across the shore of the lakes, to experience the cuisine with the local Tay. Besides, you can join the night activities with them to understand more about the local people. 


Ha Noi & Ba Be Lake By Motorbike
Sunset in Ba Be National Park,Northeast Vietnam

2. Ba Be Lake - Cao Bang By Motorbike

The early sound of animals surrounding Ba Be national park will refresh your soul. After having your breakfast with the locals, you will experience a 2 hours of boat riding around Ba Be. After returning to the hamlet of Pac Ngoi for another lunch, our crew will travel 150km to arrive at Cao Bang to stay the 2nd night.   

Ba Be Lake - Cao Bang By Motorbike
Landscape in Cao Bang, Vietnam

3. Cao Bang then Ban Gioc to Quang Uyen

The journey continues after saying far away to the host. An expert will guide you to contemplate amazing views on the way. Interleaved with the mountain and fields are ethnic people’s villages.

When reaching the destination, you can take magnificent photos of the largest waterfall in Vietnam - Ban Gioc. Besides, you can enjoy lunch and swim for the whole day. 

After a memorable time at Ban Gioc waterfall, the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours will take you to a small town at Quang Uyen. Here, you will visit a Tay house to enjoy a relaxing moments with the locals.

Epic View Of Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang

4. Quang Uyen - Meo Vac By Motorbike

This day provides a smooth experience with mostly paved and less challenging off-roads. Along the journey, you will visit various villages of H’Mong, Dzao, Tay and spend intimate moments with the communities. At 5 pm, you will end the day by returning to take a rest.   

Quang Uyen - Meo Vac By Motorbike
Riding On Scenic Road Of Quang Uyen, Cao Bang

5. Meo Vac - Ha Giang By Motorbike

The fifth day of the tour will mark your mind as the most interesting and memorable experience. Specifically, you will have a chance to harmonize in culture with multiple ethnic groups. 

Along with that are imposing landscapes that deliver icon impressions to tourists:

  • The Mã Pí Lèng/Ma Pi Leng: Located between Dong Van and Meo Vac, this is amongst those most exciting and beautiful mountain roads in Vietnam
  • Dong Van rock plateau: As the first geological park in Vietnam, Dong Van rock plateau possesses a large area with nearly 600-year-old precious old fossils. 
  • Vương/Vuong Palace (Dong Van): As recognized as a national relic in 1993, this palace is an architectural masterpiece with a 10-year construction
  • Quan Ba heavy gate: If you want to contemplate the entire heroic landscape from above, this will be the ideal place.

After a day of riding through the best parts of the tour, we will arrive in Ha Giang in the late afternoon.   


Crossing Nho Que River By Bamboo Raft

6. Ha Giang - Thac Ba Lake By Motorbike

Starting at 8 am to say goodbye to Ha Giang city, the crew will follow a tiny road heading to Luc Yen - a small town in Yen Bai province. After having lunch, the tour will guide you to riding through “Ha Long Bay on mountain” - Thac Ba. 

Once arriving at the largest artificial lake in Vietnam, you will have a break in a quiet village before exploring the surrounding. After that, you will be offered a 1.5-hour boat trip to discover all the special things around the lake. You will stay overnight with the local Dzao in a stilt house for the rest of the day.

Ha Giang - Thac Ba Lake By Motorbike
Boat Ride On Thac Ba Lake


7. Thac Ba Lake to Sapa By Motorbike

The seventh day welcomes you with a beautiful route along Thác Bà /Thac Ba lake. After a peaceful journey through spectacular mountains and fields, you will stop by Pho Rang for lunch.

The route to Sapa after lunch will satisfy you with colorful hill tribes and terraces. An interesting part of this route is the Chinese border which provides a glimpse of China from Vietnam. At the end of the afternoon, around 5 pm, the crew will arrive at Sapa.    

Thac Ba Lake to Sapa By Motorbike
Riding To Sapa, Lao Cai

8. Sapa Village Motorbike Touring

Spending a day in Sapa will not disappoint you with multiple options for relaxing. You can dive into local life with a short walk to the town or explore Fanxipan - Vietnam’s highest mountain. 

Besides, you can visit Mường Hoa/Muong Hoa valley to take photos of Tay, Zay, and H’Mong villages. You will stay overnight at the Sapa hotel to wait for new things the next day. 

Sapa Village Motorbike Touring
Stunning Sapa Rice Terraces

9. Sapa - Than Uyen By Motorbike

The ninth day will take you to the town of Than Uyen. Welcoming you on the way are the beautiful landscapes of O Quy Ho mountain pass - amongst the longest & most scenic passes in northern Vietnam.  

After riding through the mountain, you will contemplate the green tea plants and smooth off-roads before arriving at Than Uyen at 4 pm.   

Sapa - Than Uyen By Motorbike
Beers on Top Of Sapa Heaven Gate or O Quy Ho mountain pass

10. Than Uyen - Mu Cang Chai/Mù Căng Chải

The next part of the motorbike tours in Vietnam is a fascinating route heading to Mu Cang Chai. Initializing around 8:30 am, the crew will move through a spectacular winding mountain road. For every half an hour, you can stop to save the best moments with pictures of rustic villages, rice terraces, and local ethnic. The whole crew will arrive in Phu Yen at 5 pm. 


Terraced rice field in rice season in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

11. Phu Yen - Mai Chau Valley By Motorbike

Leaving Phu Yen for the short trip to Mai Chau Valley, you will have a pleasant experience riding along Da Lake and Mộc Châu/Moc Chau Plateau. Besides tea plantations and a cool climate, Moc Chau Plateau is also famous for being home to many minorities. 

The crew will arrive in Mai Chau valley at half past four. You will experience a memorable time through a warming dinner with Thai people. To rest overnight, you will stay at a stilt-house inside the village.

Phu Yen - Mai Chau Valley By Motorbike
Beautiful Mai Chau Valley

12. Mai Chau Valley to Tan Ky By Motorbike ( Ho Chi Minh Road Part )

After saying goodbye to Mai Chau, we will continue the journey alongside the Mã/Ma river to Cam Thuy for lunch. Then, we will ride through a historical part of this country - the HCM trail before arriving in Tan Ky at 5 pm.

Mai Chau Valley to Tan Ky By Motorbike ( Ho Chi Minh Road Part )
Amazing View Of Da River Lake, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh " Called Halong Bay On Lan "

13. Tan Ky - Phong Nha By Motorbike

On this day, you will return to the HCM Trail for the next tour adventure. On the way to Phong Nha and Ke Bang park, you can sometimes stop to contemplate beautiful tribal villages and green tea farms. At 4:30 pm, you will visit Phong Nha to discover marvelous cases if the weather condition is convenient.   

Amazing natural landscape at Quang Binh, Viet Nam on day, boat moving on river, riverside house with mountains behind, green field beside water, beautiful scenery, the highlight of Ho Chi Minh Road Trip

14. Phong Nha - Khe Sanh

The 17-day Vietnam motorcycle tours will guide you to visiting Khe Sanh - a hidden trail in the National Park. As an important military area in the past that hides its existence from US Army supervision, Khe Sanh will give you time to understand more about Vietnam's history. After leaving the Phong Nha Nation Park, let’s visit Solemn Museum, US Merine Base, and Air Base.     

Aerial of Phong Nha Ke Bang gorge, Vietnam

15. Khe Sanh - DMZ - Hue

The fifteenth day of the tour will help you learn about Vietnam wars through famous attractions in the DMZ. After that, we will travel to the historical route No.9, then move closer to the coast of Vietnam.

QUANG TRI, VIETNAM - JUNE 16, 2020: Khe Sanh combat or Ta Con old airport, Quang Tri, Vietnam

Along the journey, you will have a memorable time visiting the Hiền Lương/Hien Luong Bridge, the seven teen parallel museum & the Vịnh Mốc/Vinh Moc tunnel. After that, the tour will guide you to visiting Hue around 5 pm. 

16. Hue Ancient Capital

On this day, you will spend all the time contemplating all the beautiful landscapes in the ancient capital of Vietnam - Hue. You will have multiple options like riding or taking a bus around the city or visiting kings’ tombs (Huong River). 

When exploring this romantic city, you will be offered plenty of street foods that satisfy your stomach. Besides, you can choose to lie on the beach or buy souvenirs.  

Hue Ancient Capital
Boat on Quang Loi lagoon in Tam Giang lagoon, near Hue city, Vietnam

17. Hue - Hoi An, Riding On Hai Van Pass

The last day of the tour will give a brand new different experience. After leaving for Hue, the motorbike tour will ride through amazing views with colorful tombs of views and fishing villages. Especially the journey via Hải Vân pass will provide spectacular surroundings, differentiating it from other passed locations. 

The crew will reach Da Nang at around 2 pm. Then, you can choose between traveling inside the city or continuing 30 km to Hoi An. After enjoying the ancient beauty and diverse cuisine, we will finish the 17-day Vietnam motorbike tours and continue different journeys.

Hue - Hoi An, Riding On Hai Van Pass
The Hai Van Pass, Da Nang, Vietnam. A beautiful road to drive by motorbike, very nice curves, turns and awesome view. Aerial view.


The 17-day Vietnam motorcycle tours provides a peaceful and challenging ride for a complete experience across the northside. With marvelous landscapes that remain historical trace and the hospitality of local ethnics, you can understand more about this wonderful country's culture and social life.

If you want a detailed description of other attractive tours, please follow this website for more informative blogs.

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