What kinds of dishes to enjoy for Vietnam Dirtbike Tours?

What kinds of dishes to enjoy for Vietnam Dirtbike Tours? Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2022

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However, cuisine is also one of the key factors attracting international tourists to our country. There are a lot of Vietnamese dishes praised and loved all over the world. During the Vietnam motorcycle tours, you should put the preconceptions aside to enjoy the flavours and tastes of local specialities in our nation. Below are the top great dishes making the travellers fall in love while riding in Vietnam by motorcycles.

What kinds of dishes to enjoy for Vietnam Dirtbike Tours?
Riders are having dinnder in Mai Chau home-stay

Special dishes in the North of Vietnam – Vietnam dirtbike tours

In the northern part, due to the influence of neighbouring China, local people have an inclination to utilize soy sauce  or fish sauce. A few popular ingredients in Vietnam include hot chili, limes, black pepper, lemon grass, hot chili and cane sugar, together with French sauce from potatoes and asparagus.  Let’s register for Vietnam dirtbike tours to experience these dishes.  Here are some special cuisines in the north.

Special dishes in the North of Vietnam - Vietnam dirtbike tours
Southern Vietnam dirtbike tours

Pho – Vietnam dirtbike tours

It’s no doubt to say that Vietnamese inhabitants have a big love for noodles. We can eat them per day, sometimes for every meal. National noodles are made from some basic ingredients, the majority being rice, mung bean and  wheat, but a whole-sub dish is based on these basics. Pho is recommended as a must-try food for any international visitor when coming to Vietnam, including the backpackers joining Hanoi motorcycle tours. 

Pho - Vietnam dirtbike tours
Phở Bò ( Noodle with beef )

Besides the mouth-watering taste, the price for a Pho bowl is affordable, varying from 1$ to 2$. In it, the rice noodle goes with thin pork, beef or chicken slices, added with chilies or herbs, all harmonized in broth simmered from bone. Not only is Pho popular in our country, but it is brought to other countries in the world by Vietnamese chefs. 

Bun cha – Vietnam dirtbike tours

Bun cha is one of the characteristic Hanoi foods long adored by locals. Former President Obama tastes Bun Cha in Hanoi and evaluates its flavours a lot. Bun Cha comprises barbecue pork, Vermicelli noodles, vegetables, spring rolls and sour sauce (carrot and green papaya). Also, this Hanoi staple is a tactful blend of distinctive taste. First, you should dip the noodles in sweet sauce, then eat fresh herbs and bites of pork, all to awaken your taste buds. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours will design rider tours, matching your interests in local cuisine.


Bun cha - Vietnam dirtbike tours
Bún Chả Hà Nội

Thang Co – Vietnam dirtbike tours

If you take Ha Giang Motorcycle Adventure, you have to try Thang Co, a popular party cake in this province. Created from internal organs of cows or buffaloes, Thang Co can bring a memorable flavour to any people, especially Vietnamese gourmets. In addition, this food is not only associated with the mountainous culture, but it is also mixed with the local herbs, creating a particular flavour. You can enjoy Thang Co together with corn wine of ethnic people, making a special combination of taste.

Thang Co – Vietnam dirtbike tours
Thắng Cố Ngựa – Horse Hot Pot

Nhech Fish Salad – Vietnam dirtbike tours

Nhech fish salad is one of the special dishes that you must try when having Ninh Binh Motorcycle Tours. Nhech fish has less bone, much meat, and provides a lot of protein. To make an attractive and delicious salad, the chef has to  ensure a meticulous process, especially cleaning Nhech fish with salt.  Then we can use bamboo leaves, leaf imitation, ash, before surgery or for some steps to make spicy fish meat more tasty. The first flavour of Nhech salad will be the attractive sour from roasted sticky rice and vinegar, interjected to the spicy of pepper, ginger, chili, lemon grass and garlic. 

Nhech Fish Salad - Vietnam dirtbike tours
Nhech Fish Salad, speciality in Ninh Binh

Best dishes for Dalat Motorcycle Tours – Vietnam dirtbike tours

Most local dishes in Dalat are made from clean vegetables and fresh meat sourced from ethnic farms surrounding the hill town. Due to a cool highland climate, people can grow various kind of fruit all the year, including asparagus, grapes, strawberries, bananas,

artichokes,… However, to discover authentic yet inexpensive dishes here, travellers can pay a visit to Dalat Night Market during your Vietnam dirtbike tours. 

You should begin by tasting “Banh mi” with meatball soup, along with soybean milk in the morning. Another recommendation for your breakfast can be “Banh uot long ga” , regarded as the most popular  food with both visitors and locals. You will get a plate of rice cakes, added with innards, boiled chicken meat, as well as fresh basil. Also, you should offer pork roll or nem chua, fish sauce and chilli flakes for this dish. At night, you can try Vietnamese pizza, priced from 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND, including grilled rice paper with eggs, cheese, spring onions, dried beef, dried shrimp and sweet sauce. 

Best dishes for Dalat Motorcycle Tours - Vietnam dirtbike tours
Da Lat shumai bread – Unique cuisine of the land of thousands of flowers

Nha Trang special food – Vietnam dirtbike tours

Not only is Nha Trang famous for stunning landscapes, but Nha Trang also features tasty local cuisine. All makes this city become a memorable destination for everyone. During Vietnam motorcycle tours, you have a wide range of well-known dishes such as Lac Canh’s grilled beef, can cake, grilled fermented pork roll, Nha Trang squid pancake and so forth. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try “Dac seed”, which has exotic taste and  high nutritional value. In fact, it originated from palm seeds or water coconut trees in the western part, but flatter and smaller. Let’s experience Nha Trang motorcycle tours to enjoy these dishes.

Nha Trang special food - Vietnam dirtbike tours
Banh Xeo, special food in south Vietnam

This blog reviews some local specialities in detail , helping you have a good option for tasting when joining Vietnam dirtbike tours. If you need more guides and tips, do not hesitate to contact us through +84.945.918.688 , or the website vietnammotorcycletours.com.

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