10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps

Motorcycle Tours Europe


Are you fed up with arranged guided trips to much-publicized metropolitan destinations? Here goes a fresh breeze of our motorcycle tours Europe lowdown for you to earn more of an untamed nature vibe!

There, not only can you get a charge out of the splendid artistry of the Alps, but such an intriguing 15-day riding experience will also stand in a class by itself to your memory.

Wait for no more but jump right in for further details!

Col du Mont-Cenis - France
Col du Mont-Cenis – France

15 Best Days Of Motorcycle Tours Europe

Day 1: Wind Up In Munich (Germany)

You’re new to town and wonder in which way you can head to the departure hotel? Worrying no more since our guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you to exactly where the team first gathers.

After that, we shall spend the afternoon discovering the metropolis and its delectable local cuisine.

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Day 2: Munchen (Germany) – Zell am See (Austria) Motorbike Tours

The complete group will assemble to get together for the first time after breakfast.

We’ll start with a fast rundown on proper riding tactics, turning, deceleration, acceleration in the Alps, and so on. All that is in order to ensure you earn the most pleasurable and safest ride possible.

After we’ve worked out the kinks, our first European landing place, the remarkable natural wonder, Krimml Waterfalls, located outward Zell am See of Austria, will be all set for us to have a go.

10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps motorcycle tours europe 3 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Beautiful landscape with blue water, shot from above, Zell am See, Austria


Day 3: Zell Am See (Austria) – Corvara (Italy) Motorbike Route

We’ll hitch a ride through the charming Hohe Tauern National Park over a 48-kilometer mountain route.

Honing your cornering skills might be a must as we have to go over these very tricky alpine passes.

Before riding out of Austria and toward Northern Italy, we’ll halt in the early afternoon to capture the breathtaking vistas of the Pasterze glacier.

10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps motorcycle tours europe 4 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Postcard from Corvara (Val Badia, Dolomites, Italy)

Day 4: Corvara Rest Day (Italy)

A one-of-a-kind break from the off-road motorcycle tours in Europe will be your treat in the rear of day-long traveling. This package offers tourists to discover the several mountain passes that surround Corvara’s striking ski town.

As such, a ride for the group will be a suggested option, but you are still free to choose your plan.

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Day 5: Corvara – Merano (Italy) Motorbike Tour

On this day, exploring the Alps shall be the main theme of the expedition.

We’ll wind our way over three spectacular high mountain passes, all of which are up to 6,500 feet or more. 

When we ape up the Passo Pennes, following the river Torrente via rock tunnels and tight twists is the next deal to handle. 

Especially for those who yearn to spot the beauty of the Passo Rombo (Timmelsjoch) or Passo Giovo (Jaufenpass), then you’re in luck to capture the scenery sooner or later as you will pass by them on our designed route!

At the end of the day, a gorgeous alpine resort in Merano will be where we’ll dine on conventional Italian dishes while discussing our just finished adventures over tasteful wine. The ride today could be the highlight of Europe motorbike trip.

10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps motorcycle tours europe 5 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
South Tyrol vineyards aerial panoramic view near Meran or Merano town in northern Italy

Day 6: Merano – Lake of Como (Italy) Motorbike Route

The Passo Stelvio, dubbed as the world’s best driving road by Top Gear, will be our upcoming conquest of exploration. Trekking on these tiny, less-traveled routes, you will experience the Dolomites in their utmost spontaneous and savage state.

10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps motorcycle tours europe 8 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Day 7: Lago di Como (Italy) – Briancon (France) Motorcycle Tour

Is savoring a cup of joe while viewing the lake decent for your morning? If not, a jaunt to France will sure do!

Our journey shall begin with a spectacular first day of riding in the French Alps. Coming then is fantastic French food such as expertly aged cheese, the world’s leading wines, and freshly baked croissants await to serve your appetize the most.

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Day 8: Briancon Rest Day 

This European motorbike tour’s second day of rest is not much different from the former.

You can either opt for planning your own route or joining a group ride across adjacent colossal mountain passes. Staying still in the hotel and taking full advantage of its restful services is also a great choice not to make light of.

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Day 9: Briancon (France) – Aosta (Italy) Motorbike Route

Succeeding far-out amusement in France, we shall head back to Italy through the Col du Galibier and Col du Lautaret’s high mountain passes.

We’ll also cross into Italy through the spine-tingling Petit Saint Bernard Pass and weave our way down to the beautiful Aosta Valley. Today is one of the best motorbike tours in Europe.

Day 10: Aosta (Italy) – Andermatt (Switzerland) Motorcycle Tour

We’ll kick off early in the morning to climb to Grand Saint Bernard Pass and enter the Swiss border. Like it or not, it’s better to hurry so you can relish an extremely tasteful midday cheese fondue stop.

Then, taking an extra motorcycle excursion to shoot Switzerland’s most iconic peak and national emblem, the Matterhorn, will surely work wonders in your memory afterward!

10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps motorcycle tours europe 6 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Aerial view of a highway and a railway winding on the green grassy hillside with Andermatt village lying in the valley and the majestic alpine mountains veiled by the morning fog, in Uri, Switzerland

Day 11: Rest Day Andermatt (Switzerland)

You haven’t photographed the Matterhorn, not even once? Do you wish to go on an adventure across the Klausen Pass?

Well then, this rest day is all for you to be all in charge of discovering the Swiss Alpine roads your own way!

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Day 12: Andermatt (Switzerland) – Livigno (Italy) Motorcycle Trip

On this day, we shall reel back to Italy by spectacular and less trafficked mountainous crossings.

However, before returning to Italy, paying a visit to St. Moritz, an aged and esteemed Switzerland ski resort, will somewhat make your European motorbike tours much more flavorful!

Day 13: Livigno (Italy) – Silvretta Strasse (Austria) Motorbike Route

Have you ever had three different meals of the day in 3 completely distinctive majestic nations, including Italy, Liechtenstein, and Austria? If not, then you are about to!

Wait for it! At every turn today, you’ll also be treated to sheer granite rock highway barriers, long sweeping bends, and all-embracing, amazing mountainous views.

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Day 14: Silvretta Strasse (Austria) – Munich (Germany) Motorbike Tour

The last leg of our motorcycle tours of Europe will bring us across the city’s flat German lowlands, passing into curving hillsides.

The next few miles will be for us to tear along the German “Autobahn,” a global exclusive public road without a posted speed restriction, before arriving in Munich.

Thenceforward, we shall return to the city and check into the tour’s final hotel, where we’ll celebrate a goodbye super replete with special white beer and a spirited discussion as a heartful recap.

10+ Motorcycle Tours Europe: Your Utmost Experience To Alps motorcycle tours europe 7 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
The bending road of Silvretta High Alpine Road in Austria Montafon

Day 15: Flight home

You might be able to fit in a few last-minute mini-adventures before packing your luggage, depending on the timing of your departure flight. Your journey to the airport will be arranged by a tour guide. 


Above are some awe-inspiring treats you’ll retrieve once you attend our champion thrilling motorcycle tours Europe.

Our trips have been meticulously planned and selected to give you the greatest possible riding experience. Magnificent natural scenery, cultural landmarks, the finest quality accommodation, and scrumptious local delicacies are outlined in the list.

We know you want it, so hesitate no more but pave your way and come join us now!

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