Cao Bang Motorcycle tours drive you more experience

Cao Bang Motorcycle tours

If Sapa motorcycle tours – Cao Bang motorcycle tour bring you to a fairyland with Fansipan mountain peaks or old towns with ethnic people’s lives, Cao Bang is home to several historical and cultural treasures, including the Pac Bo special national relic site, the Tran Hung Dao woodland special national relic site, and the Dong Khe frontier campaign relic area. Nature has bestowed numerous magnificent sceneries and landscapes on Cao Bang, including the Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave, Thang Hen lake, and the Phja Oac-Phja Den special-use ecological forest…

Cao Bang is one of the tourist sites you should visit because of its diversity and wealth of natural resources, as well as its culture filled with national identity. Motorcycling or particularly taking a Cao Bang motorcycle tour is the greatest method to explore this northern alpine region. It will elicit all of the feelings associated with an exciting journey on the S-shaped terrain.

The best time to conquer Cao Bang

The best time

According to many people’s travel experiences to Cao Bang, you only need to select the correct time to visit and actively plan the time; nevertheless, any period of the year is also extremely ideal for traveling.

The most popular Cao Bang trips, however, are in August, September, or November and December, when the weather is mild. Because you will be able to witness the wonderful natural beauty of Ban Gioc – Cao Bang waterfall if you go at one of these two times.

This waterfall is best seen between August and September, when the water is pure and cold. As a result, going to Cao Bang at this time will be fantastic. Visitors will also be able to view buckwheat blooms and wild sunflowers blossoming if they visit between November and December. Because every road in Cao Bang is painted in dazzling yellow, the natural scenery is particularly lovely at this time.

Travel to Cao Bang by motorcycle

Travel to Cao Bang by motorcycle

You will have the following directions to choose from. Depending on the starting point and your agenda Vietnam motorcycle rental company arrange for you, you can choose for yourself the closest and most convenient route to go:

+ Going in the direction of National Highway 3, if going from Hanoi, you will go in the direction through Thai Nguyen and Bac Kan provinces.

+ Going in the direction of National Highway 4 is going through Lang Son. According to Cao Bang backpacking experience, if you go in this direction, you will easily visit Mau Son tourist area.

Well-known Cao Bang tourist attractions 

You can visit and explore many different places in Cao Bang. As a result, you are frightened of running out of time making it harder for you to see as many sights as you would like when visiting this city. You can see numerous destinations if you set out time and travel to Cao Bang for three days, especially when you take an offroad motorbike tour.

Discover the beauty of Lenin stream – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

This is one of the most well-known Cao Bang tourist attractions, having been linked to Pac Bo Cao Bang’s history. It features a refreshing green stream as well as the beauty provided by nature. As a result, folks who enjoy tranquil and quiet landscapes may wish to visit this location. Cao Bang Lenin Stream would undoubtedly be the finest location for you to visit.

Ban Gioc waterfall – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

If there is anything attractive in Cao Bang, it is impossible to overlook such a wonderful site as Ban Gioc. This waterfall is situated on the border of the Vietnamese and Chinese provinces. From a distance, this waterfall, located at an altitude of 70 meters, appears majestic and gorgeous. A huge river flows at the base of the waterfall, and the water is crystal pure.

Trung Khanh – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

trung khanh-cao-bang

In addition to Ban Gioc Cao Bang waterfall, Trung Khanh also has many other attractive tourist sites such as Nguom Ngao cave, Ban Ra market or Thong Hue market. Therefore, this place is always a place with great development opportunities for tourism. Therefore, when visiting Cao Bang tourism, you should visit Trung Khanh district to explore.

Nguom Ngao Cave – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

This location is regarded as a priceless treasure bestowed upon Cao Bang by nature. You will see numerous lovely scenery when you come here. It’s a one-of-a-kind wonderland of stalactites and eye-catching colorful stone columns.

Here, the stalactites look very eye-catching and when there is light reflected in, they will look very shimmering and fanciful. This is what makes this place even more attractive to tourists to explore.

Thang Hen Lake – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

This place has a very large waterfall next to the bank of green meadows. Therefore, the scenery here is considered as Tuyet Tinh Coc of Cao Bang. It is one of the most beautiful lakes here. With poetic and peaceful scenery, this place becomes even more attractive to tourists.

Delicious dishes you should enjoy in Cao Bang

Delicious dishes you should enjoy in Cao Bang

When traveling to Cao Bang, you will have a lot of delicious specialties to enjoy. Therefore, you will not have to worry about what to eat when coming? Instead, the list of specialties below will make you feel full.

Khao Cake – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

This is a Cao Bang specialty cake that many people enjoy. Many visitors nowadays have picked this cake as a present for friends and family. Because the flavor of this cake is extremely delectable. Specifically, the expiry date is quite lengthy without being afraid of mold and stale. As a result, Khao cake is regarded as a famous and delectable cake of this hilly region.

Cao Bang rolls – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

When visiting Cao Bang, no matter how busy you are, you must visit eateries here to taste Cao Bang rolls.

Cao Bang Black Jelly – Cao Bang motorcycle tour

This is a rustic cuisine that many people enjoy. It’s made out of black heather. This plant is widely grown in Cao Bang. People will cook with these leaves when making this jelly. Then, strain the water and combine it with the milled rice flour. After making a thick solution, pour it into the saucepan and allow it to cool.

Hopefully, the above sharing of Cao Bang travel experiences can assist you in planning a trip here for the greatest convenience.Please visit the website if you wish to inquire about Cao Bang Motorcycle tours. Wishing you a very nice and exciting journey as you find many gorgeous landscapes and eat many wonderful dishes in this Cao Bang mountain region.

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