How do you choose Vietnam motorcycles when traveling?

How do you

Traveling by Vietnam motorcycles is gradually becoming popular and loved by many tourists in our country. Vietnam motorcycles will bring extremely new travel experiences to tourists. However, no one knows how to choose motorcycles when traveling to Vietnam. In this article, we will present how to choose Vietnam motorcycles and a reputable motorcycle rental unit.

1. How to choose offroad vietnam motorcycle tours

How to choose Vietnam motorcycles

Which Vietnam motorcycles to choose when traveling to Vietnam is the question of many tourists. Below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type of motorcycle to help you choose the most suitable Vietnam motorcycles.

1.1 Scooters 

Scooters are the most chosen  of  all the types of Vietnam motorcycles and always accompany tourists on . their journey 

Advantages of scooters:

  • They are compact design, easy to control, suitable for both male and female travelers.
  • Create a comfortable feeling for the rider because they do not use their feet but only need to use their hands to control the motorcycle.
  • Designed with a spacious trunk, you can hold many personal items when traveling.
  • The legroom is spacious, comfortable, and less prone to stains when walking on rainy days.
  • Scooters equipped with non-tattooed tires. In any event, the motorcycle has a puncture or damage on the way. You can still move a further distance to find a parking space.

Disadvantages of scooters:

  • High repair and maintenance costs. There are more expensive motorcycle rental costs.
  • Scooters are only suitable for traveling on flat, easy-to-go sections without passes, slopes.

1.2 Brake pedal motorcycle 

Brake pedal motorcycle are also the perfect choice of many tourists with the following advantages:

  • They are a simple design, easy to move.
  • Suitable for traveling on roads with many steep slopes and rough roads.
  • Less fuel consumption so you can travel longer.
  • There are lower rental and repair costs than scooters.

Besides the advantages, brake pedal motorcycle also have disadvantages:

  • The design of the trunk is small, it cannot hold things, so it is very inconvenient.
  • Or minor damage occurs.

1.3 PKL

PKL motorcycle is a line of specialized vehicles for traveling by motorcycle. PKL motorcycles help bring impressive experiences on tourist roads that everyone should try at least once . However, controlling a PKL is not easy. So no one can ride it. If you are just not careful or not used to your hands, there can be dangers along the way.

1.4 Manual clutch

A clutch motorcycle is an option which not to be missed for many tourists when possessing advantages such as:

  • It is a specialized vehicle for traveling long distances.
  • Less fuel consumption.
  • The engine is powerful and can overcome all roads.

However,  manual clutch motorcycle also have disadvantages:

  • Controlling the motorcycle is difficult. If you are not familiar with the hand, which can cause danger on the way.
  • For women, it is not advisable to use a manual clutch when traveling Because the design of a motorcycle  is very cumbersome. So if you want to drive, this is not easy.

2. Vietnam motorcycles rental company unit

Vietnam motorcycles rental company unit

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours is proud  of the most prestigious and quality motorcycle rental company in Vietnam today. When you come to us, you will have  chances  to experience the most perfect and safe Vietnam motorcycle tours. 

We have many years of experience organizing and planning Vietnam motorcycle tours for individuals, groups without guides. It will bring the best quality motorcycle rental services in Vietnam to its customers.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours have always available the different types of Vietnam motorcycles.  So we can serve all the needs and preferences of customers.

3. Some frequently asked questions when renting Vietnam motorcycles

Some frequently asked questions when renting Vietnam motorcycles

3.1 Are Vietnamese motorbikes good? How much is rental Vietnam motorcycles?

 Vietnam motorcycles are  good or not is a question for many tourists. A good Vietnam motorcycle no longer depends on many factors such as the type of vehicle you want to rent, the Vietnam motorcycle rental unit. So if you rent quality Vietnam motorcycles, you should choose a motorcycle rental unit carefully.

Besides the quality, the price of renting a Vietnam motorcycle is also a concern of many customers. The cost of motorbike rental in Vietnam will be different in each different rental unit. 

In addition, the rental price may vary depending on the quality of the vehicle, the type of Vietnam motorcycles, rent by the day or by month. So to know about  the most accurate price, you can contact motorcycle rental company units in Vietnam for detailed advice.

3.2 Who can ride Vietnam motorcycles when traveling in Vietnam

Who can ride Vietnam motorcycles when traveling in Vietnam

Any tourist traveling in Vietnam can ride a Vietnam motorcycle. However, you need all kinds of documents such as an identity card, driver’s license, passport to complete procedures, and motorcycle rental contracts in Vietnam. Having full documents also helps you operate VietNam motorcycles following the laws of Vietnam and avoid fines.

3.3 Should you choose Vietnamese motorcycles when traveling?

As mentioned above, there are many types of Vietnam motorcycles. So they are used by tourists when traveling in Vietnam. to choose the suitable model of Vietnam motorcycles for your trip, you should consider many different factors. Based on the number of people traveling, the type of motorcycle you like, or you can control the type of vehicle most safely. From there, you can choose suitable and safe Vietnam motorcycles throughout your trip.

In the above article, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours have introduced in detail some ways to choose Vietnam motorcycles when traveling that you must know. Hopefully, this article will help you gain more experience about choosing suitable Vietnam motorcycles and choosing a reputable and quality Vietnam motorcycles rental company.

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